16 Unforgettable Celebrity Wardrobe Mishaps that Shocked the World


Celebrities are often regarded as goddesses dressed in glamorous outfits when walking the red carpet. But they step back as human beings when their wardrobes go beyond their control and show more than it should.

Wardrobe misfortunes are often referred as scenarios where these celebs have accidental exposure of the should-not-be-seen parts of their bodies. Maybe because their clothes can’t handle their oozing beauty and body parts. But as the time goes by, there is a thin line between an accidental exposure and intentional flashing of those parts to gain attention. Go on and take a look at these 16 unforgettable and most embarrassing celebrity wardrobe misfortunes.

1. Anne Hathaway


Even the critically-acclaimed actress experienced wardrobe malfunction on the premiere night of her movie Les Miserables, where she played the role of Fantine. All cameras were focused on her and she was wearing a black bondage-inspired dress. As she got out of the limo, she accidentally flipped her skirt. Then the world knew that she skipped wearing something that night.

2. Mariah Careymariah

Songbird supreme Mariah has reigned the music industry for decades. No doubt that many of this generation’s top singers around the world have been inspired by her five-octave range, whistle register, and melismatic style. And I am sure we won’t mind seeing a bit of her silver-studded underwear during her performance at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

3. Emma Watsonemma

From playing Hermione that we’ve loved, Emma has successfully broken out of that image and blossomed as one of the most beautiful British faces the world adores. Even though there have been numerous slips (yes, not just this), showing of undergarments, double-sided tapes and other cases of fashion disasters, she still looks effortlessly gorgeous on her outfits.

4. Nicki Minajnicki

Nicki Minaj rose to fame as one of the best female singer-rapper of her generation. In contrary to the usual get-up of the rappers, Nicki comfortably expresses herself as an empowered woman wearing whatever clothes she wants – usually in colorful and revealing outfits. In one of her performances, she had a wardrobe disaster. She lifted her legs as part of her dance routine and it revealed what seemed like a padding inserted in her shorts. Or was it an implant?

5. Iggy Azaleaiggy

Singer and model Iggy Azalea attended an event wearing a black dress with sheer and waist-high slits. Looks like the title of her second album, Digital Distortion, fits the description of what she seems to be doing there. Are her thoughts a bit distorted when she lifted her sheered skirt revealing something missing that night?

6. Kate Uptonkate

Men and women have drooled over the bodacious body of model-actress Kate Upton. But in these images above, looks like she was being prepped for a photo shoot when the strong wind blew and lifted her skirt, revealing that she’s also a celebrity non-believer of inner wear.

7. Jennifer Lawrencejlaw

JLaw also had her share of wardrobe malfunctions. In this image, it shows that she decided not to have an inner wear while wearing a white low cut dress. A few movements and she exposed more flesh than she planned to and was quickly immortalized.

8. Sofia Vergarasophia

It was a peek-a-boo moment for Modern Family beauty as her gown malfunctioned. She was wearing an elegant Zuhair Murad teal cut-out gown during Emmy Awards. But looks like her sequined gown can’t contain her derriere as its back zipper busted open. Good thing she had an emergency team that fixed this.

9. Janet Jacksonjanet

Janet’s “malfunction” has been the most talked about “accident” since it happened on live television with 143 million viewers of Superbowl XXXVIII. Who could have forgotten the intense halftime performance of Janet and Justin Timberlake? As the final line of the song goes, Justin pulled a part of Janet’s costume revealing something that should be hidden.

10. Katherine Heiglkatherine

It should really have been a roller coaster of emotions for Katherine when she attended Las Vegas ShoWest Awards. For sure, she was overwhelmed as she was awarded the Female Star of the Year. Then suddenly, in the middle of her acceptance speech, her dress strap snapped. Oops!

11. Jennifer GarnerJennifer-Garner

The beautiful and talented Jennifer Garner arrived well-dressed for the premiere of her film Alexander. She seems to be having a good laugh with comedian Steve Carell, when she did not notice that her skirt has been out of its place, revealing her Spanx. Good thing she wore one!

12. Cara DelevingneCara-Delevingne

It is really a thoughtful act from celebrities like when they try to reach their fans waiting at the Pan premiere in London. In this picture, model and actress Cara hoisted through the railings forgetting that she was wearing a mini dress. The people behind her were surprised by that cheeky flash. Of course, the photographers caught it. (Such presence of mind in this kind of situation.)

13. Bailey NobleBailey-Noble

True Blood star Bailey Noble looked gracious and stunning as she stepped out of the car to attend Emmy’s Pre-party at SLS Hotel in LA. Suddenly, the wind blew, lifting her top and took all her grace away. That moment gave us a peek of her inner wear and toned abs. Hey, it’s okay. We’ve seen more of her skin in True Blood.

14. Tara ReidTara-Reid

Tara Reid was part of the films American Pie and Sharknado and its respective sequels. Aside from those, who could have forgotten what happened to Tara at P. Diddy’s 35th birthday celebration in 2004? It was said to be one of the most known wardrobe disasters of all time. Tara was on the red carpet, posing for the photographers when the strap of her black silk dress fell, exposing what should not be seen, for about 10 long seconds. Just imagine how many shots the paparazzi had with that.

15. Mischa BartonMischa-Barton

Mischa attended a Kat Kramer screening wearing a white low cut blouse. But as she tilted her body to the right to talk to her seatmate, her blouse revealed too much of what she intended. Now, we know that Mischa went to the event without her undergarments.

16. Christina MillanChristina-Millian

Singer and actress Christina sported an Azure blue outfit with an open blazer supposed to reveal her cleavage only. Well, it has gone too far and revealed something else as she posed sideways. Not only was that seen but also the fashion tape didn’t do its task to hide her lady part.

For sure, these ladies on the list are not the last celebs who will encounter a fashion disaster. Even with extra caution, accidents really happen. It is always better to have an emergency team that can handle this kind of situation. And to the celebs, it’s okay. It is still added publicity. You will go viral for about a week or so because of this. LOL. Just remember that to err is human and to handle this kind of situation graciously reveals divine beauty.

Who else knows an embarrassing celebrity wardrobe misfortune that deserves to be on this list? Let us know.