15 Crazy Places to do the Deed


Getting busy is not only a form of exercise but it also strengthens the emotional connection between the couple. But most of the time doing the deed in bed can get boring and routinary. If that’s you then maybe it’s time to kick it up a notch and make getting busy an exciting and unforgettable event for both you and your partner. Something that can make both of you laugh or take your breath away when you look back on those intimate moments. You can even share it if you like. Being adventurous is not only for the young but also for the young at heart. Get your carnal adventure on and explore your wild adventurous side. Here are 15 Crazy Places to do the Deed.

15. In the Library Stackslibrary

I guess this is in most lover’s fantasy list. Trying to get past the strict librarian while having the time of your life is just as exciting as having a roller coaster ride. Doing the deed on the back of the bookshelves while trying not to get caught makes the experience, even more, fun.

14. In a Parking Lotparking lot

There’s something risque about doing the deed in secret but in a public place. You know what I mean? It may be the thrill of doing something forbidden and the possibility of getting caught or doing something spicy and trying your best not to get caught while living in the moment.

13. In the Laundry Roomlaundry room2

Get busy on top of the washing machine or dryer and wait for the fireworks. Even try it while doing the laundry and let the vibrations of the washing machine turn it up a notch. But just make sure those smelly socks and sweaty gym clothes are already in the washing machine so the moment doesn’t get spoiled.

12. Storage Room at Workoffice

You’re at work but you’re not working! Get spicy in the small, dark storage room while your other co-workers are bored to death with their jobs. Plus points if you can hear other people printing reports or get reprimanded by the boss. Just be sure not to get caught or else!

11. On a Bear Rug In Front of an Open Firefireplace

Fire represents passion and doing the deed in front of an open fire just adds up to the excitement. It’s very unconventional, I mean who would do it in front of an open fire. If you get caught up in the moment and forget the open fire then the E.R.’s next for you. But plus points if you do it successfully.

10. Front Seat of a Carcar

The back seat of the car is so 1960s. Why not do it in the front seat instead? The limited space will make you and your partner creative. Like the adage says, “necessity is the mother of invention.” So get flexible and try new exciting positions.

9. On a Rooftoprooftop

Sneak up late at night and have your way with your partner ’till dawn. The thrill of being up high in a building will send a rush of blood all over your body. It will stimulate and excite you making the moment unforgettable.

8. On a Pianopiano

A movie inspiration from the Pretty Woman. It could be a little challenging if you do not want to disturb others with the banging noises on the piano. But there’s something about it that makes it feel classy and sophisticated especially if you’re in a 5-star hotel.

7. Pool Tablepool table

The 1960s movie The Hustler probably have popularized this steamy scene that made it on everyone’s to-do (pun intended) list. It’s just like doing it on your kitchen table but more fun. Want to feel young again? Then try this one out to liven up your blood.

6. On a Boatboat

There’s something stimulating about doing the deed on a boat. It could be a fancy yacht or a tiny, grungy dinghy would do! Both have their plusses. More bonus points if you can re-enact the Jack and Rose scene from Titanic. But not if either you or your partner gets seasick easily. It may just spoil the fun.

5. Football Fieldfootball field

The smell of the grass and the possibility of getting caught just adds to the thrill. That is if you are that brave and adventurous enough or else you’ll regret it. If you are, then imagine you and your partner are channeling Coach Eric and Tami Taylor a la Friday Night Lights!

4. On a Traintrain

Getting busy while at top speed kilometers per hour makes you feel like you are in an action film. Bonus points if you can fit in 10 positions with the small space and without getting caught by other passengers and ticket collector.

3. On a Ferris Wheelferris wheel

Getting busy while going up on skyscraper heights is not for the faint-hearted. Especially if you’re afraid of heights. It could end up being the worst experience of your life. But if you’re in for a thrill then go ahead, get busy while taking in the view.

2. In the Woodswoods

If you or your partner are nature lovers then doing it in the woods is the best place for you. You could use a blanket or let nature be your playground. You could even role play as Tarzan and Jane. If you’re really that adventurous. Or you could just enjoy nature and bask in each others love.

1. At the Top of a Snow-Capped Mountainmountain

Let the peaceful quiet and thrill of being on top of a mountain excite you. That means there are no other people around and only the two of you are there. Unleash your inner beast and do whatever without thinking about any neighbors. Just don’t let the frostbite ruin the fun.

This 15 Crazy Places to do the Deed list is not for everybody. We know it. For most, doing the deed in the comforts of their bedroom is still the way to go as you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after. But if you’re really and I mean really, really brave then get out of your bedroom and get crazy. Just be sure you don’t regret doing it after because there’s a high risk that you’ll get caught. Especially at this digital age. Cellphones and everything. You know what I mean?