15 Embarassing Things Ladies Do When No One Is Watching


featured-imageWhat’s that classic saying? “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus?”

The battle of the sexes is a never-ending struggle between men and women who would probably really like to get along, but just don’t get each other. Men have some pretty freakish habits when they think women aren’t watching, and women have theirs as well. You know what we’re talking about — the things that you joke with friends about but hide from your significant other at all costs.

Well boys, we’re going to pull the curtain back on the ladies for a few pages here so you can see what those nasty habits are. Ladies, don’t try to pretend you aren’t guilty of several of these disgusting things. You know you have done #13 before!


#15 – Popping One When No One’s Around

001-15-popping-one-when-no-one-s-around-967889Guys ar guilty of this one too, but women are constantly checking themselves in the mirror and popping zits. They might think no one is watching but everyone who walks by their car can actually see them doing this. How embarrassing! But admit it, ladies. You’ve been guilty of this one more than once.

#14 – Applying Shaving Cream To Your Entire Body And Going To Town

002-14-applying-shaving-cream-to-your-entir-c066f28aa6994002be3aa26f890686c7If you are a woman reading this, you know you have done this at least once in your life. Maybe you were bored and no one was around so you decided to lather your whole body up with shaving cream and shave every piece of hair off your body. You better hope the door is locked and no one sees you with all that cream on your body!

#13 – Making Sure Your BF Never Sees You Poop

003-13-making-sure-your-bf-never-sees-you-p-944428Every woman does this! So, you have a new boyfriend and you don’t ever want to do anything to embarrass yourself around him, EVER. You have to go to the bathroom, but you hold it until you get home because you don’t want him to know that you, a human being, poops! He doesn’t need to know that you actually do something natural, right? Plus, you never know what could happen. You could make a noise when doing it. You could always blame it on the toilet and tell him something is wrong with it!

#12 – Digging For Gold In Public

004-12-digging-for-gold-in-public-944432Men actually do this all the time and get away with it, but for the ladies, it’s pretty gross. Picking your nose while in public is disgusting and even rude! No one wants to see you picking your boogers! Next time you decide to do this, take some tissues with you and blow it instead. That is disgusting!

#11 – Improvising On a Pad When Your Period Comes Unexpectedly

005-11-improvising-on-a-pad-when-your-perio-944468The less said about this the better, but here goes.

You ran out of pads from last month and forgot to keep track of when your next cycle would begin. Life gets in the way, we get it. But since you weren’t prepared for it, you have to make your own pad until you get to the store. Making a makeshift pad with toilet paper is the only choice you have until you get your pads. Every woman has done this at least a few times in their life! It may be disgusting, but you do what you have to do.

#10 – Doing Your Biz-Nass In The Shower

006-10-doing-your-biz-nass-in-the-shower-944527You’re supposed to pee before getting in the shower. Doesn’t always work out that way.

This is Man Logic 101, and they’re usually the ones to take the blame for this violation. But ladies do it all the time. After all, the water will rinse it down the drain and no one really has to know you did this. If you say you have never done this at least once, you are definitely lying.

#9 – Squeezing Into The Smallest T-Shirt You Have

007-9-squeezing-into-the-smallest-t-shirt-y-944587You forgot to do laundry or you ran out of detergent. All you’ve got is a shirt that hasn’t fit you in years. You have no choice but to wear it because it’s all you’ve got. It is a little embarrassing! You keep pulling the shirt down, trying to stretch it out a little more so no one sees that you are wearing something that fits your little sister. What else could you have done, right?

#8 – You Keep Wearing Those Clothes Even Though They’re Filthy

008-8-you-keep-wearing-those-clothes-even-t-33593a9dd274603d38f4b00a15d6406bYou have to admit that you have done this at least once! Just like in #9, you either forgot to do the laundry or ran out of detergent so you have nothing else to wear right now. So, you sniff your clothes to see if they stink. If they smell fine, you can wear them again. Even if they do smell like sweat a little, maybe you could spray a little body spray on them so you can wear them again. At least one more day until you finally do laundry!

#7 – Plucking Out Ingrown Hairs

009-7-plucking-out-ingrown-hairs-944597Admit it! You actually enjoy doing this because it feels good to you! You find an ingrown hair on your body after getting out of the shower. No one is around so you decide to dig it out. You actually enjoy doing this too! Get that thing out! Isn’t it a little painful, though?

#6 – Sticking Money In Between “The Girls”

010-6-sticking-money-in-between-the-girls-88eee10b47b9759f033a15dfa8c47d79Don’t you know that money is one of the dirtiest things there is? Why put it in your bra, then?  Every woman has done this at least once in their lifetime. They do this because they know the money will be safe there. You should realize that money has a lot of germs on it because it is handled by so many people throughout the day. You don’t care, you need to keep it safe and you will smack anyone who tries to grab it out of there! At least you know it won’t fall out.

#5 – Over-Pluck The Eyebrows = End Up Looking Like An Alien

011-5-over-pluck-the-eyebrows-end-up-lookin-944686Just like #14, women tend to go a little crazy sometimes with the hair on their body. They just don’t like it and do whatever it takes to get rid of it. So you got a little crazy plucking your eyebrows and now they are all gone! What do you do? You end up having to draw them on with your eyeliner pencil until they start growing back!

#4 – Wiping Your Underboob Sweat

012-4-wiping-your-underboob-sweat-970156We all get a little sweaty but sometimes the boobs really get sweaty. First, you make sure no one is looking and then you take some tissues and wipe the sweat off from under your boobs. You still don’t know if someone is going to walk in on you while you are doing this, so you hurry up. Sweaty boobs are disgusting so you had to do something, right?

#3 – Creeping On People Through Door Cracks

013-3-creeping-on-people-through-door-crack-944738They can’t see you watching them and no one is around to see you spying on them. You try to catch them doing something in private. Maybe you’ll catch them doing something crazy and disgusting and maybe you won’t. Either way, you are going to do it anyway. You creep.

#2 – Taking Selfies Instead Of Other Important Stuff

014-2-taking-selfies-instead-of-other-impor-9cece649ae3f7ae90d8912709917257cYou know you do this, and do it too often! Everyone likes taking selfies and posting them on social media for the attention it brings them. However, you should be getting ready for the day. But, you decide, when no one is looking, to take selfies instead. Stop wasting time and go get ready!

#1 – Overdoing It On Sweets During Your Period

015-1-overdoing-it-on-sweets-during-your-pe-944820You hope no one is watching, but you are craving sweets because your period has come. You decide to binge a lot and hope no one sees you doing it. Just do it in your own home where no one can see you hogging down sweets! You know you do this every month when your period comes!

Doing these things may seem embarrassing to some but many people do them behind closed doors in the privacy of their own home. Many people won’t admit, women or men, that they do some or even all of these things when they THINK no one is around who can see them. You may get really embarrassed if someone walks in on you and catches you, maybe picking your nose or something else! Be careful!

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