21 Vital Things They Didn’t Teach Us At School


Learning is an ongoing process. You always try to learn new things but there left so many things you never even thought of learning.  By inculcating the common sense approach towards learning through internet, magazines, old books, and curriculum handouts you will improve your IQ level to great extent. The things not taught at school are considered not so important by the pedagogy specialists. But in the realistic world, every information counts.

Knowing how simple things work is one of the nicest things in life. In your leisure hours, always indulge in learning unusual and new things. It will keep your brain young and mind active. Have you ever thought that your school curriculum will have some loopholes?

You used to learn sciences, mathematics and arts but you never got any “common sense” information about the world and its different dimensions. Therefore, there are certain situations in your life where you feel the need for common sense approach. These images can teach you what exactly is the common sense approach? Furthermore, you can also teach your children what you missed in your school days. There are many simple ideas that surround your mind but you never try to search for them. The reason behind not knowing about simple details about various things is that these are the things not taught at school. Hence, they are  unregistered in your mental territory.

Primary education is not the answer to all your life’s problems and there are things not taught at school. You need to instill the habit of learning using your own common sense and not just the verdict from your teacher. Today you will get all the information regarding different disciplines for instance, how laser light works, the process of making ice-cream, paper clips and many more ordinary but useful things.

The common sense approach towards are things not taught at school while learning makes you a better observer and an analyst. By keenly observing the world you live in, you will not only become useful for your society but also for your family. Never think it is too late to learn basic math or grammar skills.

1- Never Thought I Looked Like This
Before He Was Born

Among the things not taught at school are your looks while you were under development in your mom’s womb. Well, frankly speaking according to this image you can now know how ugly you have been all those months of your development. After your birth everybody loves you for your soft skin and rosy cheeks.

2- Peanut Butter Fills
How Peanut Butter Bottles Are Filled

Filling peanut butter is among the things not taught at school but loved by all. But few of us know how yummy and delicious peanut butter gets in the bottles and finally come in stores. Look at this image and you will understand how easy it is to fill bottles with peanut butter. Technology has made it easier than you ever imagined. So enjoy your breakfast with your favorite peanut butter.

3- Braces Bring Benefits
Wearing Braces is Long Term Project

Hey you look different in braces? Is this the comment you hear from your friends? Well, these are the things not taught at school but quite natural to have such reactions on braces. However, those who make fun of your braces never learnt the benefits of braces in school days. With braces your teeth become aligned over a period of time. Your smile tells tale of your braces.

4- Coin Sorting is Among The Things Not Taught at School
Coin Sorting System

School curriculum was so simple that there were so many things not taught at school. This image can tell you a very simple thing about sorting out your coins of change. This simple and technically operated machine can easily pick coins of your change.

5- Pop Star Shoes Are Complicated
Pop Legend Shoes

Everybody know how breathtaking Michael Jackson’s dance was! We loved that but such few things not taught at school. He not only outdone the laws of Physics but also told the world he can dance out of the world too. He is the pop-legend.

6- Big Bird Costume
Big Bird Costume

This image can tell you all about how these huge big bird costumes can be handled around an average human. This involves physical strength as well as some technical support to to make things work. Watching sesame street characters was fun but these were the things not taught at school.

7- How Wifi Works
How WiFi Works

This clip can tell you all the technical information how your wifi provides you uninterrupted internet access. You might not understand the technicalities of its function but still you definitely know how wifi provides internet to your entire home. In case you need to impress your neighbour.

8- The Sunscreen Vs UV Rays
Get Away From UV Rays

Look at the right image of a girl with black coating on her face. This is what your sunscreen lotion does for you. It protects your skin’s outer surface by providing a thick coating which cannot let UV rays to touch your skin.

9- How Door Lock Works
Lock Are Simple To use

Things not taught at school how the door lock works and how key works an dhow the door is locked. All that is unfolded in this picture and see things working yourself.

10- Inside of Swallowing
Drink and Swallow Insight

This X-ray image reveals everything about the way your body functions when you swallow food and drink.

11- Paper Clips Get into Shape
Paper Clip Manufacturing

You never took any notice how those tiny paper clips could be made and were made available at your work desk. This image can tell you how paper clips are made from a simple wire and get twisted through a machine taking a shape.

12- Life of Dandelions
Dandelions Life Cycle

Dandelion is a herb, people use its parts grown above the ground parts and its root to make medicine. Dandelion is effective for curing upset stomach, loss of appetite, intestinal gas, joint pain, gallstones, muscle aches, eczema, and bruises. Dandelion is also used to increase urine production and as a laxative to increase bowel movements. It is also used as skintoner, blood tonic, and digestive tonic too.

13- Global Flights Tracked
Tracking Aeroplane Movements

This beautiful image of the world shows how awesome effect it creates with the global pattern of flying airplanes. These lights are coming from different airplanes which are on the sky every night.

14- How Zipper Works
Everyday Use of Zippers

The zipper is a small machine of today and arguably one of the least essential, but it is an immeasurably useful device in day to day life. Think how it is used in wearing pants, closing bags or take care of back of dresses, sleeping bags or even a tent flap compared to old use of buttons. See how small parts fit well in each other a provide a fastening.

15- How Pistol Fires
Working of Pistol

See how this small ‘machine’ works for safety. How pistol is loaded and how an empty is thrown out precisely with a single use of a trigger.

16- Making of Ice Cream Cracker
Making Ice Cream Crackers

Love enjoying your favorite ice-cream flavor for fun but that is among the things not taught at school. Then you should also know the process of ice-cream making as well as how the cracker around the cream is made.

17- Filling Flavors in Pastries
Filling Flavor to Pastries

You indulge in your favorite dessert but never learn how it gets prepared. This time try to learn how these yummy pastries are being filled with delicious flavors.

18- Trumpet Tricks
Inside of Trumpet

The image reveals how does the trumpet work to create different sound patterns? It is not magic but just a skill of musicians and the trumpet manufacturers.

19- Growing Beanstalk
Growth of Beanstalk

Things not taught at school is knowledge about how to grow beanstalk and how it can actually help you in many ways. You can grow them in your kitchen garden too.

20- Laser Light Trick is Awesome
Use of Laser Beam for Fun

The effect of laser on water is just amazing. Look at this image and you can do this trick with your friends. Imagine how laser ray is deflected onto your hand. These are the things not taught at school.

21- Hay Bales Wrapping
Make Hay, Save Hay

Things not taught at school are how does farmer store hay bales. This machine tells you how they prepare hay bales for storing purposes.

You do not have know all things not taught at school to act like a nerd now. With these images you can impress anyone who undermines your knowledge skills. It might sound difficult for you to log off from social networking sites and start searching for informative information on internet. But this activity can give you lot of benefits later in your life. If you are not a graduate and want to get better position in job then observing little details and using the faculty of common sense can help you in achieving your goals.  Have you ever tired investing your time in learning how a key works in your door? If you forget your keys what would you do? You will call someone to unlock your door but it would be lot better if you can do it yourself. Therefore, never think you know everything. You know the famous Greek philosopher Socrates once said about his lack of knowledge for many things. “I know what I do not know”. Socrates has the ability to do self-realization and critical analysis of one’s own self so there are many things not taught at school. If you think you have the balls to challenge your shortcomings then you can also become part of Socrates’ league.

Realizing your true self is what makes you a better person once you know things not taught at school.  Similarly, you have to know what you do not know to avoid many distressful situations and embarrassing moments.

If you think this post has influenced you to become a better learner then do not forget to participate in the thread chat. You can also share your ‘common sense’ based information about anything on this platform. Of course these are the things not taught at school.

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