12 Popular Logos With Hidden Messages You Never Noticed


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Logos are a pretty common part of life. After all, you probably pass at least ten different billboards on the way to work! To the untrained eye, they seem to be nothing more than a few lines of text and a colorful picture. But, if you look just a little bit closer, you can often find hidden messages in some of the world’s most popular brand logos!

Here are the 12 most shocking and impressive subliminal messages hidden within logos. How many of these did you know before you read this article? Try to keep track as you read!

#12 FedEx


Starting us off is one of the most well-known examples of a logo with a subliminal message hidden inside! Look at the word “ex.” The gap in between the two letters forms an arrow that represents the company’s forward-thinking mission! If you think this is weird, just wait until you see the logo on slide 9!

#11 Hershey’s Kisses


Chocolate is everyone’s favorite dessert, and Hershey has quickly climbed the ranks to become a leader in the production of this sweet treat. One of their best sellers, Chocolate Kisses, is represented in their logo! In between the “K” and the “i” there is a perfectly formed kiss. Now that’s sweet!

#10 Le Tour De France


The world’s most famous cycling race has a bit of a messy logo, but it actually makes sense when you learn about the hidden message! The yellow sunshine and the “O” in “tour” are meant to form bicycle wheels, while the “R” is meant to serve as a bike rider! Clever!

#9 NBC


Okay… this one is pretty strange! The NBC logo includes all the colors of the rainbow, but it also has a hidden peacock! Look directly above the “B.” The white stripe forms the body of a bird. No one knows why this decision was made, but it’s definitely pretty creative!

#8 Beats Audio


Beats Audio is famous for their noise-cancelling headphones that they produced with rapper Dr. Dre. So, it only makes sense that they would include the design of their best seller in their logo! The red circle about the word “beats” is supposed to be the same shape as a pair of headphones. We have to admit… the resemblance is real!

#7 Goodwill


Resale company Goodwill puts smiles on people’s faces every day with their low prices and equal-opportunity employment. But, that’s not the reason for the prominent smiley face in their logo! It’s actually a closeup of the letter “g.” Still, we like the theory about making people happy!

#6 Audi


Have you ever wondered why the Audi car company has four silver rings displayed so prominently in their logo? Wonder no further! Each ring represents one of the original founding companies of the luxury car giant: DKW, Horch, Wanderer, and Audi. What a nice homage to their history! An animal-themed logo is on slide 3!

#5 Gillette


Everyone loves a good, clean, close shave. So, it’s no wonder why a razor company would want to include some subliminal messages about this in their logo! Look at the top half of the letters “G” and “i.” There’s a sharp line that makes it look as if the letters have been shaved off with a razor!

#4 Amazon


Nearly everyone in the world is familiar with the Amazon logo, but how many people have actually taken the time to examine it closely? There’s an arrow connecting the letters “A” and “Z.” If you know anything about Amazon, you know they sell everything “from A to Z,” so this makes perfect sense!

#3 Toblerone


Toblerone makes delicious chocolate, but few people know that the company is actually named for the city of Bern, Switzerland! Among locals, this mountain town is referred to as the “City of Bears.” If you look inside the mountain on the logo, you’ll see a rearing bear! This is pretty creative!

#2 Wendy’s


Wendy’s is known for serving up delicious, “homestyle” hamburgers and fries. For many people, this draws up images of their childhood and old memories, so designers decided to include the word “MOM” in the logo. Look closely at the girl’s collar… it’s clearly outlined in light blue.



Technology company CISCO was founded in San Francisco, California, so it makes sense that they would incorporate the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge into their logo! The blue stripes of color resemble the iconic American landmark extremely well, and allow the company to pay tribute to the city that they call home!

Were you surprised by any of the messages hidden inside these logos? They’re all pretty interesting, even if we don’t totally understand them. It just goes to show that you sometimes, or maybe even often, have to look deeper than what first meets the eye in order to see the true meaning in something! If you liked this article, press like, click share, add your comments, and send this to all of your friends. Keep track of who knows the most about common brands, and have some fun while discovering these subliminal messages that are hidden in plain sight!