33 Animal Pictures You Cannot Time Any Better


Animal watching is a good hobby and if you are also a good photographer you could take amazing photographs of animal studying while being engaged in your hobby. You only need a good camera and the patience to click at the right time. The resulting photographs will become animal pictures everyone will love. Those could be fish, reptiles, amphibians and mammals among the animals to be photographed in order to make them amazing animal pictures.

In order to take high quality animal pictures you also need the skill. Knowledge of photography is going to be an asset as well. A camera that could take pictures of high resolution with very high shutter speeds also will be very useful in creating pictures of acceptable needed quality to attract the attention of anybody who views the photographs you take.

In order to take the best animal pictures one has to be in the right location at the right time as well. Bird sanctuaries, lakes and water holes are the likely places where you could expect to take good snap shots on animals. In case you are living in a cold country where salmon is found in water streams, there is a chance for you to take animal pictures of polar bears catching salmon.

These pictures have a high demand in magazines and exhibitions. It is not difficult to take exhibition quality pictures as digital technology is always there to help you. Unlike the good old days, you never need to perform touching on your pictures by hand in order to remove flaws. All you need to do is to choose the right software for editing your raw pictures in order to end up having high quality photos that could be displayed in exhibitions.

The following are some of the amazing animal snapshots taken while being at the right place at the right time with camera ready to click.

1- God Made and Man Made
Aerotrail mixed with eagle

Excellent coordination by the god made bird and a man made machine. Can you imagine taking another shot of this sort?

2- Slow Movers Together
Two Slows are Together

Two darlings of nature lovers; one sitting on top of the other. The nature’s way of matching colors.

3- Perfect Circus
Hanaging from the Hand

Acrobatics is not only for humans. Even lizards could do that.

4- Wrestling
Male Dominance

Friends or foes? Judgment is yours. But the male seems to dominate

5- The Soft Touch
Stark Difference but Together

Be careful! If it open its mouth and extends its tongue, your fate will be decided. But for the moment it looks friendly.

6- Leaving Upwards
Let Me Go!

Don’t mind the presence of my fiancé buddy. Wait, have dinner and go.

7- Focus on Food
Catch ’em All

Just wait only my dinner has arrived. Yours also will come soon.

8- Tip or Trick
We Know Who’s The Boss!

Don’t focus on my back. Wait until I clean my bill to finish my makeup.

9- Nine Blues Together
String of Love

Look at the camera and say cheese you guys without sleeping. Though your pose is good you are not smiling.

10- Now My Turn
Posing- Wait

Take my picture if you can. You are not the winner as you seek the help of another.

11- Sharing Food
She’s Mine!

An aerial tug of war to decide the right owner of the catch. Your guess on the winner?

12- Bad Taste

We also can make faces, not only you humans. How do you like this?

13- Feeding Minors
Hey! Don’t You Dare!

Let the elder brother have his meal first. She will feed two of us later.

14- To Rescue
Rescuing Gone Wrong?

This is not a fish. I am taking my son to safety. He has fallen from our home.

15- Found Food

Found a reasonably good meal but must share it with the rest of the family members.

16- Dust or Mist
Cloud, Is That You?

Do I look nice in my new dress? It’s a bit too short but never mind.

17- Food on Tip
Better Luck Next Time!

Hi! Don’t panic you guy. I was waiting so long for you.

18- Bunch Together

Just the right potions for my six children. May be I cannot accommodate any more.

19- Poor Tiny Soul
Last Minute Jump!

Escape if you can. You are surrounded from all sides.

20- Fun with Ball
Look! A Ball!

I never knew that these ball games are so tough. Let me take this catch and prove my worth as a sports dog (not sportsman).

21- Together in Air

I saw it first. So, you must give me my share.

22- Under the Trail

Two flying machines at two different altitudes. Both having the same aerodynamics.

23- Over the Majestic Nose
Living Dangerous!

It was a bit too cold. Good to come out of water even though for a moment.

24- Just to Train
This is Not How You Do!

Don’t cry my son. Learn how to get up and go.

25- Out of Water
Escape Plan-Fail!

Kingfisher against a smart fish. Will it escape?

26- Perfect Pick
Taking You On The Drive

Fetching a meal for the family. The load is a bit too heavy.

27- Just a Workout
Was Just…Ahem

Wait until I poop and get ready for the snap shot. You are violating my birds’ rights.

28- The Chase
Fast and Furious- Pet Version

Why did you rob my master’s food? You will be my food as a punishment.

29- Panda Pair in Cold
Push More!

Hold on to me hard enough my son. If you don’t you are going to hurt yourself.

30- Over the Road
Take Off!

Hope I am on the right street. Where is the exact address? Let’s look at other animal pictures too.

31- Posing to Jump for Animal Pictures
No! Don’t!

If you humans don’t leave me alone I will jump to my death. Don’t worry! I was kidding. But these are among perfectly timed animal pictures.

32- Child Care

Have this snack and sleep until I finish my work and come back to feed you.

33- Together We Stretch

This is the final step of the beauty queen contest. Pose with your best smile and you get cool animal pictures.

It is not easy taking animal pictures of this nature. While you need to toil in order to find an opportunity you also need to have a certain amount of luck in order to be successful.  Sometimes the opportunities appear while you are not ready with your camera. It also so happens that you waste your time for days looking for an opportunity but you never get it. Even if you get the opportunity while you are ready, your photograph may not come out the way you want. Due to all these reasons these amazing animal pictures become valuable ones that provide enormous satisfaction to those who have taken them.

It also is worth remembering that it is not costly to take animal pictures of this nature. You never need to spend a lot of money and go to a South African game reserve to take them. Instead, you could find good subjects to shoot when you go out into your garden or the backyard. Even a pond in front your home could attract birds and animals of this type. You only need to have good imagination in order to find your opportunities. For instance your cat chasing after a mouse could be recorded in your camera in your kitchen.

However, if you are interested in taking amazing animal pictures the first thing you need to do is to buy a reasonably good camera. Next most important thing is to learn how to take shots of moving objects. Sometimes you need to freeze them using high shutter speeds. You also could use slow shutter speeds in order to show movement. Learn your photography and try your luck.

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