18 Moments Perfectly Timed To Show When It All Went Wrong



Cars are fast, cool, and sometimes sexy. But guess what? They can also be pretty dangerous. You won’t believe what some cars are able to survive through. A car can go from cool and fast to scary and dangerous in a matter of seconds. But professionals who make a living out of driving cars and planes know this, so crashes and explosions are to be occasionally expected. Lucky for us, most of the instances are also recorded! Here are 18 perfectly timed photographs of fast cars and planes taken at the best time to show when it all went wrong.

#18 Three Lamborghinis Crash

1473205327529-3-lamborghinis-crash-1473113469700These Lamborghinis were all headed for a car show when one had an accident. The first car crashed into a concrete wall causing the other two to crash into the first. Luckily, no one was hurt in the build-up. The only thing harmed was the bank account of the owners, as all the cars combined are worth millions of dollars. Hopefully, they had good car insurance!

#17 An Air Show Stunt Goes Wrong

1473205330050-air-show-stunt-goes-wrong-1473103591575Air shows are bound to have some accidents, as there are numerous pieces of equipment doing nothing but dangerous and cool tricks to please viewers. However, they still are operated by professionals, so catching an accident is rare. Luckily someone was able to snap this pic of an air show stunt gone wrong. It was only seconds later this

#16 Alex Barros Is Thrown From His Bike

1473205331550-alex-barros-thrown-1473103625851Alex Barros is a professional motorcycle rider who was active for many years. When you have a professional like Alex, accidents become less likely. However, when riding motorcycles daily and in possibly dangerous ways, even professionals are bound to have accidents. That’s what happened here when someone was able to catch a trick gone wrong on camera!

#15 Giorgio Botocci Escapes Death

1473205334268-biorgio-batrocci-1473103664110Giorgio Botocci is an experienced racecar driver, so he’s not afraid to drive fast and expensive cars. He has years of experience of driving, however, he’s no stranger to accidents. This picture was taken after getting into an almost fatal accident! Luckily he was able to escape the flames although he was hospitalized for a short period.

#14 Balmoral Cruise Ship Goes Under

1473205337046-british-cruise-ship-balmoral-1473103693104Cruises are supposed to be a time for relaxing and vacationing. This cruise ship was anything but that after hitting rocky waters. The ship looks as though it’s about to go under, but luckily it was able to stay afloat. Unfortunately, two people were injured and had to be airlifted to local hospitals to be treated for broken bones.

#13 Cliff Allison Flies

1473205339216-cliff-allison-1473103742469Another professional who’s not shy from accidents was Cliff Allison. The racing driver had a long career of doing awesome automobile stunts, but was caught in an accident in this photograph! luckily he wasn’t seriously harmed, but this picture will live on forever as a reminder of the accidents even professionals are subjected to.

#12 Container Ship Sinks

1473205340863-container-ship-fail-1473103811795Transporting materials by ship can be a dangerous business, but sometimes it’s the only way to ship certain materials from place to place. The captain of this ship knows very well of the dangers of sea travel after bad conditions and uneven weight distribution caused this container ship to tip and sink.

#11 Costa Concordia Crashes

1473205344933-costa-concordia-crashing-1473103853096The sinking of the Costa Concordia is one of the most tragic water related accidents to happen as recent as 2012. The ship sank after hitting a large rock structure, and caused over 30 casualties. Seeing an image like this can be disturbing – imagining such a large and seemingly unsinkable ship going under. If you thought that was scary, check out this next moment…

#10 A Ferrari Takes A Dip

1473205346722-ferrari-crashes-in-local-pond-1473103886427That’s not where I parked my car! Fast cars and sports automobiles should only be handled by professionals, but of course, many people like to get their hands on these machines whenever they can. This picture shows that that might not be the best idea, as simply driving your Ferrari into a pond can cause a lot of financial and environmental damage.

