18 Home Cleaning Tips that Will Make Your Life Easier


We all want a clean house but we would also all agree that cleaning is everybody’s nightmare. After a long day at work, the last thing that anybody would want to do is cleaning! Scrubbing is everybody’s least favorite activity but we all want to have a clean and organized home. Stress from work and a disorganized house will drive us insane, so how do we do it? We can’t spend the entire weekend just cleaning our houses, right? Luckily, we’ve found a couple of home cleaning tips that will help make your life easier. Cleaning won’t be as much as a chore and you’ll have extra time to read your favorite book or catch up on your favorite TV show.

18. Saltsalt hack

Salt is not only an important condiment but a useful cleaner as well. Does the bottom of your iron look filthy? Then try using salt to clean it. Just sprinkle it on a sheet of paper and then run the warm iron over the salt. This helps remove any stains and residue stuck on the bottom of your iron. After a few runs over the salt, unplug the iron. After it has cooled, wipe it down with a moist cloth. You’ll have a clean and newer looking iron.

17. Pet Odor

Our furry friends are not just ordinary animals but they are also part of the family. They bring joy and entertain us like no other humans can. Unfortunately, the smell they have can be unpleasant and it clings on to the carpet, sofa, furniture and basically all over the house. The remedy? Baking soda. The all-around deodorizer will get rid of all those nasty smell and it’s safe for our furry friends. Just sprinkle baking soda on the smelly area and it’ll soak up all the smell then vacuum afterward so it doesn’t leave a mess.

 16. Cutting Boardscutting board

Cutting boards are one of the most used tools in the kitchen. All kinds of food touch its surface; cooked, fresh fruits, vegetables and everybody’s least favorite, raw meat. All these foods leave traces of bacteria and germs on the chopping board making it unpleasant to use. The solution? Scrub them using all-natural cleaners like lemons. These are non-toxic compared to commercial cleaners and will instantly leave your boards with a fresh, lemony scent. Another all-natural cleaner you can use is baking soda. It is an excellent deodorizer and will absorb all unwanted odors lingering on the board.

 15. Iron Clothes When Dampiron clothes when damp

Ironing may not be a cleaning tip but it’s one chore that challenges us. Smoothening out all the wrinkles in clothes is not as easy as it seems. It takes quite some effort and arm action to produce a well-ironed shirt. Good thing there’s an easy trick to make you look like a pro in ironing and that’s ironing clothes when damp. Ironing a garment dry is perfectly fine but spritzing it with some water will definitely help make your life easier. It’ll cut your ironing time in half!

 14. Smelly and Greasy Microwave smelly and greasy microwave

Microwaves are a kitchen staple and it helps make our lives easier. But most of us are guilty of not cleaning our microwaves as often as needed so grease and odor build up. One quick and simple way is using lemons. Just cut a few lemons in half, place them in a bowl of water and microwave on high until it becomes steamy. This will help cleaning easier to cut through any grease that has dried up. Cleaning the microwave will be a breeze and it’ll leave it smelling fresh and clean.

13. Microwave Spongesmicrowave sponges

Microwaves are not only for food but it’s also useful for sanitizing objects. Kitchen sponges are one of the dirtiest objects in the kitchen and the kitchen is where our food is prepared so it’s important to keep surfaces and utensils clean. The sponge is what we use to clean almost everything in the kitchen, especially our dinnerware and silverware so keeping them clean is absolutely necessary. A quick way to sanitize them is in the microwave. Just toss them in for 10-20 seconds and it will immediately kill all the nasty germs hiding in their nooks and crannies.

12. Sweater Pillssweaater pills

Sweater lovers’ know the pain of having those annoying and pesky pills. It makes your favorite sweater look dated and uncared for. The next time you’re battling these pesky pills try brushing your sweater wth a textured sponge. It’ll instantly make your sweater look good as new without damaging the sweater itself. Easy, breezy.

11. Vinegar and Water Solutionvinegar and water cleaner

Vinegar is not only a cooking aid but also an excellent cleaning aid. It has a multitude of uses and is all-natural and non-toxic. To use it as an all-around cleaner, make a solution of three parts water, one part vinegar and pour in a spray bottle. Use it to eliminate mineral build-ups, shine windows, clean carpet spills, and remove odors from the sink and garbage disposal. The list goes on and these are just a few ways to use this all-around cleaner.

