18 Forbidden Places Around The World…Better Plan Your Vacation Somewhere Else


The world is such a wonderful place to live in. There are a lot of wonderful places to explore. It would be an amazing feeling to see nature at its finest and places where only a few brave souls have gone to visit. What an exciting feeling! That is if you’re a hungry thrill-seeker and explorer. The more remote, the better. But no matter how bad, you want to explore the world, there will places you’re forbidden to visit, especially if you’re an average civilian like everyone else. Whether it’s because of safety purposes or a top secret location, you will never be able to set foot on these forbidden places around the world. Just plan your next vacation somewhere else.

18. Jiangsu National Security Education MuseumJiangsu National Security Education Museum

This Chinese museum is not completely forbidden. It’s only off-limits to foreigners, non-Chinese. The museum director said that they didn’t want to expose sensitive spy information. The museum contained a range of documents and gadgets dating back when the Communist Party’s Central Committee espionage department was founded. It has exhibits including guns disguised as lipstick, hollowed-out coins used to conceal documents and maps hidden in decks of cards. Taking photos are not allowed inside either.

17. North Sentinel Islandnorth sentinel island tribe

North Sentinel Island is located in the Bay of Bengal and part of the Andaman Islands. The island is mostly forested and is surrounded by coral reefs. It remains untouched by modern society. But the inhabitants is what makes the island interesting. They are called Sentinelese and reject any kind of contact outside the island. The tribe is one of the last tribes to be untouched by modern civilization and they intend to remain that way. In 2006 it was reported that two fishermen were killed when their boat drifted near the island. They’re very exclusive.

 16. Club 33club 33

Believe it or not, this private club is located at Disneyland. It was originally kept as a secret feature of the theme park. The entrance is recognizable by a noticeable address plate with the number 33 engraved on it. Only Club 33 members and their guests have exclusive access to resort experiences which vary depending on the type of membership. It boasts of everything lavish and luxurious. But rumors have it that it was a club for freemasons, as Walt Disney was a freemason himself.

15. Google Data Centergoogle data center

The Google Data Center is where the computer software and large hardware resources are housed that Google uses to provide their services. There are several centers located all over the world. But Google’s first center is in a highly secure location and with trillions of data records, it is as secure as Area 51.

 14. Lascaux CavesLascaux cave

Lascaux complex of caves in southwestern France famous for its Paleolithic cave paintings. The paintings were estimated to be circa 17,300 years old and were mostly images of large animals that are known from fossil evidence to have lived in the area at the time. It was once opened to the public during the late 40s but the heat and other contaminants produced by the thousands of visitors per day the paintings became visibly damaged and started to have lichen on the walls. The cave was closed to the public in 1963 to preserve the paintings.

13. Bank of England Vaultsbank of england

The Bank of England is the second oldest central bank in the world and the world’s 8th oldest bank. But hidden underneath the bank is a fifth of the world’s gold worth $248 billion. The vaults underneath are said to hold 5,134 tons of gold. A BBC reporter was recently sent to visit the 300,000 square foot space. The shape of the bars in the vault varies. Some look like loaves of bread while others have slanted edges to allow them to be picked up more easily. The vaults, which were built in the 1930s, are still accessed using several 3ft long keys but there are electronic safeguards too.

12. RAF Menwith Hill

RAF Menwith Hill

RAF Menwith Hill or the Royal Air Force Menwith Hill is America’s largest eavesdropping center located in Britain, Menwith Hill in North Yorkshire. It provides communications and intelligence support services to the United Kingdom and the United States. The base contains a massive satellite ground station and is a communications intercept and missile warning site. It has been described as the largest electronic monitoring station in the world. Now we wonder what other things they spy on?

11. Moscow Metro-2moscow metro-2

Moscow Metro 2 is the dark legend of Moscow. The system was supposedly built, or at least started, during the time of Joseph Stalin and was codenamed D-6 by the KGB. Its main purpose was to allow quick and hidden transportation as well as evacuation of Soviet leaders in the event of nuclear war. It was also rumored that the system was directly linked to “Stalin’s Dacha” – his residence near “Kuntsevo”. The length of this transit system is said to exceed that of the public metro. But the government neither confirms nor denies the idea. What’s new?

10. Pine Gap


Pine Gap, Australia’s Area 51 was originally code named MERINO. It is a secret monitoring facility jointly operated by the Australian government and the CIA. It is the ground station for a satellite network that snoops telephone, data links, radio and other communications around the world. It employs nearly 1,000 people mainly from the CIA and National Reconnaissance Office. There were also claims of UFO sightings in the area.

