18 Tourist Views That Will Make Your Heart Drop – You’d Have To Be Crazy To Attempt #1


FeaturedViewsLife is all about adventure, excitement, and trying new things. That is, for some people. Certain types of people enjoy adrenaline rushes and experiencing things that make their heart drop. Thrill seekers will do insane and courageous things to fulfill their desire for excitement. Other people have a panic attack at the thought of travelling more than 50 miles from their home. For those people, there’s the internet, where you can view exciting and thrilling things from the comfort of your bed. For some, the next adventure awaits. No matter who you are, click through to see fifteen places that will give you a panic attack just looking at them.

#18 Mont Blanc, French Alps

001--18-mont-blanc-french-alps-205177The view on top of Europe’s highest mountain can be seen from a tiny glass box, pictured above. Not only is the mountain extremely tall and terrifying for those who might be afraid of heights, but it’s also available to view through just 3.6 centimeters thick glass! A view for the risk-taker in all of us.

#17 Stairs At Dachstein, Austria

002--17-stairs-at-dachstein-austria-205182Austria is known for having breathtaking views, but some of what you can see is downright terrifying! The terrifying possibilities go as high as 1,300 feet up and can be seen from the Dachstein stairs overlooking the Alps. This bridge almost looks to be floating over the mountain. Check out the next slide to see where the terrifying staircase ends…

#16 What Do The Stairs Lead To?

003--16-what-do-the-stairs-lead-to--205184That’s right, the stairs lead to absolutely nothing! Austrian resort developers built a stairway to nothingness as a way for viewers to get a seamless view of the mountains! That means there is no emergency exit, once you enter the stairs you might as well make it to the end. But you will certainly be happy you did.

#15 Lion’s Head Mountain, South Africa

004--15-lion-s-head-mountain-south-africa-205186Lion’s are known for being fearless kings of the jungle. It makes sense that this terrifying cliff is named after the brave beast. This view is absolutely breathtaking, but you’d have to be rather brave to make the hike, as this isn’t a man-made viewpoint and there aren’t cushy fences to keep you from slipping right off!

#14 Blackpool Tower, England

005--14-blackpool-tower-england-205188As if a glass box isn’t scary enough, England offers up a terrifying view from their glass floor in the Blackpool Tower. The view overlooks the Blackpool Promenade and gives a thrilling straight down perspective. The floor goes on for a “walk of faith,” a challenge for those looking for an adrenaline rush.

#13 Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

006--13-marina-bay-sands-hotel-singapore-205190The views from Marina Bay Sands Hotel are absolutely breathtaking. For anyone who fears to be at the top of something, this perspective can be traumatizing! The almost weightless view is offered up to guests of the hotel, but there are barriers and restrictions protecting those who’d like to take a peek of the below.

#12 Trolltunga Cliff, Norway

007--12-trolltunga-cliff-norway-205192The edge of this terrifying cliff is about 1,300 feet off the ground! It’s known to be a pretty popular spot for those who enjoy taking those “edge of the cliff” pics for their social media. Beware, however, as the desire for a perfect picture took the life of one student last year!

#11 Walk Of Religion, China

008--11-walk-of-religion-china-205194The views from the observation cubbies on the Walk of Religion in China are absolutely breathtaking. tourists can view the stunning sights from the comfort of their own travelling case that runs through mountains. But for those a little braver than most, there’s a different option. Click through, if you dare, to see this next scary view…

#10 Another Glass Floor

009--10-another-glass-floor-205196There’s something about the idea of mixing glass and extremely tall heights that don’t sit quite right in our stomachs. However, if they didn’t have the glass floors, the braver tourists wouldn’t be able to catch the breathtaking views that exist below their very own feet. Standing in this glass box makes you feel like you are floating over the mountain. Seeing views you otherwise never would have seen.

#9 Spinnaker Tower, England

010--9-spinnaker-tower-england-205198The bottomless floors of this tower in England does just that to our stomach, makes them feel bottomless. Looking at this perspective is jaw dropping, not only because of the lines making it look as though you’re about to fall down a slide, but also because the curved structure makes us feel like we’re falling backwards just looking at it!

#8 The Grand Canyon

011--8-the-grand-canyon-205200The Grand Canyon is one of the most popular tourist sites in the U.S. The natural beauty of the piece of nature is absolutely stunning, and the area around has become a tourist attraction as well, offering up different ways for visitors to experience the beauty of the land. Click to the next slide to see an awesome way viewers get to see the Canyon!

#7 The Grand Canyon

012--7-the-grand-canyon-205202Those interested in visiting the beautiful landscape can also see it from the perspective of the canyon walk. It’s a horseshoe-shaped bridge with another glass walkway that allows users to get a breathtaking perspective of the deep rocks below that sits just on the edge of the canyon. But tourists beware, this bridge is not for the faint of heart.

#6 Royal Gorge Bridge, USA

013--6-royal-gorge-bridge-usa-205204The Royal Gorge Bridge has been known as the world’s highest suspension bridge. Driving over slightly elevated bridges can be bad enough for some people, but this view is gut wrenching for even the most adventurous person. It looks as though if you drop something heavy enough, it will split the bridge in half!

#5 Half Dome Mountain, USA

014--5-half-dome-mountain-usa-205206Looking at this picture is enough to make us want to lose our lunch. Even the most skilled of climbers and hikers would probably be pretty terrified to try and tackle this tourist spot. It’s on the list of 10 most dangerous hikes in the world, and rightfully so, as it is responsible for killing over 60 people.

#4 Shanghai Pearl Tower, China

015--4-shanghai-pearl-tower-china-205208Nope, that’s not a glass floor you’re looking at in this photo, it’s just someone who likes risking their lives in order to get a thrill dangling their feet over the edge. This perspective is stomach twisting in that all of the circular shapes at the bottom could easily confuse anyone who might already be feeling a little dizzy from the view. The one after this is somehow even more dizzying.

#3 Burj Khalifa, Dubai

016--3-burj-khalifa-dubai-205210This photo is similar to the last in that it has a lot of circular shapes at the bottom that makes us dizzy just looking at our computer screens. However, this one is a little more terrifying as the mass amount of concrete is a little less friendly. Not like you’d survive either fall, but the thought of smacking into grass instead of concrete is just a little more welcoming.

#2 Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia

017--2-langkawi-sky-bridge-malaysia-205212Something about this bridge doesn’t feel right. Maybe it’s the fact that the beams or pretty much any support system seem almost invisible among the trees. The one heavy structure that is supporting the bridge also seems to have a slight lean to it. There is no doubt that the views are stunning and probably worth the risk. This is a cozy walk compared to number one, however!

#1 The Celestial Stairs, China

018--1-the-celestial-stairs-china-205214This terrifying system of wooden planks, chains, and mostly invisible nails is actually known as the heavenly stairs. What may be at the end of the stairs, you ask? Even more stunning views? A pot of gold? Not quite. The stairs actually lead to a tea house in a Taoist temple. Not only is that a tongue twister, but also something that seems like a far fetch to travel across those terrifying “steps” to get to.

Luckily we live in a time that we can view some of the fascinating views in the world while sitting comfortably at home or pretty much anywhere we have access to a computer. While being at the actual site is more breathtaking than we’ll be able to understand from the comfort of our screens, some places just don’t seem quite worth the risk and the hike to get to. Either way, these pictures are beautiful enough to satisfy, and also scare us slightly away from our wanderlust desires. That is until we get the urge to try some pretty tasty tea. That temple must have an incredibly high score on Yelp.