10. Toothpastetoothpaste as cleaner

Toothpaste is not only for your pearly whites but it is also proven to be a serious multipurpose cleaner. It can be used to restore shine to your faucet, prevent bathroom mirror fogging, polish a diamond ring, remove scuffs from shoes, and remove crayons from walls to name a few. You’ll not only have fresh breath but a fresh house as well.

9. Clean Car with Lint Rollerlint roller

This small, handy tool is very convenient for picking up small fibers or dust. But this sticky roller can also help pick up hair, dust, pieces of dirt and crumbs as well. Nothing escapes this small, sticky handy tool as it picks up anything it glides into. That means easy clean up for us anytime and anywhere.

8. Vodka Cleanervodka as cleaner

Vodka is not only perfect for parties but it’s also perfect for making the house spotless. Especially for porcelain and other glassware. Clean your porcelain dishes, dolls, and more with this delightful spirit. Just soak a clean cotton rag in vodka then wipe and shine. It’s easy on porcelain but tough on dirt so you’ll have a shiny porcelain ware in no time.

7. Crunchy Towelstowels

There’s nothing like the feeling of soft towel running all over your skin but hard water and minerals can strip them of their softness. A quick and easy trick to get rid of crunchy and rough towels is by using some ammonia to restore towels back to their original softness. In just one wash they’ll feel as soft as the first time you used them. It’s worth a shot!

6. Freshen Garbage Disposalgarbae disposal

Garbage disposals are extremely convenient but can be really smelly. It can be a hassle to get rid of those little scraps from last week’s meal and now smells like a scrap hog. Thankfully lemons can do the trick. Just grind up a few fresh lemons in the garbage disposal and it will help it smell fresh and clean. For best results, repeat every few weeks to keep the disposal smelling fresh.

5. Toilet Bowl Cleansercoke as toilet cleaner

We all know that Coke is not healthy for you. It’s loaded with sugar and it can damage your bones and teeth. So the next time you have some extra bottles or cans lying around instead of throwing them out use them to clean your toilet bowl. It’ll leave your toilet sparkling clean without inhaling harsh chemicals. Coke’s acid is enough to break down the lime scale, stains, and other grimy stuff which will make it easier to scrub off.

4. Pile of Laundrypile of laundry

Laundry is another chore that’s everybody’s least favorite. Nobody likes doing laundry the whole day right? You can cut down laundry by simply washing your denim jeans less often. Denim can be worn a couple of times before it needs a good washing. Denim actually feels and wears well after a couple of wears so limit washing them to only once or twice a week. It may be a small change but this will make a huge impact.

3. Grease Stainsgrease stains

Any kind of stain can ruin garments instantly. But grease stains can feel like an ultimate defeat so most of the time the stained clothes are left behind the closet. But don’t just lose hope you can still salvage your clothes. Use dish detergent on grease stains so you can drastically make them less visible if not remove the stain altogether. Now it won’t be as challenging getting rid of that grease stain next time.

2. Shine Copper with Ketchupcopper and ketchup

Copperwares are fickle little wares so cleaning them is such a pain. Sometimes it feels like it’s almost impossible to make them shine and time consuming. Then why not try America’s most favorite condiment? Ketchup. It may sound weird and gross but ketchup will definitely answer your woes. Give it a try and you’ll be surprised how good it is!

1. Musty Closet Smellmusty closet smell

We all hate that musty closet smell. It ruins perfectly laundered garments and sheets. But sometimes we can’t avoid that old, stale, smell that reminds us of our grandparents and mothballs. We love our grandparents though just not the musty smell. When this happens, baking soda is our savior! Just put an opened box of baking soda in your linen closet and it will soak up all the unwanted smell. You’ll have a fresher smelling closet every time.

How simple and amazing are these home cleaning hacks? The next time you need to finish a chore try using one of these tips and notice how easy your life can be. It can help cut down cleaning time in half so you’ll have extra time to do the things you want. Try these tips and it’ll make your life easier. Let us know how it goes. Happy cleaning!