14 Unbelieveable Photos Of Your Favorite Celebs Before They Were Famous


Celebrities are constantly under a great deal of pressure to always be perfect. They are the focus of news all over the world, their airbrushed faces grace the covers of magazines in every grocery store checkout lane, and social media is continually abuzz with their latest tweets, hijinks, and Instagram shots.

But, have you ever stopped to think about what they looked like before they were rich and famous? We’ve gathered 14 of the purest, sweetest, most hilarious photos of your favorite stars before they became household names.

You won’t believe number 8! Now, sit back, relax and get a load of these great photos!


14. Gwen Stefani

001-14-gwen-stefani-3d3cd9f5fb7cee473034bc9c5dcb4f9cWho would have ever thought that this sweet looking girl next door would have become the ultra-famous celebrity she is today? No doubt she had the talent early on, but take a look at her backward ball cap, fresh makeup-free face, and sweet white tank. She’s just a girl in the world.

13. Shakira

002-13-shakira-836153This may be one of the most extreme transformations. Here is young Shakira with her very dark hair before she could afford million dollar hair treatments and a makeup artist. This Colombian bombshell always knew she wanted to perform and began writing songs at the tender age of two years old!

12. Drake

003-12-drake-a957bcda34c4d65dccb16093c7933b20Drake came from humble beginnings and with the help of his good looks, amazing talent, and charm he rose to become one of the most well-known rappers in the world. Take a look at this cutie pie before he was the coolest guy around, though. He’s got those wire-rimmed glasses and that silly smile is ear to ear!

11. Elton John

004-11-elton-john-a6bcb075a9ada95648fe7d3177938de4Though Elton John’s parents tried to encourage him to pursue a more conventional career path and were pretty strict during his childhood, no one could squash that natural aptitude he had for music and entertaining. Born Reginald Kenneth Dwight, he got his start at the piano at the young age of three and the rest is history.

10. Rhianna

005-10-rhianna-f46825db1d65a6f38d224c8fe936fdf8Get a load of this fresh-faced beauty! Here is Rihanna in all her teenage glory, wearing spaghetti straps and long braids. Today, we know this bombshell as being one of the sexiest women alive. She also has collected quite a few awards during her 12 years of performing, including eight Grammy Awards, 12 Billboard Music Awards, and nine American Music Awards.

9. Celine Dion

006-9-celine-dion-52f623277edd876ab57ee5a2a1607303This iconic diva wasn’t always the graceful, elegant artist that we know her as today. One of 14 kids in her family, Celine Dion worked her way up from being a goofy girl who liked to perform at her parent’s piano bar to making hits that the whole world still loves. This young diva sure looks ready for her close-up!

8. Enrique Iglesias

007-8-enrique-iglesias-2315529797c8a2eafee393180418ff88Look at this adorable little guy! It might be hard to imagine that this sweet little dude grew up to hold the record for making the most number one hits and continue to make music the world loves. Interesting fact: he actually had to borrow money from his nanny to record his first demo tape.

7. Robin Williams

008-7-robin-williams-839535This photo is from 1969 when Williams was a senior in high school. Unfortunately, he had a terrible experience in school, like many of us do, and was voted “Least Likely To Succeed.” We all move on from high school, though, and Williams quickly showed the world that he was, in fact, very likely to succeed.

6. Ozzy Osbourne

009-6-ozzy-osbourne-8ee0b45e6233125da3ee3619936cae76The first photo doesn’t make you think of the Godfather of Rock and Roll, does it? This youthful, pensive face is what Ozzy Osbourne used to look like, before years of drug and alcohol abuse and a rough life on the road as a rock star. Throughout all those years, he’s kept that long, straight hair. Some things don’t change.

5. Madonna

010-5-madonna-839097Even though she’s only about seven in this photo, she still resembles the diva we know Madonna as today. As a girl, she got good grades, did cartwheels in the hallway, and lifted her skirt on the playground for the boys to see her underwear. She has since abandoned that innocent schoolgirl look for several different styles and trends, making her the chameleon that has helped her reach worldwide fame.

4. Steve Carrell

011-4-steve-carrell-839659Here we have the always hilarious Steve Carrell in 1980 at his last year at Middlesex School. He was performing as the grandpa in “You Can’t Take It With You.” Fun fact: he earned a degree in History from Denison University and was a part of a historical reenacting group because he enjoyed the subject so much.

3. Justin Bieber

012-3-justin-bieber-a5234520a4016855f2f37bce933ac5a3We all probably remember when Justin Bieber rose to fame through the discovery of his YouTube videos. It was only about eight years ago, and yet it seems like he has always been in the public eye. He’s done a lot of growing since being discovered. In fact, Usher helped him find a stylist and coach to help him learn to handle the pressures of fame.

2. Bill Clinton

013-2-bill-clinton-839971Now, he may not be a celebrity in the traditional sense, but this famous politician is more than a household name. Take a look at young Bill Clinton here with his tenor sax. He actually loved music so much that he contemplated turning it into a career. Instead, he became the 42nd President of the United States.

1. Ben Stiller

014-1-ben-stiller-839996What a lovely father-son photo, wouldn’t you say? Here we have young Ben Stiller with his father Jerry Stiller (known for his roles as Arthur Spooner in King of Queens and Frank Costanza in Seinfeld). With a famous father and well-known actress as a mother, Stiller was surrounded by show business from an early age and now is a successful actor, director, and producer himself.

Sure, celebrities have the opportunity to look amazing after becoming rich and famous and being able to afford a personal stylist, plastic surgery, and all the spa treatments they could ever want. While some make the most of it, other celebrities struggle with the freedom they have and it eventually causes problems in their lives and it shows physically.

However, looking at these rare photos of huge celebrities before they were famous gives us a sense that they are just like us after all. They too went through those awkward years in high school, had silly haircuts, and lived somewhat average lives, for awhile anyway.