50 Amazing Cat Photos That Are a Joy Forever


Some day, many millennia from now, future historians trying to decipher the story of the human race will look to our time and wonder in bafflement at the literally countless numbers of cat pictures saved on ancient hard drives, spanning the very edges of human accomplishment. They’ll assume that all of humanity was united under a religion devoted to feline worship. They might not be far off the mark.

Let’s face it, we love cat pictures, cat memes, cat gifs, and most of all cat videos. We’re convinced that YouTube is at least 50% cats, and so is Tumblr. This extreme number of cats around means that we’ve got access to an amazing array of photos that make us laugh and smile, and even bring a tear to our eyes. We’ve gathered some of our favorites here for your viewing pleasure.

1- “Hang In There, Baby!”
Hanging in Hangers

You might have seen this little guy before, on the internet or haunting your dreams. His body is made entirely of liquid or bubblegum, apparently, and he looks super comfortable. We’re actually sort of jealous!

2- Grateful Kitty
The Cat is Honored

This brown tabby looks pleased as punch to be receiving her new box of cat grass. In fact, we’d say she looks downright honored to receive the gift, which is a surprising sentiment for a feline to hold. Maybe she’s just eager, but we like to think otherwise.

3- Everything But The…  NOM

We can certainly tell what the owner has been feeding this orange tiger cat! That tub of Ben & Jerry’s looks all too familiar to the cat, stretching his mouth in the universal symbol for “nom” and/or “whoa!” Then again, it looks like he’s sitting on a set of keys, so anything’s possible.

4- Kitty Sits Like People
The Duck And A Cat

We love it when cats act like people, especially when they’re found sitting upright on their bums! This adorable little guy is even sitting near his toy duckling, absolutely doubling up on the cute factor. We hope he’s got a great view!

5- Cat With Buns
A Perfect Posture

This is one of our favorite recurring themes with cat photography on the internet: cats with people buns! These chubby kitties are just trying to relax, and they won’t let a bit of back fat get in the way! They’d probably resent the idea of resembling a human butt, anyway.

6- Tickling The Ivories
Just Give It a Try

This kitty is either trying to perform a piano recital using only his teeth, or he’s a critic on the music routinely played on this particular instrument. We’re not sure which is funnier, but we’d love to see if he could play some Brahms for us!

7- Drinking Problem
Drops to Quench Thirst

When you’re thirsty, you’re thirsty, and no amount of awkward sink ergonomics is going to get in your way! This black and white cat has got his technique on point, as far as we’re concerned. Contorting himself into a ball, head inverted, he’s getting exactly what he needs.

8- Best Friends Forever
Best Friends Forever

We love this photo, showcasing the love and affection that routinely breaks out between cats and dogs when living together. Sure, people assume that they fight all the time, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Most cats grow to love their canine siblings, as this tight embrace shows.

9- Kittens Will Sleep Anywhere
In The Back Seat

It’s tough being a baby, whether human or feline. The little boy passed out in his car seat is a common enough sight – how fast do your kids fall asleep once the car is moving? – but the tiny orange fluff ball on his shoulder is an extra layer of ridiculous cuteness!

10- Smug Mug Morris
Just Morris, Nobody Else

Here we’ve got a real life Morris, the cat famous for appearing on 9Lives cat food commercials over several decades, holding a coffee mug with his very own face adorning the side. The smug grin on his face seems to indicate that he knows exactly how awesome he is.

11- Hugception
Hugs are Both Cool and Warm

We’re trying to contain our squealing with this image, it’s so adorable! A tiny kitten holds a smaller stuffed kitten, which is in turn holding an even smaller stuffed kitten. It’s basically the Russian nesting doll of pets, and we love it!

12- Motherly Snuggles
Mama and baby

Well this picture is just too adorable to handle. We love images of cats snuggling, but seeing this protective mama cat hold her little black kitten close is almost too cute for words! She seems to be telling the photographer to back off a little, or there’s going to be trouble.

13- Brotherly Love
Brotherly Love

One kitten is adorable enough. Two kittens is twice the cuteness. When they’re being affectionate and kissing? Cute overload! People love seeing kitties grooming each other, and these little brothers are doing a fantastic job.

14- Man In The Mirror
In The Mirror Too.

This cat seems curious about the curved makeup mirror before him. Perhaps the enlarged reflection gives him pause. Perhaps he’s aghast at an out of place whisker. Or maybe he’s just channeling David Bowie in The Man Who Fell To Earth.

15- Karate Practice
Balloon Bashing

That wild, unhinged look on his face – just look at it! This little guy is having a great time practicing his newest martial arts skills on a bright green balloon. The best part about letting cats handle balloons is when they discover what happens when the claws come out!

16- Like Mother, Like Daughter
Cat With Her Kitten

As they say, like mother, like daughter. And so it goes with cats; this tuxedo painted pair look nearly identical. The little mini-me to the right even shares an imposing gaze and a half-black nose with her mother.

