25 Animals With Secretly Amazing Abilities


When you look at the ways of animals it is not difficult to find that some of them have strange ways in life.  This is mainly because they have adjusted to their environment in order to survive. There are some that have peculiar ways of finding their food. Also, there are others that have special abilities to evade being becoming victims to their predators. In case you venture out into the kingdom of animals you are sure to be able to see interesting moments of animals to end up knowing about amazing abilities of animals.

In order to capture animals in their strange acts it is not necessary for you to have special gadgetry or to go to forest reserves or game parks. Instead, you could look around your home or home garden and study peculiar ways of animals. Inside your home you could find geckos walking on your ceiling and spiders creating their traps for catching prey. If you walk around your home garden you may see moles. They are also strange animals that live in total darkness throughout their lives. With such a lot of variety around your home, you could talk more about amazing abilities of animals. This is without leaving your home.

You can also choose online resources that offer details of animals. You will find that even animals that do not show any signs of strange behaviors have their own strange ways. The dog in your home could easily hear the noise of a leaf falling from a tree. Your cat even in the darkest of nights could see it quite clearly. As you could be interested in studying the strange ways of animals. We are prepared to tell you some amazing abilities of animals in their writings by various enthusiasts on the subject.

1- The Cat Shows Amazing Abilities of Animals
The High Jumping Cat

Did you know that a cat can jump to a height that is up to five times of its own height? that is among the amazing abilities of animals.

2- Protein Vs Poison
Makes Protein to Fight Any Poison

Opossums produce a protein that is able to neutralize any poison which is an amazing abilities of animals.

3- How Lizards Stick to Ceiling
Even Upside Down

Geckos have a special adhesive on their feet that enable them to walk on virtually any surface.

4- Jellyfish Dispels Aging
Fighting Aging Living Happily

A jellyfish called the Turritopsis nutricula is able to go back to its polyp for any number of times to prevent aging.

5- Real to Liquid to Real
Turns into Liquid & Back.

Sea cucumbers are able to turn themselves into liquid form and revert later.

6- The Red Sweat
The Special Red Sweat

The red sweat produced by hippos is a kind of sunscreen.

7- Holy Intuition
Intuition or Telepathy

Dogs are so intuitive that it looks as if they have telepathic powers to know what their masters are thinking.

8- Freezing Blood Shows Amazing Abilities of Animals
Frozen Blood During Winters

Did you know that wood frogs have blood that freeze during winter and thaw when the winter is over?

9- Listening Minuscule Sounds
Listening to Minuscule Sounds

If you like to know about amazing abilities of animals you will like this picture. Owls can arrange its facial feathers to listen to minuscule sounds.

10- The Bubble Net
The Soft Bubble Net For Hunting

Humpback whales catch their prey by creating a “net” made out of bubbles.

11- Spider’s Trap
Way To Capture a Prey

This spitting spider catches its prey by letting it get poisoned slowly with its poison that is being spat on it.

12- Copy Cat
Copying The Sounds Both Natural and Mechanical.

This is a picture of a lyrebird that could repeat any sound it hears.

13- Unique Power to Digest
Special Digestive System

This is a starfish that is able to take its stomach out in order to catch and digest its prey.

14- Electroreceptors to Hunt
Catching Prey Through Electro-Receptors.

Platypi is an animal that has electroreceptors and uses them to catch prey.

15- The Little Weight Carrier
Convincing Load Carrier

This rhinoceros beetle is able to carry weights up to 850 times its own weight.

16- Walks on Water
Walking on Water Conveniently

This photo illustrates one of the more amazing abilities of animals as this lizard is able to run on the surface of water, most probably due to it’s light body weight and other unique dynamics.

17- Rebuilding Limbs
Broken Limbs Grow Again

Salamanders that appear in this picture are able to regenerate broken limbs.

18- Dung Ball Roller
They Know Astrology

Did you know that these dung beetles are able to roll their dung balls in straight lines. They take these to their destinations using moon and stars to guide them?

19- High Pressure Water
There Are Special Pumps Built In

The every animal moves forward according to Newton’s third law of motion. Cephalopods (squids and octopi) are such animals that they push high pressure water from their bodies to move forward as fast as 42 km per hour.

20- Hygienic Birdie
Keeping Home Neat & Clean

When birds are in nests they defecate into fecal sacs and remove them later.

21- Flexible Gender
Changing Their Gender as They Wish

All clownfish are male when they are born but change gender later to mate.

22- Jumping Champs
The Jumping Penguins

Since their predators can jump, penguins also have developed the ability. They can now jump up to 6 feet high.

23- Let’s Dine
Very Close to Human Nature

As soon as they find food, chicks chirp to call their brethren. In one of the amazing abilities of animals, we have these chicks responding to such a call.

24- Forward Planning
Planning for Future

This female box turtle is able to keep sperms stored in her for a few months. She will use them for insemination only when she feels that the time is ripe.

25- Half Sleepy
Half Sleep Half Awake

Mammals that live in the sea sleep with their eyes half closed to enable them to go up for air when they want to breathe.

When you look at these amazing abilities of animals and read the descriptions related to them, you are going to find how little we know about the behavior of animals and how well they are adapted to their environments. Nature wants them to adjust to their environments and survive. Animals that were not able to do that have gone extinct. Those animals in cute animal photos are not able to adjust to their environments will perish as they will not have food and also due to the fact that they will become prey to their predators. This situation is true for both small and big animals as well as the powerful and the weak.

One thing you can learn from these amazing abilities of animals is that though it is not easy to survive in an environment where the food is scarce and there are plenty of predators for each of the animals shown here, they have adopted well for the environment they live, in order to get the best use of their limited resources.  Even we humans have lessons to learn from them and a lot of research ideas from these amazing abilities of animals to make new theories. At the same time, it is the duty of every human to help preserve these animals and not to disturb their environments. Most of the animal species that have gone extinct have faced that fate due to human activities which disturbed their habitat. Use of chemicals that are poisonous to some animals also has contributed to this situation.

While enjoying these amazing abilities of animals it is of prime importance to help them live. It is not always necessary to help them but it is a must to not to harm them.

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