These 12 Celebrities Have Children That Are Up To No Good


When you have famous parents, it’s pretty easy to find yourself in the spotlight, and usually for the dumb decisions you make. Getting too much negative press can lead to the development of a pretty sour attitude, and when your parents are rich and famous, you can end up feeling a little entitled and smug.

Worse, you might fall into self-destructive behavior and find yourself in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Here are 12 examples of celebrities who have children who really went off the deep end. These kids are nothing but bad news, especially #8!


#12 Tom Hanks

001-12-tom-hanks-650889Tom Hanks has been one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood for years. However, behind the scenes, things haven’t been that easy for the Hanks family. His son, Chet Hanks, struggled with addiction and was entered into rehab in 2015 after being sued for being at fault in a car accident.

#11 Nicolas Cage

002-11-nicolas-cage-650910Nicolas Cage has been a staple in the film industry for decades. Unfortunately, his son didn’t follow in his footsteps. His son, Weston, has actually found himself in a ton of trouble throughout his life. He was arrested on domestic violence charges, and checked into rehab for substance abuse.

#10 Michael Douglas

003-10-michael-douglas-650926Douglas is a critically-acclaimed actor that has taken home numerous awards throughout his career. His son, Cameron Douglas, tried to follow in his footsteps, but didn’t have much success. Instead, he was sentenced to prison time for using crystal meth and even had years added to his charges after he was found using in prison.

#9 Michael Jordan

004-9-michael-jordan-650954When your father is the greatest basketball player to ever walk the earth, it can be hard to live up to expectations. Marcus Jordan did play some ball, but will forever be remembered for being a bit of a screw-up. In 2012, he was arrested for fighting two women and resisting arrest. He also made headlines for accidently tweeting a picture of his junk.

#8 Lawrence Fishburne

005-8-lawrence-fishburne-650978Technically, Montana Fishburne is an actress, but not in the kind of films that her father is known for. She actually decided to release an adult film, which her father was not a fan of. In fact, he tried to buy up all the DVDs and make a deal with the producer, but the DVD was already shipped out.

#7 Martin Sheen

006-7-martin-sheen-651019This is a troubled child that we all know. If you put a face to the words “public blow up,” it would be Charlie Sheen. He has a laundry list of things he has done including numerous assaults, rampant drug use and even being kicked off a show that was paying him millions.

#6 Ozzy Osbourne

007-6-ozzy-osbourne-651024The Osbournes are a family that is basically famous for being dysfunctional, and even had their own TV show. One of the stars of the show was Kelly Osbourne, who has quite a negative reputation. While she has cleaned up her act lately, she was in a lot of trouble years ago for assault, bad language and other scandals.

#5 Hugh Hefner

008-5-hugh-hefner-72b4744b2eae71bb72b226b7ed47a9a5Hugh Hefner is the creator of the Playboy empire, also known as the man every man secretly wants to be. By association, his son is fairly famous, and an heir to the Playboy throne. However, he found himself in some hot water as he was arrested in 2012 after assaulting his playmate girlfriend.

#4 Marlon Brando

009-4-marlon-brando-651061Marlon Brando was a famous actor, probably best known for his role in The Godfather. But despite his pedigree, his son Christian was a much different man. After his sister told him that her boyfriend abused her, Christian actually killed her boyfriend and served some time in prison as a result.

#3 James Brown

010-3-james-brown-651069James Brown is the father of funk and was a very influential figure in music during the 20th century. Unfortunately, one of his daughters has had a rough life since his passing. Venisha has a long history of arrests and drug use, which include a hit and run in 2012 with a stolen vehicle.

#2 Malcolm X

011-2-malcolm-x-651071Malcolm X was a legendary human rights activist and helped the African-American community in many different ways. After he passed away, his daughter tried to carry on his legacy and demand respect, but couldn’t capture the same type of support. She was later charged with putting a hit out on Louis Farrakhan and spent time in extensive psychological counseling.

#1 Hulk Hogan

012-1-hulk-hogan-651098Hulk Hogan is without a doubt the most recognizable man in the history of wrestling. However, his son has become famous for something else. Nick Hogan got in a car accident around a decade ago, which left his friend with permanent brain injuries. Nick served 8 months for reckless driving.

These 12 children definitely gave their famous parents a hard time with numerous scandals and even prison time. These individuals likely grew up with little to no consequences for their actions and were without a doubt enamored with the fame of their parents. It is never healthy for a person never have to do things for themselves in life. If everything is handed to you on a silver platter all your life, there is a greater chance you will develop a bad attitude. Hopefully, these 12 individuals are a cautionary tale to celebrities everywhere to not simply give your children everything in life, without a bit of work or lessons.