15 Biggest Turn Offs For The Ladies


Many men think that they have women all figured out. If you think this way and you still haven’t found your life partner, then maybe your equation is all wrong or maybe, you are doing some things that turn the ladies off. Well, here are some of the biggest turn offs for most ladies.

1. Really Cocky Guys


Sure, ladies love confident men but being overly cocky is a big no-no for us. If you are way too loud or you are always boasting about your car, achievements and whatever it is that you have achieved, do not expect the ladies to like you.

2. Excessive Cologne


We also love to smell fresh all day long. Yes, we would love for you to take good care of your hygiene but wearing too much perfume is just overly doing it. Like how long do you need to marinate in it? Tone down the fragrance so we can get close to you, please.

3. Boring Guys

boringWomen are looking for men who they can spend the rest of their lives with. That is why we would be looking for guys who make us laugh or can stimulate our minds. If you can’t do both things, don’t expect us to look your way.

4. Bad Breathbad breath

Maintaining good hygiene is number one in our list so we expect our partner to have the same priorities as us. Plus, how can we focus on your good traits if we are busy protecting our noses from your bad breath?

5. Can’t Handle Themselvesdrunk

Traditionally, men should be the pillar of the relationships. That is why we expect you to be independent. Keep in mind that we want a life partner and not someone that we would have to babysit.

6. No Manners

nomannersAs they say, men want to be respected by his partner. If you have no manners and are not polite to other people (or most especially to your partner), do not expect us to give you the respect that you are demanding for.

7. Excessive Swearing

Excessive Swearing

We are aware that many people swear. But sometimes, it can be a pain in the ears. If you end every sentence with a curse word, it may be too much for us. We do not want the negative vibes!

8. Insecure Personality


As mentioned above, we want someone confident. We expect our partner to be secured with what he has and who he is. If we have to spend most of our time trying to make you feel secure, what kind of relationship would we have?

9. Overly Sensitive


Men are designed to be tough (or, at least, the society expects them to be). If you get hurt with every little thing we do or every word we say, we would have to watch each and every action we take and every word we utter and that can be too tiring.

10. Being Creepy

creepyIf you like us, be man enough to say it instead of just stalking us or looking at us or just simply smiling like a creep. No one likes a creep. That is already self-explanatory.

11. Enemies Beware

enemiesIf you love to fight with other men (or worse, with women) and you always look for a way to start a fight, it can be too much for us. We want to be seen in public with a man and not a boy.

12. Fidgety Guys

fidgetyFidgeting is a sign of nervousness. If you are fidgety during our first date, that may seem so cute but if you are fidgety all the time, it is one sign of insecurity. And what did we say about men and insecurities?

13. If You Have A Kid

If You Have A KidIf you have a kid, that means that you have had a wife before us and that can be a deal breaker for us. But if we see how much you love and take care of your child, we might reconsider you.

14. Narcissists

It is okay to be vain but if you spend too much of your time looking at the mirror, how can you spend quality time with us? If you love yourself too, you may not be left with enough love for us.

15. Overly Enthusiastic

enthusiasticAs they say, too much of a good thing is bad. If you are excited about me, that is okay. But if your enthusiasm or excitement gets in the way of a good relationship, we will have to think twice about you.

So you see, ladies are not that difficult to understand. In fact, we just want a man who will love us, take care of us and protect us. We do not want our life partner to be perfect– we just don’t want him to have the traits mentioned above.