17- In The Running For “Laziest Worldwide”
Feeling Relaxed and Sleepy

Hey man, just leave this guy alone! Turn off the Hotel California, while you’re at it. He’s had a rough night and he really hates The Eagles! He just wants to sit back, relax, and lay supine on his zebra couch for a few hours. All dude ever wanted was his rug back.

18- Tacocat
Taco cat taco cat.

Did you know that “taco cat” spelled backwards is “taco cat”? Neither did this guy. He does know, however, that tacos are an incredible, inspirational, life-sustaining foodstuff, the likes of which no cat food will ever touch. He’s about to enter culinary nirvana and he knows it.

19- I CAN Haz Cheezburger!
Yes Please

We now have an answer to the eternal question of the Internet Age: I can haz cheezburger? Yes you can, kitty. You certainly can! But now, what happens when he gets it? He eats it, of course! While a diet of fast food isn’t advisable for humans or animals, we’re suddenly curious to find out if our own cats will munch a burger.

20- Comfort Cat
Bringing Comfort

Who says that cats aren’t affectionate? People who have never owned a cat; that’s who. This lovely brown tabby seems to know just what her mama needs, bringing comfort and warmth to an elderly woman in the hospital.

21- That’s Not Yoga
Pictured: Not Yoga

We’re not really show how this happened or what was going through the cat’s head, but we can at least take comfort in knowing that his flexibility is not in question! This little guy might have been attempting an especially tricky yoga move, or maybe just tripped and fell on his way to a nice petting session.

22- Cow Cat and Cow
Moo Meets Meow

The similar colors of these two wildly different four legged beasts draws a visual connection, while their respective cries – moo and meow – aren’t so far off, either. We imagine these two are a right old pair, hanging out over lazy days on the farm.

23- Lion Head
Contemplative Cat

One of the coolest things anyone can do with a long haired cat is to give him a lion haircut. It involves shaving the cat’s body, leaving only the tail, “boots” on the hind legs and “gloves” on the front, and a thick mane of hair around the head. It’s sort of silly, but the cats love it!

24- This Sucks
Feeling It

As we all know from science class, nature abhors a vacuum. Normally, no house cat would enter the same room as a vacuum cleaner, preferring to hide in the dark reaches behind a sofa or bookcase while it’s running. Not this brave soul; he actually seems to be enjoying it!

25- Serious Cat Wants Dinner
Sitting Alone, Feeling Hungry

Maybe it’s the eyebrows, but this beautiful white kitty looks just a bit cross. Maybe he’s upset about being woken from a nap, but we’re going to guess that he’s hungry. He’s even trying to make it clear, by sitting at the dinner table. We hope the photographer cracked open a can of Fancy Feast right after this was taken!

26- I Can Haz Magic Trick

Well it looks like this little guy in the white boots and gloves has managed to perfect a levitation spell of some sort, hovering as he is in the doorway with a look of mild boredom on his face. We love the shrugging posture that seems to say, “so what?”

27- Bedrock
Fundamentally Sleepy

Life can be real tough when you’re a tiny little fuzzy kitten. Being so cute is demanding! This little guy completely crashed out and managed to balance his limber frame over three different rocks. We only wish we could sleep so well in our own beds!

28- Let Me In!
Kitty Doesn’t Like Rain

We’re guessing that the one thing this cat is thinking is, “Why are you taking a picture and NOT letting me in?!” That anguished look on his face is so humanlike it’s hilarious… after being heartbreaking, of course.

29- He’s My Bae

It looks like this pair of fuzzy cats are going steady. The grey tabby seems to have a mighty tight grip on her calico friend; perhaps she sees a competitor on the horizon? She shouldn’t worry, because her bae is staying right by her side.

30- The New Adoption
Just Adopted

There’s no wrong time to adopt a young kitten, as this elderly gentleman proves. In fact, we’ve heard that having and keeping a pet is great for people, helping keep them sharp as they age. And of course, there are always more kittens in need of adoption. They look like such a happy pair!

31- I Can Haz Greek Yogurt?
All the yogurt.

Sometimes, you get what’s coming to you. What was coming to this kitten, apparently, was a full container of yogurt, tipped over on his head. The adult at seems to be saying “tsk tsk,” but we think that the kitten is still secretly happy, having obtained the yogurt all for himself, however messily.

32- “You lookin’ at me?”
Throwing Shade

This lovely pair, a mother and her tiny offspring, are enjoying the sunshine and freedom that comes with being a house cat. The little guy is even small enough to balance on some open shades, peering through from the hot window interior.

33- Supercat!
Able To Leap Tall Buildings In A Single Bound

This is it. The end times are near. Cats have begun to fly! This little guy is soaring overhead in a perfect Superman pose, paws outstretched and ready to conquer the world. We always figured opposable thumbs would come first, but flight is a whole new ballgame.

