30 Great Workout Songs To Help You Get Pumped UP


You sure want to get into the beat of heart pumping music this summer that good workout songs offer. If you wonder what makes you rock and roll then you should be surprised to know that your brain gets energy from the music. Even your infant can tell you the difference between different rhythms. So, why not you listen, feel, and internalize music from good workout songs while losing those extra pounds? Music gives you adrenaline rush. It improves your attention and focus you need during your strength training. Therefore, Zumba: a form of weight loss technique is a combination of dance as well as exercise moves for the goodness of your overall health and well being. This exercise regimen is getting popular among fitness experts and showing wonderful results that “Music is therapeutic!”

From the good workout songs, music seeps into your emotional state. You get excited, enthralled and nostalgic while listening to these rocking numbers. You feel like moving, dancing and shouting. You feel like doing crazy thing while listening to fast pace numbers.

Then why not you introduce music into your daily workouts, if it has such tremendous effects on your performance? To get you moving there is a plethora of good workout songs. These heart pumping tracks will be your next obsession. You will feel so much into that workout zone that you never want to miss their bombastic musical beats.

Music is on your mind as well on your muscles. Listening to good workout songs, these jazzy, rocky and melodious numbers will give you musical ecstasy. You will become addicted to these numbers for the rest of your life.  There are numerous health benefits of listening to music. It synchronizes with your brain wave, thus, giving relaxing feelings to your mind.

At a gym, while learning new exercise you can always get help from music. Music will help you in learning new things easily. These good workout songs will help you to be in perfect state of mind while engaging in your daily workouts. No beat is a boring beat. It is here to make your every move enjoyable and addictive, pushing you to run that extra mile every day.

 1- All Night by Icona Pop
Icona Pop Brings All Night

Undoubtedly, among the good workout songs, this song is a catchy number. It has overwhelming effect on the nerves. Perfect song to kick in for your next run!

2- January by Disclosure
Disclosure brought January for You

If you are in love with Hipster music then ‘January’ is your new pick. The song has strong vocals with electronic beats that your body will never get tired of shedding extra calories.

3- The ‘59 Sound by The Gaslight Anthem
The Gaslight People Come Up With The’59 Sound

This punk rock band has so much to offer. The number is rated as the best song of 2008. It has sophomore appeal to it.  The track is a ‘full-throated bellows’ of a young man, keep you thoroughly engaged with its unique beats.

4- Roar by Katy Perry
Katy Perry’s Roar

Who does not know about sexy and savvy Katy Perry? She is known for her bold music ventures. Roar is her extraordinarily loud number to pump your mind all at once. Roar is released in 2013 as part of Prism: Perry’s recent album. The genre is ‘power pop’ which serves the purpose well as instant power booster.

5- Black Skinhead by Kanye West
The Unforgettable Black Skin Head

Black skinhead is a song that promotes anti-apartheid themes with a touch of rebelliousness towards its beat. It is an absolute power number from West’s album Yeezus. The song is linked with the British Movement called Black Skinhead. You will get goose bumps listening to its grim and tribal-kind-of beats.

6- Senses Working Overtime by XTC
Overtime is Usually Boring

A pretty old, classic number of 80’s still give you rocking and jittery sensations. The lyrics are unique telling its listeners that world is ‘football- shaped’ and ‘biscuit-shaped’

7- Royals by Lorde
Lorde’s Superb Hits

The genre of ‘Royal’ is electro pop. It is an upbeat song from a New Zealand singer. The song dismisses the luxurious lifestyle of the contemporary artists. The song has got acclaimed by many critics. It is a must listen track in your work-out-songs playlist.

8- Mannequin by Wire
Notes are Sour but Playful

The song is released in the album PinkFlag. This post-punk musical band has a great influence on many critics. The lyrics are fresh and are. It has a feeling of detachment. The song is released in 70s still has fresh appeal to the modern listeners.

9- Pyramids by Frank Ocean
As Sturdy as the Pyramids

Wow this nine minutes song is must-listen number with its genuine tunes. It will compel you to sing along with it. The song is addictive and has strong electric waves to keep you intact.

10- Sweater Weather by the Neighborhood
Famous Neighborhood Keep You Moving


This song is gracefully sexy which permeates into your memory and stay there for a long, long time. The perfect choice for hard core work-out afternoons!

11- Running by Jessie Ware
Running & Running

Dale Lavine called the track “tasteful and rustic” filled with melodious piano beats. This classic and romantic number will be your next obsession. It will remind you of good old days of country life.

12- Everything’s Blue by Architecture in Helsinki
The Blues Make The Difference

Architecture in Helsinki is an Australian based indie pop band. Its song ‘everything is blue’ is written in blank verse which has its deep impact on the listener. This rocking number is a good choice for marathon runners and Zumba dancers.

13- Plastic Jungle by Miike Snow
Strange and Thouoghtful Name

This one is the best song by Miike snow. It is fun as well as a bit grim but gets attention from its listeners. The song is replete in jungle metaphors with a sense of bitterness attached to its vocals.

14- I-Wanna-Destroy-You  by The Soft Boys
Wanna Destroy You and Sing For You Too

Heart touching and soul warming melody is a must-listen track while driving, or at gym. The musical composition is dense that you cannot ignore it. With all your senses awakened your mind will be carried away with its astronomical music and melodies.

15- Shot at the Night by The Killers
Night Really Works for Playful Thoughts

This is probably the best ever produced by The Killers. It is a treat to ears coming all the way from 80s music scene. The echoes of the song is still in the air.

16. Monsoon by Delorean
Thunderbolt and Storms Make the Difference.

This song is perfect for at- gym-must-listen kind of music.  The lead singer Ayrton Senna EP is known for creating cool and sweet summer numbers by fusing the old and contemporary beats.