#9 Federico Kroyman Takes A Fall

1473205348434-frederico-koyman-1473103918131This image came after Federico Kroyman’s car split in two while he was driving it. Luckily for him, he quickly escaped with nothing but a bruised knee. Not only is getting into an accident like this dangerous, but he also had two high-speed cars behind him as well that just barely missed hitting him after the accident.

#8 A GT3 BMW gets some air

1473205350315-gt3-bmw-1473103951965No the car you’re looking at is not a flying car in action. It’s a regular old land car that just happened to take a turn too quick, resulting in it getting some serious air time. Luckily the driver wasn’t harmed, but he does prove that it can be dangerous operating such fast and heavy machinery!

#7 An Indy 500 Driver Does A Flip

1473205351589-indy-500-crash-1473103990468The Indy 500 is one of the biggest races to happen in the country and it a place where drivers and automobile enthusiasts meet up once a year to celebrate their passions. It’s also a great place to go if you enjoy seeing car accidents! Though there are mostly professionals driving, there are bound to be accidents every once in a while, and one was caught on camera in this picture!

#6 Isle Of Man TT Competitor Gets Crushed

1473205352194-isle-of-man-tourist-trophy-competitor-1473104036170The Isle of Man TT Race is seen as one of the most prestigious motorcycle competitions in the world. Much like the Indy 500, it’s also a place where you’re bound to witness an accident every once in a while. This is true for this case when a cyclist is close to getting crushed by another biker.

#5 Co-Pilot Of Russian Made K-36D Gets Ejected

1473205352592-k-36d-co-pilot-of-russian-made-1473104273365Aircraft is miraculous while being dangerous at the same time. Luckily, inventors of such machinery are smart enough to install an eject button for the pilots of the dangerous craft. This can be seen as this pilot just barely escapes from an exploding plane on his K-36D ejection seat. This next tragic moment will have you freaking out…

#4 Michael Schumacher Crashes His Ferrari

1473205353133-michael-shumacher-ferrari-crash-1473104313310Michael Schumacher is one of the greatest racecar drivers of all time. But he’s definitely had his fair share of accidents throughout his long-lived career. In this picture, he is seen crashing his Ferrari, but luckily for him, he survived the accident. He’s now retired, but this picture is not.

#3 Pilot Ejects As Harrier Plane Explodes

1473205353686-pilot-ejects-harrier-crash-1473104377150As we have seen in previous slides, ejection seats can be life savers. This definitely holds true in the scenario for this pilot of a Harrier Plane. As you can see in the photo, the pilot escapes just seconds before the plane explodes. Though his landing doesn’t look to be very pleasant from the seat, the fate is much more desirable than being trapped in an exploding plane.

#2 A 964 Porsche Hits Some Concrete

1473205353976-porsche-964-hits-concrete-1473104566383Though some sports cars are fast and awesome to drive super fast, a simple slip up can cause a total accident. This picture proves that as the super fast car simply hit a concrete barrier, resulting in it getting some air and some side drifting action. Don’t try this at home!

#1 A Road Atlanta Does Some Drifting

1473205354540-road-atlanta-drift-1473104604972Though some pictures are cool to look at, the reality of the situation can be pretty scary. Two cars going towards each other at speeds like this can cause some pretty serious damage. Luckily, many racecars are built to handle the occasional bump, and these cars simply drifted apart. Looks like at one point they wanted to be more than just friends, though.

Planes, cars, and boats are pretty incredible pieces of machinery if you really think about it. They’re designed to either carry massive amounts of people, or just one person with the ability to go really fast. Though it can be fun to see these pieces of equipment crash, race, and fly, it can also be dangerous and devastating to the driver. Luckily, most of the drivers on our list didn’t suffer too much, though certain accidents did result in unfortunate casualties. regardless of the situations, it’s still pretty incredible to be able to see these moments photographed. It just goes to show that you should always have your camera on you to capture a perfectly timed moment, just like these!