34- Little Red Meowing Hood
Red Hood

We can’t even handle how adorable this is. Squeezing a cat into an outfit of any sort is tough work; getting one to pose in a Little Red Riding Hood costume must have been torture! The look on the cat’s face says that she’s had enough already, so the proud owner should probably back away slowly and take cover.

35- Babycat and Baby
Both Cute!

Everyone thinks of dogs as the go-to pet for families with children, but cats make excellent companions for kids. This inquisitive, affectionate tabby seems to be enjoying time with an infant as much as the baby loves her!

36- Reverse Potato
Just Flopped

We all know that cats can be found sleeping in the most peculiar of positions. This little tiger striped guy seems hellbent on showing us the most awkward of examples.

37- Grown Man Cat

Here’s another fuzzy friend playing dress-up, “I can haz human job?” style! With his semi-casual oxford shirt buttoned up, we think he’d pass just fine in our offices. Not only does he look ready for the fast paced business world; he looks adorable while doing so!

38- Reading With Family
Cats Like Reading

This picture absolutely melts our hearts. It’s almost too perfect! The little boy is reading a book to his fuzzy companion, a large tiger cat who appears completely comfortable and safe in the boy’s arms. He also seems pretty absorbed in the story, too!

39- I’m Ready For My Closeup, Mr. DeMille
Posing on the Stairs

We can’t even fathom what was happening here. Does the cat normally sit on his butt, human style? Was he really posing? Is this merely a case of perfect timing? None of these questions matter because look at that adorable cat sitting like people!

40- Dreaming Together
Sleeping With Pops

Cats and the elderly have one major thing in common: they’ve both, in most cases, really figured out how to relax. The orange puff ball and his human companion are sharing a big comfortable chair, sleeping in perfect repose together.

41- Absolute Fuzzball
Perfectly Spherical

We love how cats and kittens often find the most exquisitely amusing ways to lay down and sleep. This tiny kitten has mastered the highly traditional “curl up in a ball” position at a young age, tucking into a bed set with ease and a look of “do not disturb” on his face.

42- Flying Piggybacker
Riding on Master

With a little bit of luck, these two landed safely on a soft surface. If not, we’re sure that the human broke the fall for his four legged charge. We just adore the look of restrained confidence on the cat’s face as he soars majestically across the house on his owner’s back.

43- “Did the Johnsons get new windows or what?”
Neighbors, Am I Right?

We can only imagine the haughty envy going through this cat’s mind as he stared in jealousy at the addition his neighbors just completed on their home. Sure, he’s got a pool and a pound of catnip at home, but sometimes you just have to turn a little green at the neighbors!

44- Chairmen of the Board
Partners, or More?

We love the contemplative poses here, the gently inquisitive looks on their faces, and most of all, the paw gently wrapped around the white kitty. These two look like they’re either angling for privacy, or they’re up to no good. It’s probably both.

45- Total Stealth Action
Behind The Curtain

This little guy would be a hide and seek champion if it weren’t for his total lack of self awareness. Hiding behind the curtains is a classic move, but also a classic mistake: we can always see your feet and tails, cats of the world!

46- Wat?!
Like a Penguin

Is this cat just trying to look like a penguin or what? He can’t help his coloring, but just look at that standing pose! He’s got to have a great view from this rooftop garden, at least. And to be fair, we love the laser-focused look in his eyes. This penguin means business.

47- Check Please
Serious Cat Is Serious

Maybe the service was poor, or the food wasn’t up to snuff, but this striped tabby is wearing a seriously urgent look on his face. He’s done, he’s ready to go, and he won’t take any more gruff! If we were the owners, we’d be taking this guy pretty seriously.

48- Out For A Morning Stroll
The Morning Stroll

They say it’s great for your health and your social life to get out and take a walk around the neighborhood, first thing every morning. We’re glad that this upright walking cat has decided to partake! It looks like he’s just got done reading the paper and having his morning coffee.

49- The Cool Kids Bus
Riding A Bus

Here’s a cardboard cat house that we want for our own feline friends! First of all, it’s cardboard; cats just love boxes and won’t mind that it’s painted in a pleasing blue bus theme for human enjoyment. These two seem to be already protective of their new home.

50- Stupidly Adorable
We Can’t Even

The sight of an adorable newborn kitten embracing a tiny stuffed animal is quite literally too much cute to handle! We can’t even! However, we love this so much it makes us want to go home right now and hug our own cats, spoiling them rotten.

So how was that for a gallery of amazing cat photos? We had a nice mixture of perfectly timed weirdness and utter adorableness, hilarious cats and sweet kittens. Our compilation showcases the rich tapestry of experience that cats can bring to the home. They are irascible, irresistible, and incredible animals, and the human world is all the better for their companionship.



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