17- The Mother We Share by CHVRCHES
Chvrches’ Mother We Share

CHVRCHES is the best indie pop band that is a treat for all pleasure seeking listeners. The electronic beats are just breathtaking which you should not miss at any cost.

18- If You Didn’t See Me
Make Sure Everybody is Present

Means (Then You Weren’t on the Dance Floor)” by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. This is one of the most hypnotic dance numbers. It is all about losing yourself to the beats of music and going oblivion into the deep sea of memories. It is a joyous number that is a must-on-your-toplist.

19- Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush
Hard to Run Up the Hill

The song was released in the Hounds of Love by English singer Kate Bush. The song received accolades throughout Britain. The song has fine beats and gives you the best music ever.

20- Millions by Pusha T and Rick Ross
Serving The Millions

The song is sung by American hip hop singer Pusha T. introducing Rock Ross. The song is full of awesomeness which you never want to miss during your training.

21- Paradise by Coldplay

Coldplay is a British Alternative Rock band. ‘Paradise’ is released in the album ‘Mylo Xyloto’. The song, one of the good workout songs, was nominated for the Grammy Award as World’s Best Song category. The song brings the feeling of euphoria and blissfulness.

22- I Wanna Be Adored by The Stone Roses
Let’s Keep Stone Roses

Have this from good workout songs, ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ is a song by British Rock band. The song begins with the fusion of different sounds. The song is the best illustration of how perfect music could be as far as getting therapy done.

23- My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark
What You Did, Now Everybody Knows

Another from good workout songs brings Light Em Up by Fall Out Boy, produced by American Rock band. The video of the song is catchy. The song has been the part of pop culture lately. The song is loaded with guitars, bass, drumsticks, as well as cymbals. The song will be your next energy drink.

24- Sugar Water by Cibo Matto
Gift From Japanese Girls

In Italian, Cibo Matto is known for crazy food. The band is New York based formed by two Japanese girls. Initially, the song deals with the themes of food but, later on, it speculates on the big and broader themes as all good workout songs do.  It is mesmerizing, weird, leaving its listeners hypnotized.

25- Tom Ford by Jay-Z
Band Jay-Z performs Hip-Hop.

Here comes one of good workout songs but a Hip-Hop number by the band Jay-Z. The song appeared in the album ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’. The title and the entire song refer to the famous fashion designer Tom Ford. The song is a ‘juicy-cut’ from Jay-Z. Keep on counting miles while playing it in the background.

26- Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson
The Pure feeling After He is Gone

Kelly Clarkson’s best performance can be seen among good workout songs. The song has pure pop rock beats. Nonetheless, it is jam-packed with the power pop song infusing electronic beats with alternating soft and loud rock beats. The song is up for fusion and mix of different genres.

27- Teenage Riot by Sonic Youth
The Band Comes Up Neatly

Among good workout songs is ‘Teenage Riot’ dates back in 80s music is definitely great effort in using advanced rock stations. Unlike, the range of Sonic Youth, the song is well-versed and well-structured as compare to chaotic beats, a hallmark of the band. The song is included in the best 500 Rock and Roll songs which changed the scenario of Rock and Roll over the coming years.

28- Alive by Goldfrapp
Se What Goldfrapp Brought for You

This choice from good workout songs has the best demonstration of hard core black metal performance by Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory. The remarkable workings of guitars, keyboards and synths make the song ‘Alive’ in its reality, as stars are shining up in the sky. A must-listen-kinda-track while working-out hard.

 29- Lose Yourself to Dance by Daft Punk
Open Invitation to Dance

Choose from good workout songs, the genre of Daft Punk’s music is Disco, with its amalgamation with French Electronic music. As the track implies ‘Lose Yourself to Dance’ it is all about taking a break and get on the dance floor. Pharrell Williams told how to be a frantic dancer in this exotic number. With the mix of drummers, this number is never-miss-a-thing.

30- Electric Lady Makes Among Good Workout Songs
The That Is All “Electric”.

This funky number of good workout songs is all about hanging out with friends and having fun. The song is all about electrifying ladies who are charged with intense energies and have formed their own idiosyncrasies’. The song is perfect for feminists turned work-out trainers.
With this full of thunder and throttle playlist of good workout songs, you have no chance left for procrastination about your daily work-outs. All you need is a pair of sneakers, your Ipod and a bit of motivation to make you run all those unexplored miles so far. If you think you want to add some funky, chilling, rocking, rebellious, local and catchy numbers from your favorite singers you have all the liberty to share your music preferences.  Good workout songs bring heart pumping, feet jumping, lips screaming is the real spirit of listening to your-kind-of-music.

If you have been recovering from a recent breakup then going out for a long run would be just perfect for you, select from good workout songs. Engage yourself with the inner voice of your heart. Get into the mood of jogging and rocking, and worrying nothing. Go home, watch your favorite show and cook veggies.

Do you know music is therapy? And you know good workout songs are relaxing and calming effect on your mind, body and soul. A bit of flirting is also not bad when you in a mood of springy jalopy. You never know how music can unveil your hidden desires, set you in mood and you become “Alive” by all manners.

Good workout songs may consist of the numbers like ‘Plastic jungle’, ‘I wanna destroy you’ and ‘Running’ have postmodernist and post-punk appeal to it. If you prefer oldies then you have all the options to listen to 70s and 80s tracks. Undoubtedly, Coldplay’s rock and roll is irresistible. If you are a rough guy in sentimentality then, Black Skinhead by Kenye West would match your wavelength. If you have your playlist of exuberant and exhilarated tracks then you know where to share as here everybody is all ears.




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