9. Chapel of the Ark of the Covenantchapel of the ark of the covenant

The Ark of the Covenant or also known as the Ark of the Testimony is a gold-covered wooden chest containing the two stone tablets of the Ten Commandments as described in the book of Exodus. The holy box has been rumored to be in a small chapel in Ethiopia and has been keeping it for centuries. The small building is surrounded by spiked iron railings and stands between two churches, the old and new, of St Mary of Zion in central Aksum. Only one elderly monk is allowed to watch over the Ark for the remainder of his life and is never allowed to leave the chapel grounds.

8. Dulce Basedulce base

It is rumored that this facility is home to extraterrestrial beings. It is located in Colorado-New Mexico border near the town of Dulce, New Mexico. The small town may not be of much interest to tourists because of its lackluster but who knew this sleepy town is keeping a dark secret. Abductions and UFO sightings have also been reported in the area.

7. Coca-Cola Vaultcoca cola vault

Being one of the world’s best-selling beverage, it’s just fitting for its recipe to be closely guarded. And it’s not just kept in an ordinary place but it has its own vault. The secret recipe has been guarded for over 125 years. The company even shows the formula only to a few employees. People can pay to see the vault but that’s as far as they can go.

6. Room 39room 39

Room 30 also referred to as Bureau 39, Division 39, or Office 39 is a secret North Korean party organization that was established by Kim Il-sung in the late 1970s. The organization is estimated to bring in between $500 million and $1 billion per year or more that could be from illegal activities, such as producing controlled substances, international insurance fraud, and counterfeiting $100 bills. The money earned enables Kim Jong-un to buy nuclear weapons and political support. It’s also rumored that the organization has 10 to 20 bank accounts in both China and Switzerland.

5. Snake Islandsnake island

Ilha da Queimada Grande or also known as Snake Island is an island located off the coast of Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean. The island is just small and the terrain ranges from bare rocks to lush rainforest. Scientists estimate that up to 4,000 venomous snakes live on the 110-acre island. And it’s not just any ordinary snake, it’s the golden lancehead pit viper, one of the most venomous vipers in the world. Its venom is capable of melting human flesh. Not really a good place to get a tan.

4. Vatican Secret Archivevatican secret archive

The Vatican Secret Archive is the central archive in the Vatican City for everything that concerns the church and the pope. This is no ordinary library, as it contains historical records from the church. Some of the materials can be accessed by researchers but there are forbidden documents kept separately. Some of the documentation includes Henry VIII of England’s request for a marriage annulment, a handwritten transcript of the trial against Galileo for heresy, and letters from Michelangelo complaining he hadn’t been paid for work on the Sistine Chapel. The archives are the pope’s personal property.

3. Area 51Area 51

Area 51 or  the United States Air Force facility, is a remote unit of Edwards Air Force Base, within the Nevada Test and Training Range. It was only in 2005 when the CIA acknowledged its existence, declassifying documents and detailing the history and purpose of the facility. We’re not sure if what they revealed are all true but it is rumored to be a facility for the development and testing of experimental aircraft and weapons systems. Conspiracy theories even claim it to house UFOs and study extraterrestrial beings. We’ll never know since no civilian has ever been inside.

2. Bohemian Grovebohemian grove

Bohemian Grove is a 2,700-acre campground located at 20601 Bohemian Avenue, in Monte Rio, California. It is owned by a private San Francisco-based men’s art club known as the Bohemian Club. Every year in the mid of July, the campground hosts a two-week, three-weekend encampment of some of the most prominent men in the world. These includes entrepreneurs, politicians, celebrities, musicians and other prominent people around the world. It’s rumored that the people who go here are members of an ultra-elite club cult and that human sacrifices and other abominable things are done during the retreat.

1. White Gentlemen’s Clubwhite gentlemen's club

White Gentlemen’s Club is not totally forbidden but only the privileged and selected men are allowed to join. Women are definitely off limits! It was founded by Francis White in 1693 and is the most famous gentlemen’s club in Britain. Any man who would want to join must be personally invited by a current member and have the approval from another two members – unless he is a member of the royal family or a well-known celebrity. Ian Fleming wrote the James Bond novels there and any coincidence that White’s is at the corner of St. James and Bond streets? Prince Charles is also a member and held his bachelor party there before marrying Diana.

Who would have thought that these places exist? It’s like they’re only created for the movies. I know it stirred up your curiosity about these places but unfortunately, we can only see nd know about them through the internet. Who knows maybe one day, you could be the luckiest person and be part of the exclusive clubs? That is if you want to. But the good news is, there are a ton of places in the world that’s not restricted and a thousand times better than these on the list. You don’t have to worry about your life and safety, just enjoy and relax.