20 Gorgeous Celebrities with the Best Beach Bodies


We all love staring at glammed up celebrities on the red carpet. They are like a vision of heaven. Perfect, glamorous and oozing with appeal. But nothing is more gossip worthy than seeing celebrities in swimwear, makeup free and look normal. They have the luxury to have a get away anywhere they please. Be it on the tropical Carribean, warm beaches of Greece or secluded Asian beaches.

Just as we average joes enjoy soaking up the sun on the beach and the feeling of sand between our toes, celebrities may be the ultimate beach bums. Unfortunately, with the annoying paparazzi on their tails, there are no days off even off cam. Celebrities are expected to be picture perfect.

Talk about pressure? But despite the standard of the society, there are still celebrities who embrace their natural bodies while promoting a healthy lifestyle. Here are 20 gorgeous celebrities that confidently flaunt what they have. Old or young, curvy or not, they take pride in what they are given. Enjoy the view and let us know who are on top of  your list!

20. Zoe KravitzZoe-Kravitz

Daughter of famous rock star Lenny Kravitz and with a gorgeous mother, it’s no wonder why this petite beauty is talented and stunning. She has appeared in films such as Divergent and Mad Max: Fury Road. She loves lounging on the beach and lives an active lifestyle. As we can see from her well-toned physique.

19. Bella ThorneBella-Thorne

Bella Thorne is Hollywood’s newest ‘it’ girl. The fresh-faced, 18-year-old is insanely gorgeous and talented. With talent and good looks she has the whole world ahead of her. Let us not forget her well-proportioned and svelte figure. No wonder she looks good in everything, especially in a bikini! She is definitely someone to watch for.

18. Anna FarisAnna-Faris

Anna Faris has always had a great figure as we all have seen in her films. Even after becoming a mother she has managed to maintain that! She is also smart, talented, and funny, a total package! No wonder hubby Chris Pratt fell for her. Attractive with an amazing personality to match!

17. Alessandra AmbrosioAlessandra-Ambrosio

This Victoria’s Secret angel and Brazilian goddess is also a mom of two. How is that even fair? But she admits that it’s hard work. She works out and eats healthy to maintain her figure. We can totally see that!

16. Eva Longoria


This 40-year-old Latina stunner and former Desperate Housewives star love showing off her petite frame. She maintains her killer figure by staying active and her hard work has definitely paid off. No doubt she is in tip top shape. Definitely aging gracefully!

15. Lady Gaga

Lady gaga

We have seen her weight fluctuate throughout the years. But lately, she has mellowed out and started to look healthy. Because of her outrageous fashion sense, her great figure is often overlooked. But in this photo, her curves totally shine and she is not scary thin. We can now appreciate her natural beauty.

14. Kate Hudson


Kate has a perfectly toned body and loves flaunting it by wearing tiny two-piece suits. You can definitely tell she has an active lifestyle. As a matter of fact, she has a fitness clothing line called Fabletics. She is also a mother of two and with that body, she can definitely pass off as someone in her mid-20’s!

13. Kendall JennerKendall-Jenner

Compared to her younger sister, Kendall has a svelte figure and long limbs. No wonder she got chosen as a Victoria’s Secret model. That, or she is just really privileged. But she has definitely stepped out of her sisters’ shadows and has been sweeping off the modelling industry, as she has appeared in countless runway shows.

12. FergieFergie

The 40-year-old singer has always had a rocking figure. Whether she is on the beach, performing in a concert, or on the red carpet her gorgeous curves have caught our attention. And despite her age, it hasn’t changed one bit. She proves that being active really pays off. That or her equally gorgeous and fit hubby, Josh Duhamel inspires her.

11. Selena GomezSelena-Gomez

The former Disney star has grown up. Just look at that figure. Puberty has definitely been good to her. Not only is she drop-dead gorgeous but is also talented, humble and funny.

10. Kylie Jennerkylie-jenner

The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner Clan. She may have grown up too soon but we can’t deny how good she looks in a two-piece. Love her or hate her. She has been under a lot of controversy in 2015 with the plastic surgery rumors and all but she is still a fashion and style icon to many.

9. Gigi Hadid


Gigi may just have risen to fame recently but this blonde beauty has been modelling for quite some time. Born with natural good looks, Gigi is one of the newest addition to the Victoria’s Secret elite models squad. She may be svelte but her body is not scary, stick thin and looks amazing in everything she wears!

8.  Christina Millian


Christina Millian always had a killer figure but is definitely getting better with age. Her snakeskin two-piece shows off those curves. She admits that she loves working out, especially outdoors and focuses a lot on cardio. Her drop dead gorgeous body speaks for that!

7. Beyonce


We cannot deny that Queen B. has all the curves in the right places. With a gorgeous face and explosive talent no wonder she has a multitude of fans around the world. The pop diva is the epitome of a strong and independent woman, not to mention classy and stylish.

6. Khloe Kardashian


Ever since Khloe has struggled with her weight and body image. She has been bullied her entire life because of her thickness compared to her other sisters. Her fame only made the body shaming worse. But she finally decided to embrace her natural curves and be active. Her lifestyle change boosted her confidence and has learned to accept her natural cuves.

5. Rihanna


This Barbadian beauty looks good in whatever she wears, dressed up or down. She’s fashion forward and doesn’t let the clothes wear her. Riri is an avid beach goer and enjoys basking in the sun. 

4. Kourtney Kardashian


The eldest of the Kardashian clan. I mean, who doesn’t know them? Despite having three kids she still managed to maintain her figure. Just look at her tight tummy and toned legs. She definitely works out and follows a strict fitness regimen. 

3. Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba had always and still has a perfect figure. Almost nothing has changed despite having two kids! If not, she seems to be getting better with age. Let’s not forget her stunning good looks. 

2. Sofia Vergara


The stunning Colombian actress is in her 40’s but can definitely rival with the younger ladies. With stunning good looks, talent, crazy sense of humor and curvy figure, she is still in the game! Proving age is just a number.

1. Chrissy Teigen


This curvy stunner and former Sports Illustrated cover model is also a good cook. How lucky is John Legend? They are also expecting their first child. Even she is pregnant, she still oozes with appeal. We love how confident and down to earth she is and not to mention beyond incredible from every angle.

There you go! 20 gorgeous celebrities with all natural beach bodies. The young and not so young, the curvy and svelte. All ages, shapes, and sizes. These all natural beauties prove that it is not necessary to go under the knife to be beautiful. An active lifestyle and healthy living can help achieve and maintain those enviable bodies. Celebrities are humans too. They discipline themselves and work hard to look good even in a bikini. Some of them are already mothers but can rival with the younger stars!