12 Things You Didn’t Know About Chelsea Clinton


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Hillary Clinton has long lived life in the public eye. From her time as First Lady, to her terms as a US Senator, to her appointment as Secretary of State, she has helped to lead the country with grace and poise. However, she has spent the last several years tied up in scandals. With all the rumors about her flying as we approach the Presidential election, it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s false. So, we put together a list of 12 things you DIDN’T KNOW about the Clinton family, especially about the youngest, Chelsea! Whether or not you’re a Hillary supporter, you’re sure to enjoy these fun facts!

#12 About The Family


The Clinton family, made up of Bill, Hillary, and daughter Chelsea, made their home in the midwestern state of Arkansas until Bill was elected President of the United States in 1993. Even since then, they have been living in Washington D.C. and helping to lead the country in various roles!

#11 Bill Clinton


William Jefferson Clinton was Governor of Arkansas before becoming President of the United States. While in office, he struggled through several scandals of his own, but is now considered to be a well-respected President by members of both parties! Now, he travels the world giving speeches and raising money for the Clinton Foundation, his philanthropic organization.

#10 Hillary Clinton


Hillary Rodham Clinton is easily one of the most divisive figures in American politics. Scandals have rocked her world throughout her time in public office, especially during her term as Secretary of State, yet she has still turned her eyes towards the White House. But first, she has to face off against fan-favorite businessman Donald John Trump!

#9 Chelsea Clinton


On February 27, 1980, Chelsea Victoria Clinton was born in Arkansas. Her father was a rising star in local politics at the time, though we have to wonder if anyone had any inkling that this little girl was the child of two incredibly important people! What is she up to these days? Keep reading to find out!

#8 In The Public Eye


While Chelsea’s father was President, he took special steps to ensure her privacy from the media that relentlessly pursued her. With a little effort, though, she was able to have a mostly normal childhood. Until she got to college, that is! Slide 5 has more information about her time at Stanford University!

#7 The Professional


For awhile there, Chelsea wasn’t sure what she was going to do with her life! She spent some time working as a Consultant at McKinsey and Company, and then had a short jaunt on Wall Street. Eventually, though, she went back to school to get a Master’s degree in Public Health!

#6 Vegetarianism


When Chelsea was just thirteen, she read an article about the negative health effects of eating red meat. So, she made the big decision to become a vegetarian! She kept up with this lifestyle until she was 29! She says, “When I was 29, I woke up one day and craved it. My husband, an inveterate carnivore, was thrilled.”

#5 A Stanford Bear


Chelsea Clinton attended college at the elite Stanford University in California. She wasn’t like the other students, though! She had plainclothes Secret Service officers with her at all times and even had to have bulletproof glass installed into her dorm room! Hopefully that didn’t cramp her style too much.

#4 Media


Very few people know that Chelsea once had a career as a newscaster! She was a Special Correspondent for NBC News for three years before she went back to graduate school. During this time, it’s estimated that she ran $600,000! Now that’s a nice paycheck for a few years of work!

#3 Family Love


There’s no way to deny that Bill and Hillary are incredibly busy people. Still, though, they tried their best to stay involved in Chelsea’s life as she grew up! Those close to the President even report that he had a small desk placed in the Oval Office so that Chelsea could eat breakfast with him before school each morning!

#2 Philanthropy


Chelsea is very deeply involved with the philanthropic efforts of the Clinton Foundation. She has a particular interest in advancing women’s rights around the world, though she can be found speaking and fundraising for nearly any humanitarian cause the foundation supports! One thing’s for certain… this woman has a caring heart!

#1 Super Smart


Chelsea is SMART! So smart, in fact, that she skipped the third grade! She even learned to play the stock market when she was only eleven years old. Now that’s impressive! When we were eleven, we were more worried about who put their mouth on the water fountain than which stocks were the best investment!

Hillary Clinton, as well as the rest of her family, is known for being notoriously private and secretive about her private life. Fortunately, though, the power of the internet allows us the opportunity to learn a bit more about one of America’s most elite families! Technology is truly amazing! Whether you’ll be voting for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or even a third party candidate on November 9th, these interesting facts about Hillary and her family (especially Chelsea!) are still super fascinating! If you liked this article, like it, comment, and share it with all the voters in your life!