44 Photos That Prove You Have a Dirty Mind


You think what you see is what you get is true? Then i’m saying that it is not. Sometimes your eyes can deceive you and see some things as something else. Here are some pictures to prove that your eyes is very sinful.

1. C’mon! let’s take a dip!

At first look. I know you will notice them. No! That is not what I meant. I’m talking about her knees. She has a flawless knees and beside that she is pretty cute. but it’s just the angle that make it look like its her breast. But no your eyes are only fooling you.

2. What do you call this sausage?

Who does not love to eat sausage. But don’t think of it that way. It’s just sausage is a good American food. But it seems this sausage has formed into something else. I know what you are thinking again. I was saying that this sausage has a mushroom head.

3. What are you doing there ref?

Everyone loves to watch wrestling. All the stunts and the crazy things the wrestlers can do makes us want to break something. But other than that, this referee is very focused on his job. I mean look at him. He want to see clearly if the submission in made and if the other guy is trying to tap out.

4. She’s cute! wait what is that?

That’s why you have to make your bike seat color black. Anyway it is just a very cute Japanese girl riding a bike. Unfortunately some people see her bike seat as something else. But why would you imagine that? Can’t you just look at her pretty face?.

5. A taste of victory!

Sweet victory! This picture says it all that winning is a priceless moment especially when there is a trophy that proves you really won something. But some people look at it the wrong way. Imagining things because this trophy is being kissed by a girl. Don’t look at it that way please.

6. oh man! that’s huge! oh it’s a foot.

Happy moments. Sometimes it captures different things like this one. What a timing in this photo. But what important is that we know that they are having a good time and just don’t mind the foot between the guy’s legs. You dirty mind.

7. Never trust your shadow.

At first look. If you don’t have a sinful eyes the first thing you will notice is her dress. Gold and sparkling. But others have more special eyes and they notice the shadow reflection in the wall looking like the girl is doing something but she is just apply a make up in her face. That is why never trust a shadow.

8. Oh! It’s a puppy!

It is really just a puppy which have a nice fur. If you see it as what im thinking then you have a dirty mind. In other sight it looks like a fluffy pillow. It is just when the puppy is lying like that well it looks something else. A pillow.

9. Looks like there’s a storm coming.

Oh C’mon guys. It’s just a weather forecast. The newscaster is just showing how the storm is moving its way and beginning to grow. Well it is just so bothering that he demonstrating it just like he is shoving something.

10. Aww.. it’s cracked. oh wait…


At first , I innocently thought that a butterfly has been formed by these cracks , until I started looking to the sides and then it clicked ! not an easy one to catch at first glimpse.

11. It’s Bath time!

Clearly it is her elbow though her elbow is pinkish due to the perspective we see it as her you know what. We only think of that because she is in a tub and she’s wearing nothing. By the way it is too big to be her thing.

12. Go home cactus. You’re drunk.

Cactus going down. What is wrong? Nothing. When did you see a thing that you’re thinking that it’s long pole is going down but it’s two circular thing is going up. If you don’t agree try to look again on this picture then look at what you are imagining.

13. I guess these is how trees are made.

Oh you dirty mind. It is just a tree. It just happen that its roots are big and not pleasant to the eyes that its like they are humans. It’s just our mind thinking that’s it is something else but c’mon guys it is just a tree and good thing it is not yet been cut down.

14. Refreshing isn’t it?

Again it’s all about the perspective. And one thing it’s just a timing that the guy is tall enough to height up the position of the advertisement poster of the product and the poster is a girl drinking. Perfect timing perfect angle but you are still imagining others things. You have to clean your mind.

15. What are you hiding down there?

Well the picture is not clear it maybe a tail of cat or something like blanket. But definitely it is not what you are thinking and it is on the side. Not in the middle. So maybe it is clearly something else. Now what you are thinking of. Besides he is a priest.

16. Architecture at it’s finest!

It’s funny that even the sun can do such things but it’s durability that matters forget about the design of it. It is just the reflection of the sun. Clearly it’s something else but after a few minutes it will change so it is just the timing that they took a photo of that.

17. Do you see it? It’s a dog!

The lighting has it all. Pretty sure that the skin tone of the lady is whiter than the picture it just happened that she is wearing a dress then sit like that while holding a dog that’s standing up. Perspective as you might say. Just don’t think what you are thinking of naughty.

18. Well that’s a nice view. Oh What’s that? hmmmm…

Sometimes you just can’t trust your shadow. Clearly nothing is wrong with this photo except the shadow on her knee making it looks like she has a man’s private part especially she is wearing a skirt. But don’t look at it like that. Enjoy the view and don’t bother looking at her knee.

19. Is she one of the boys?

Every happy moment should be captured. But this one has a very different idea. It is just disturbing that the hand of the guy holding the drink is covering the lower part of the girl’s body at the very wrong time capturing the photo. But still they are having a good time.

20. Sexy isn’t it? Did you see king kong?

If you didn’t see it at first look. Then you’re looking at the most attractive part of her body. Isn’t it weird that there is a gorilla in a photoshoot in a beach? If you still don’t see it. Then you are a really naughty person and im sure that you are a man.

21. Never trust a picture. Sometimes it is something else.

A hairy fat armpit. Nothing special it is just that the angle of the photo is very close to the armpit thinking that it is something else. But even though you look at it closely it is not what you think it is. Illusion.

22. Oh my gosh! oh it’s just her arm.

To be honest there’s nothing wrong in this picture. It is just that the girl on the right is wearing a tube dress and the arms of the girl on the left is over the chest of the girl in the right. They have a similar skintone that’s why we are thinking of other things than her arm.

