15 Famous Celebrities Who Committed Murder (#1 is Not So Innocent After All)


Most celebrities have killed people hundred of times–in movies, that is. It’s part of their job. The more gruesome, the better. But what happens when they do it in real life? It’s definitely not as entertaining as the ones on the big screen. And since celebrities live under the spotlight, every move they make is broadcasted by the media for all the world to know. It’ll surely be a big headline the next day. We all remember those celebrities who committed the crime, right? Some were obvious, while some were shocking and unexpected. Want to know who they are? Read on to find out.

15. Laura Bushlaura bush

Who knew that this lady had a secret past? Way back when she was in high school (long before we were all born), she failed to hit her breaks at a stop sign and killed the driver of the car she hit. The driver’s name was Michael Douglas (obviously not the celebrity), who also goes to the same school as her and was a close friend.

14. O. J. Simpson

O.J. Simpson

Who would forget, the most publicized murder case in Hollywood? The retired football player was charged with murdering both his ex-wife and her friend, Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman. Although he wasn’t imprisoned, the event has stained his name forever.

13. Don King

Don King

The boxing promoter was not only charged with one but two deaths and a lot of other civil cases against him. The first time he was charged with homicide but was luckily justified but his second one was charged with a second-degree murder and served almost four years in prison. Luckily again, he was pardoned after jail time. He was also sued by more than 10 prominent boxers for defrauding them but settled most lawsuits for six- to eight-digit pay-offs while managing to avoid a conviction of felony fraud.

12. Johnny Lewisjohnny lewis

The actor is known for playing Kip “Half-Sack” Epps in the first two seasons of the FX series Sons of Anarchy. His personal life was kind of life imitating art. He was involved in legal troubles and was battling with chemical dependency. In September 2012, he and his 81-year-old landlord, Catherine Davis were found dead at her home. Catherine was found dead inside her villa, which appeared to have been ransacked and Johnny on the home’s driveway. Toxicology reports came out negative but Johnny’s family has spoken out about his history of untreated head trauma which leads to speculations that he developed a psychological disorder that caused sudden spurts of violence.

11. Matthew Broderickmatthew broderick

Way back in August 1987, while driving a rented BMW in Northern Ireland, the actor drove into the wrong lane and collided head-on with a Volvo driven by Anna Gallagher, 28, with by her mother, Margaret Doherty, 63, killing both instantly. He was on vacation with Jennifer Grey. He told authorities he had no recollection of the crash and did not know why he was in the wrong lane. “I don’t remember the day. I don’t remember even getting up in the morning. I don’t remember making my bed. What I first remember is waking up in the hospital, with a very strange feeling going on in my leg,” he said at the time. He was then charged with causing death by dangerous driving and faced up to five years in prison but was later convicted of the lesser charge of careless driving and fined $175.

10. Rebecca Gayheartrebecca gayheart

The fashion model, TV and film actress started her career by appearing in  student short film by Brett Ratner. But she found fame as the spokesperson and model for Noxzema. In June 2001, while driving her car she hit a nin-year-old boy named Jorge Cruz, Jr. as he was crossing the street. He died the following day. She  pleaded no contest to vehicular manslaughter and was sentenced to three years of probation, a one-year suspension of her license, a $2,800 fine and 750 hours of community service.

9. Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius

The South African sprint runner also known as the Blade Runner was convicted of murder for killing his girlfriend. On Valentine’s Day in 2013, Pistorius fatally shot his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp, in his home. He claimed he had mistaken her for an intruder hiding in the bathroom, but he was arrested and charged with murder. Seriously? He was charged and imprisoned for his recklessness.

8. Phil Spectorphil spector

Phil Spector is acknowledged as one of the most influential figures in pop music history. He was credited to develop the Wall of Sound, a music production formula he described as “a Wagnerian approach to rock and roll.” But his good name has been blemished after actress Lana Clarkson was found dead in his mansion. Her body was found slumped in a chair with a single gunshot wound to her mouth with broken teeth scattered over the carpet. He was sentenced to 19 years to life.

7. Sid Vicioussid vicious

Born John Simone Richie was an English musician and was well-known as the bass guitarist of the influential punk rock band in music history. Aside from making music, he became notorious for his arrest and the alleged murder of his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen. He claimed to have woken up from a drugged stupor to find his girlfriend dead on the bathroom floor of their hotel room. She had a single stab wound to her abdomen and appeared to have bled to death. He was charged with murder but died of an overdose before he could go before a jury.

6. Michael Jace

Michael Jace

The former actor is known for his role as Los Angeles Police Officer Julien Lowe in the FX drama The Shield. In May 2014, he was arrested and charged with fatally shooting his wife, April Jace. A jury afterward convicted him of second-degree murder in May 2016, and in June 2016, was sentenced him to forty years to life in prison.

5. Aaron Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez

The former American football tight end became famous for playing for the New England Patriots. But his career was cut short for murdering Odin Lloyd, semi-professional football player, in June 2013. The team immediately released him after his arrest.  In April 2015, he was found guilty of first-degree murder in the Lloyd case and is serving a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

4. Shelley Malilshelley malil

The Indian-born actor appeared in a number of television shows and films, including The 40-Year-Old Virgin. But his laughing days were over when he was  arrested for attempted murder after stabbing his ex-girlfriend, Kendra Beebe, 23 times. Despite the severe injuries she survived the incident. Shelly is now serving a life sentence in Chuckawalla Valley State Prison.

3. Lane Garrisonlane garrison

Lane Garrison is best known for the role of David “Tweener” Apolskis on the television series Prison Break. He also appeared opposite Kristen Stewart in the feature film, Camp X-Ray and other films. In December 2006, he was responsible for a car crash which left a teenager, dead. The L.A. County District Attorney office officially charged him with vehicular manslaughter, driving under the influence and providing alcohol to a minor. He entered prison in 2007 and was released in April 2009 for good behavior.

2. Dwayne Goodrichdwayne goodrich

The former professional American football cornerback in the National Football League for the Dallas Cowboys was involved in a hit and run accident in January 2003 that killed two people. The next day he was arrested on charges of vehicular manslaughter in relation to the accident. Police believed that he struck and killed two motorists who were trying to rescue a man from a burning car on a North Dallas freeway. In September 2003 he was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison and fined $20,000 for the accident. He was convicted on two counts of criminally negligent homicide.

1. Brandybrandy

The R&B singer was involved in a fatal car accident in Los Angeles’ San Diego (405) Freeway back in 2006. The accident caused the death of 38-year-old Awatef Aboudihaj, the driver of the Toyota that was hit by Brandy’s Range Rover. She was neither arrested nor charged with vehicular manslaughter due to insufficient evidence. But multiple lawsuits have been filed against her by the family’s victim but was settled extrajudicially for undisclosed amounts.

 Some of these celebrities were lucky to serve only a few years and even luckier were able to get away with murder. Sometimes money and power do all the taking. But to those who served jail time, it’s just justice served. We wonder who other celebrities killed innocent people?