25 Crazy Images of Caitlyn Jenner Before She Was Famous


Bruce Jenner made headline when he outed himself in public and when he made the biggest decision to change his life– to undergo a gender reassignment therapy. He now calls herself Caitlyn Jenner but it won’t hurt if we will walk down the memory lane to give honor to the life that he has lead before she became Caitlyn.

1. Handsome young man

A handsome young man

Bruce Jenner was born in New York in the year 1949. He has Canadian roots because his father and grandfather were born from the North. At a young age, he has been diagnosed with dyslexia.

2. The athletic type

The athletic type

Because of his amazing football skills, he was able to earn football scholarship from Graceland University. However, he suffered from a serious knee injury so he decided to switch to decathlon instead.

3. A Passionate Athlete

An up and coming Olympic Champion

He graduated from the University of Graceland with a degree in physical education. WIth his passion in sports, he knew what he wanted to do right after graduation. He just not only want to join the Olympics. He wanted to be the winner of Olympics Decathlon.

4. A Determined Athlete

Determined to win

He started training for the Olympics and made it to the team in 1972. During the men’s olympic trials, he was able to outrun all his opponents by 22 seconds and he knew he was able to achieve his goal.

5. Unstoppable Athlete

She didn’t stop thereHe trained hard, 6 to 8 hours a day. But during training, he has to make a living so he sold insurance policies during his spare time. This didn’t earn him much money but he was focused on chasing after his dream that it did not matter.

6. Right thing at the right time

She won the Gold Medal at the right time

Bruce Jenner won his most coveted gold medal in 1976. This achievement made him an American hero and was even considered to be “The Best Athlete in The World”. This was a big deal since he won during the Cold War.

7. A Great example of determination

A lesson about determination

At that time. Bruce Jenner was known for pushing through his pain and using his struggles to get where he wanted to be. He knew what he wants and he does not let anything stop him from getting it

8.Lasting Impact

His impact is still talked about today

He even made it to The Track and Field Hall of Fame for many decades. In fact, the San Jose College even conducted events to honor him. They call their events “The Bruce Jenner Invitational”.

9. Love came

During his Olympic success, he was married

In 1972, s he was still celebrating his Olympic success, Bruce Jenner married his first girlfriend, Chrystie Crownover. The couple had two children, Casey and Burton Jenner. However, they divorced in 1981.

10. Six children with 3 different partners

He actually has 6 kids with 3 different women

In 1981, he remarried. His relationship with Linda Thompson produced two sons, Brandon and Sam. After that, he also had two daughters from Kris Jenner– Kendall and Kylie.

11 A loving father

A mother to be proud of

There was a rift between him and Jenner along with some of her past wives. Despite this, his kids fondly talks of him and greatly supports who she is right now and what she has become.

12. A third marriage

A third marriage

In 1991, he married Kris Kardashian. This is when people from all over the world finally heard about him as he became a constant player in the show biz industry. She even became a part of the reality series “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.

13. A Step Parent

Jenner took on the role of step-parent

When she married Kris Kardashian, she became a step parent to all the Kardashian kids. Saying yes to daily drama and being scrutinized by media all the time says a lot about her.

14. Hormone Therapy Experiment

She had previously experimented with hormone therapy

Before marrying Kris, she admitted to experimenting with hormones and was intrigued about what it is like to be a woman. But she stopped all that when she married Kris.

15. A Handsome Partner


Caitlyn did make a very handsome man

We all know how hot looking Caitlyn is. However, we cannot deny the fact that she also makes one handsome looking man. Just look at what her offsprings look.

16. A Cool dad


He also made a pretty cool dad

She was even one hell of a cool dad. Despite being an absent parent for his past children, he was still heavily supported by them and that is what matters.

17. But not his ex wife

The same can’t be said about his ex-wife, Kris Kardashian

ACcording to Kris, they divorced due to some incompatibilities. Up until now, the two are still not talking to each other. That is understandable since Kris may feel betrayed with his transition.

18. Kim is the most open to the transition

Kim has been the most at ease talking about the transition publicly

Many of you will be shocked about this but it is actually Kim Kardashian who is the most open to her father’s transition. According to her. she believes that her father has to tell his story and his story will surely inspire other people.

19. The announcement

The public announcement

His divorce with Kris was finalized in 2005. In 20/20 at April 2015, she opened up about what he is feeling. The news shocked the entire world and most importantly, his wife and children.

20. An asexual at some pointAn asexual for now

He decided not to get into the details of his gender identification and sexual orientation  (yep, those are not the same!). There is a point that he decided that she will identify with assexuality as of the moment.

21. Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery

At first, he just started growing out his hair but he eventually decided to undergo operation. He underwent breast augmentation and a 10-hour facial feminization surgery. It hurts but according to him, it is worth it.

22. Lots of media attention

More media attention

Of course, his controversial news and her physical update has caught the attention of the media. In addition to the pain that he has to go through during the operation, he has to handle the cameras too but she is trained to do that, thanks to Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

23. Her glorious hair

We’re a little jealous of her hair…

Keep in mind that Caitlyn Jenner is already 65v years old at this point. Despite her age, she is still rocking her gloriously long brown mane. We can definitely say that not all women can do that!

24. More maintenance

Though it’s definitely more upkeep

But as we all know long hair would require more time in the mirror. It means she has to spend more time prepping up but since she has lived in the 70’s, she already knows a thing or two about long hair. 

25. Living the truth

It’s all about being comfortable in your own skin


Can you imagine living a life of fraud? Her whole life, Cailtlyn felt as if she is living a big fat lie. That is why she finally decided to come out and be who she thinks she should be despite of what other people would say.

There you go– 25 photos that will provide you a sneak peek of who Caitlyn Jenner is before and now.