27 Signs of Drinking Too Much Wine


Having a glass of wine in the evening when you relax after work is going to bring about some pleasure. Also, moderate drinking of wine is good for health according to some experts. However, if you drink too much of it that is going to spell disaster irrespective of how old or how healthy you are. Even though wine is considered a mild drink that is more suitable for women if you take it in excess it could show its adverse effects. Therefore, you must be alert on signs of drinking too much wine.

Now, how much is too much will be your question. You never need to worry on this aspect either. There are signs that will show if you are taking too much of wine. In case you have the will to check your drinking you could notice these and learn if you are drinking too much. The only thing is to be alert yourself or get a friend of yours to advise you to know whether you are showing any signs of drinking too much wine. If you are able to muster enough courage to check your drinking you will be able to correct yourself.

In case you are not able to correct your drinking habits you are going to spend too much of money on your wine and also you are going to sacrifice your health for the sake of getting drunk. Both these could be avoided if you are able to be vigilant to know if you show signs of drinking too much wine. Here, we have composed a list of signs that you could notice in order to know if your drink is going to harm you. In order to make things more interesting there are small video clips and pictures also for you to see how you will look like when you drink too much.

1-  Whatever, Get Me Please
All You Need Is Wine

You won’t worry whether you are going to drink sparkling wine, white wine or red wine. You only want to drink irrespective of what is being available. This is one of the signs of drinking too much wine.

2- Moving Out of Yourself
All Out Of Control

In case you look like the one in this video by 5.00 in the morning you must start pushing the control button on your drinking. You are drinking too much.

3- Shopping
The Addicts Buy in Bulk

You won’t bother if your wine comes in bottles or boxes. You only need wine to fulfill your desire of drinking and this is among the signs of drinking too much wine.

4- By All Means Let’s Have It
This Way or That Way, It is Wine.

You only want to drink wine and judge people and nothing else is your need.

5- My Brand Are Signs of Drinking Too Much Wine
I Take My Brand With Me

Whenever there is a social gathering to participate, you never forget to take your own bottle of wine being the signs of drinking too much wine. Probably you are afraid that your preferred brand will not be there.

6- Judge The Bin
Analyze the Bin

Signs of drinking too much wine show that you start worrying about your neighbors judging you on what they see on your recycling bin. You are aware that it is full of empty wine bottles and you know that you are drinking a lot.

7- Ready for IV
Even if I need to Take It as IV.

Even you don’t mind wine if somebody suggests giving you wine as IV fluids. If you are at this stage that means you are showing signs of drinking too much wine. You are almost addicted to the habit of drinking wine.

8- Know It All
We Know All Ways to Get Wine.

You are aware of the type of wine that could help you tide over any kind of situation you are in. You are so familiar with different kinds of wines because you are a heavy drinker.

9- Each Cork One Bottle
The Cork King

This image shows a chair made out of wine bottle corks. In case you also have enough corks to create one like this it means you are taking too much of wine and you need to go for control.

10- Wine With Every Food
Taking Wine With All Kinds of Food.

Whatever regular food you take, Chinese or Japanese, if you prefer to add wine to each food and enjoy drinking a lot then you seem to be an addict.

11- Just Wine
Why Keep in Cellar-Just Drink

You fail to understand the idea of having wine cellars for storage of wine bottles because you know that you will not be able to resist the temptation to drink.

12- Tell a Tale
I Know All Wine Stories

You know perfectly well that a good story cannot be told without taking a full glass of wine. You are so addicted to the liquor.

13- Little Little Too Much
With Every Sip, I Enjoy the Drink

You happen to think of taking just one more shot of half a glass of wine before you wind up your session of drinking. This is the time you need to rethink on your drinking before you fall in trouble as you start showing signs of drinking too much wine.

14- Purple Lips
Lips Reveal Story

When you wake up in the morning if your lips are stained purple it is time for you to change your drinking habits.

15- Take All At Home
Wine Drinking Champion

You may have quiet nights at home, showing the signs of drinking too much wine you end up those nights as this picture shows.

16- One Point Agenda
Doing This Doing That But Drinking Wine

Your friends and you know exactly what you are planning to do. Your behavior is so predictable for your friends that each step shows signs of drinking too much wine.

17- The Philosophy Behind
So We Know the Reality

Philosophy behind your drinking is clear. Grapes are fruits that are good for health. Wine is made out of grapes. Naturally wine is good for your health.

18- Discussing Bad Habits
Only If You Are Open Enough

In case you discuss about your bad habits with your friends that is one of the signs of drinking too much wine.

19- Drink Last Drop Too
Not Just The Left Over

You are so careful of wine and you never allow even a drop of it go waste. In short, you want to take the last few drops as well.

20- Wine What Else
Those Who Like Wine

You are at a loss to understand how people dislike wine because you like wine a lot.

21- One of Many
If You Look Drunk

Don’t worry they are not there to judge you. So, you can look like a drunkard.

22- A Li’lle More Please!
I Won’t Stop Asking for More

You are not going to be contented even after a few drinks. You want more.

23- Three Times a Day
Yes Breakfast Too

You won’t hesitate to challenge anyone who says it is not possible to drink with breakfast.

24- Drunk Buddies
Cathie is a Great Friend

Showing the signs of drinking too much wine, you like the company of Cathy Lee and Hoda and to make them your best friends.

25- Humiliating Others
Innocent But Perfect Slap

Come what may, if you are overdosed and start misbehaving with buddies then there is always a limit and you must stop as soon your friends tell you what happened. Then you must apologize for what you did the other day.

26- Remembering The Sip
Sweet Berry Wine Drips Down

So you remember and repeatedly remind yourself what you drank last night and still you do not notice sweet berry wine dripping from the chin then it is a danger sign. Who wants to see this happen?

27- Religion
Alcohol and Religion
Alcohol and Religion

There are almost no signs of drinking too much wine under various religions. Major world’s religions have various types of rules for consuming alcohol. In some it is strictly forbidden as it weakens senses or see it sinful or prohibited. Others however, have allocated a special rules for its use, example is that of Christian practice for using wine for purposes of Communion.

These are just 27 signs which show that one is too addicted to drinking wine and she is drinking it too much. Though wine was a sit down drink for the elite a century ago it has become the drink for everyone since of late. The best wines were produced only in Germany and France during the early 20th century but it has spread to California, Australia, Chile and India later. With wines being produced in these countries coming to the market with their own brand names, the commodity became affordable to most people. As a result, it became a drink for common people. However, if you drink this once drink of the elite you need to make sure that you don’t show signs of drinking too much wine.

However cheap your wine may be, if you drink it too much it will drain your pocket and will deteriorate your health. True that it is a unisex drink and is normally a popular ingredient in any social gathering but you must not over indulge in it. If you are able to drink wine with the right kind of control, it could even be good for your health as it has some health giving ingredients. It also must be remembered the cost of the wine and the brand has no effect if you take it in excessive quantities. The harmful effects are the same. Therefore, it is always good to notice signs of drinking too much wine and try to have a control if you drink it.

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