23. what a nice dress minnie.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse that’s all. The shape of minnie’s dress is just awkward when zoomed in and see it what you think when you have a dirty mind. But when it’s zoomed out it’s a normal picture of mickey and Minnie its just only the adults see other things.

24. Perfect capture there my friend.

Just three girls hanging out. If you see something wrong then your eyes are fooling you. The girl at the back don’t have upskirt it just happened that the girl holding the camera raised her arms at the level of the girl on the back’s ass and her armpit makes it look like what you are imagining right now.

25. Mom! I think i will eat my vegetables now.

There are a lot of weird things in this world. For example these vegetables. Some look at it as just normal vegetable but many see this as a male and female. It’s just our imagination is ruining what we see. Clean your dirty mind.

26. Minion! what are you looking there? did you see a banana?

Minion! Well even if the girl sees the minion she would probably love it even the minion is staring somewhere in her body. But it’s just a typical minion face reaction because they are naughty, fun etc. don’t you just love to have your own little minions? I do.

27.Couch or Buns?

If you look closely. It’s only two couches pushed together apparently it is shaped as something else and the color is very similar to a human skin tone so if you see something else maybe your imagination is very wild but it is just two couches pushed together that’s it.

28. Is she wearing anything?

The girl on the right of the guy seems like she is wearing nothing right? Wrong. It just happened that the girl in front of her is chubby and her left arm covered the other girl’s body. The lighting in the picture and a very similar skin tone makes it like she’s nude.

29. Can you see the paper?

Who doesn’t like to see this? I know what you are thinking but that’s not what I mean. It is just a piece of paper half folded to the middle. The color of the paper is kind of the color of a skin. Your eyes are just fooling you and your mind is thinking of something else. I call this some kind of art.

30. This is one mushroom that mario will never eat.

We all know mushrooms grow in different shapes so if you see this as something else you have a wild imagination. Sometimes the mushroom grow in much different shape than this. So it’s up to you if how you will see it. If it is a mushroom or something dirty you are thinking of.

31. Those sexy legs made it unclear.

I know you see what I see. Just 2 girls. 2 very cute girls. Oh I know what you see. It’s just the other girl’s legs covering up the blonde’s legs. It is just the perspective of the photo. Making us see that the brunette’s hands is going downtown on the blonde’s.

32. Angles can change everything.

Perspective. Sometimes it’s good but sometimes it captures a different story. Who will make a male statue all dressed up but showing its package. Don’t let your eyes fool you try to see it in other angle. Besides there are others with him, the lady and the kid. But it’s a good art.

33. Would you let your kid read this?

If you look closely the hand of the boy is over the hand of the girl it is just the color of the dog in the middle is very similar to the skin color of the girl and their hands is not clearly drawn as hands because of the cartoon theme. The only thing that is bothering is why dog is howling.

34. What kind of bread is that?

A girl enjoying the smell of her loaf. That’s it. We all know that may loaf has that kind of look. But we just think of it that way now because of a girl smelling it. But it’s someone else maybe we are not thinking what we are thinking right now.

35. I guess she found the fountain of happiness.

Clearly the girl imagining what we are imagining right now. There’s no way she’ll taka photo of her in a fountain holding it like that. But let’s not get wrong, still it is just a fountain maybe it is done in purpose to draw attention to people who will see it.

36. Advertising at it’s finest.

To the guy who own this. Is he a genius or is he a genius? Clearly from the name of his joint he came up with the idea of the design of his store clearly it is a hotdog sandwich but instead he made it like a tail. But to many people it is something else. In that way they’ll be curious what it is and buy a hotdog from him. Good job!

37. Let there be light.

This chandelier’s design is made in purpose maybe they want a chandelier design that is not too mainstream. But still it’s just a chandelier. No biggie. Maybe it will fit into a playboy mansion or somewhere else. Would you like to light em’ up? I hope not.

38. The weather is kinda stiff.

This photo is scary. Imagine if you are there and you see that cloud forming like a tornado. But as usual dirty minded people see this the other way. Or maybe they will get scared too thinking that this is too big for them. If you know what I mean.

39. The lighting here is much better. oh wait. no it’s not.

C’mon people. It’s just a reflection of her shadow. Don’t let your eyes fool you. It just happen that it’s too big if it is edited. But we know it’s just perspective and the angle of her pose. Clear your dirty mind please? She’s pretty and kinda sexy though.

40. Dogs are not popular.

C’mon guys it’s a step-by-step on how to draw a dog. Even though as you can see in the picture a lot of dirty minded people are interested until the last one after the painter draw the dog’s body then everybody left and gain no interest at all. It just mean that they are more interested than other things than a cute little dog.

41. Soccer gone wrong.

We know that this photo is kind of disturbing. It is not because of the positions of two players thinking that the blue guy is doing something on the red guy’s bottom. It is because what really happened here, why is the red guy is covering the ball and the blue guys seems like he’s going to fall down.

42. What is ronaldo doing?

This picture must have been edited or just a good timing and perspective. But a lot of you see this picture very different. Why would Ronaldo do that? Why are you thinking that? Is it because of the reaction of the guy standing up in front of Ronaldo? C’mon guys can’t we think that maybe they’re just upset of something that’s why Ronaldo is on his knees and the guy in front of him has the face expression like that?

43. These girls are having fun.

Girls just wanna have fun. We are not sure why are they dressed like that. Maybe it’s their prom night. But anyway it’s on the two girls putting their foot up and have a similar dress color. That’s it. It’s just your eyes that see things that way before you actually see what is happening at the picture.

44. Perfect timing there.

Now this photo is funny. Who does not love a happy accident. I mean look at the picture it seems that a guy is just try to pass the photo but suddenly he failed and there’s this other man reaching on the grill and have a good circular head shape. I know what you’re seeing. You really have a dirty mind.



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