Beauty Begets Beauty – March To 50 Beauty Quotes


Beauty is one of the characteristics of individuals, animals, places and objects and even there is beauty in ideas too. As part of sociology, aesthetics, culture and psychology. We may call a beauty as idea if that gives satisfaction, is admired but that is attributed to a certain frame of reference.  Beauty, if admired, in one place is a drawback at the other place.  Think of Western beauty standards and compare that with Africans. Some consider this in entirety, some consider it as a result of balanced attributes, some as a source of attraction as well as emotional well being. This way it is all like a subjective experience and things boil down to a spot where “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Beauty thus, is a part of our society effecting every individual, males and females and has an impact on our decision making. When decisions are made based on beauty alone, then as soon as beauty diminishes, the decision is likely to be revised

Beauty is another matter that upsets most women. The aim of beauty quotes you find in this article is to provide self confidence to those who are affected with a kind of inferiority complex due to thinking that they don’t possess the good looks other women have. Some of them are able to convince such women that there is nothing called being beautiful or ugly. Both beauty and being ugly are perceptions people make. As such, for any one these beauty quotes provide good insight on the subjects of beauty as well as break ups.

Every individual is not bestowed with same characteristics making every body unique from others. Standards too, keep moving, so we have to keep up with life and try to move on. For an individual if visual beauty is gone, he/she can strive some other form of beauty that is within reach. Let’s avail reading of beauty quotes for better understanding how people take this:

1- See The Beauty in Each Other
God Given Faculties

It is said beauty is all about the perception of the beholder. The most important thing on beauty is to realize that you are the beholder. Salma Hayek

2- You Deserve

You deserve your love more than anyone else in the Universe. Buddha

3- I Am A Beauty
Love Thyself

I am a beauty to the one who matters. Yes! Hector is going to appreciate your beauty. Thanks, but I mean it matters to me. I am a beauty to me. Rae Carson.

4- On Happiness
Beautiful is the Happy One

Happiness is the ingredient that could enhance beauty than anything else. Maria Mitchell

5- Girls of Different Kind
Out of Box Thinking

There are girls of different kinds. There ones who are thin, tall, stocky, short, porcelain or ebony in complexion and shy, quirky or outgoing in character. All of them could be beautiful. But most often, people perceive beauty as something confined to a very limited area. Start thinking out of the box and go in front of the mirror to discover the beauty in you. Tyra Banks

 6- Words From a Beauty
Be Confident About Your Beauty

I am such a beauty that often people cry seeing me. However, it is not my appearance that makes them believe that I am beautiful but my being able to muster the power to say that I am beautiful. Since I was able to do that, they also get the courage to do the same. The division between beauty and being ugly will cease to exist when they do. This is because we are the selves that we have chosen to be. Margaret Cho

On another occasion she says:“Just because you are blind, and unable to see my beauty doesn’t mean it does not exist.” ― Margaret Cho

7- Buy Some Oversize Jeans
No Concentration on Trivial Things

I want to ask you a question. Have you ever had an occasion where when you have taken your clothes off in the presence of a gentleman, has he ever left you or wanted you to leave? No! Why? Because he is not bothered. He found himself a girl naked in front of him and he got what he was longing for. I never want to say no. I never want to concentrate on other trivial things. I know that I am eager to go under shower. I will go for it and I don’t want to be obese either. So, I will finish this meal of pizza and we will watch the TV and will have a date tomorrow. Finally, we will buy some oversize jeans. Elizabeth Gilbert

8- My Tailor is The Most Sensible
My Tailor Cares So He Finds Me Beautiful

The only one who is acting in a sensible manner whenever I meet him is the tailor of mine. He measures me whenever I see him but everyone else will use the same old measurements. George Bernard Shaw

9- Picture Cannot Show Beauty
Matter of Heart Alone

The most important part of beauty is the one that a picture cannot show. Francis Bacon

10- Do What You Care About
It Is The Personal Choice

Just move forward and don’t care about what anybody else thinks about you. Do whatever you have got to do. Johnny Depp

11- Take Beauty Within Us
Find Beauty Within

Although we traverse the world looking for beauty, it is always necessary for us to take it with us. If not, we will never find it. Ralph Waldo Emerson

12- Peace With a Smile
Beauty is in Peace

Peace Begins with a smile – Mother_Teresa

13- Ready to be Ugly?
Find The Contrast

A woman who is unable to become ugly could never be beautiful. Karl Kraus

14- Beauty and Imperfection Co-exist
Imperfection Within Yourself is Beautiful

Look at a tree closely. You will find dead branches as well as knots. Human bodies are similar. You find that beauty and imperfections coexist nicely. Matthew Fox

15- Beauty in Odds
Find Beauty in Odd Things

Accepting imperfect things is a good approach towards contentment. Staying happy with those is a way to accept the imperfect ones too.

16- Think About Beauty
You Will Find Beauty When You Think About It

Beauty is not something you need to think about. The important thing is your mind. There is no logic in spending fifty dollars to give a hair cut to a head which is only worth fifty cents. Garrison Keillor

17- I Need Not To Complain
I Have No Complaints

Making me a flabby person is god’s choice. So, there is no reason for me to go against his wish. My hands and feet work. Therefore, I never need to complain about the shape I have got. Drew Barrymore

18- Karl’s Beauty Quotes
Odd or in Strangeness?

Standard beauty is something I dislike. Beauty has to have the ingredient of strangeness. Karl Lagerfield

19- Wear Your Joy
The Best Way is the Joyful Way

Being joyful in life is the best cosmetic for a woman to apply. Rosalind Russell

20- Beauty is in Confidence
Only if You Are Confident

The sexiest thing a woman could have is confidence. It is sexier than any part of the body of a woman. Aimee Mullins

21- It Is Human Body
After All It is Human Body

The best artistic work of all is the human body. Jess C. Scott

22- My Kind of Beauty is Moving
The Nomadic Approach

I am not good at posing for beautiful pictures due to the fact that my kind of beauty is moving. Ani DiFranco

23- Love and Live Right Now
You Will Live If You Love

If you love yourself that means you are giving yourself heaven. You never need to wait until you die. In case you wait you will die right now. In contrast, if you love you live right now. Alan Cohen

24- Appearance of My Body
I Know It is Appearance Only

I am quite comfortable with the appearance of my body. I have imperfections and people are going to notice them. But I am of the view that you live just once. Kate Hudson

25- Half is what You Have
Fifty Percent is You Alone

A half of sex appeal is what you have and the other half is what others perceive that you possess. Sophia Loren

26- No Hates for Myself
Whatever God Made, It Is Ok

I sat one day with myself and took the decision to love myself irrespective of my appearance and what others thought about it. I don’t want to hate myself anymore. Gabourey Sidibe

27- Ugly Stays a Constant
The Ugly, The Constant

Beauty varies while being ugly stays a constant. Douglas Horton

29- Beauty in a Mountain
As Far As Mountain, if You Dare

What looks ugly in your garden may become a beauty on a mountain. Victor Hugo

30- Try Looking Prettier
That is How You Endeavor

People try to be prettier, thinner and dress better. However, there is nothing more than the jacket a woman wears and the food that she refrains from eating that one could see. If we never thought of our bodies it is interesting to figure out what we would have been thinking of. Caroline Knapp

31- I Am Proud of Myself
Being Proud Being Permanent

After the Titanic episode and being part of many beauty quotes, she says,”My belly has got crumbled. My boobs are worn out after having two babies. I am 33 and doing fine. I never go in front of the mirror and try to say that I am fantastic for the simple reason that I am not so. I am imperfect and don’t believe in being perfect. Still I am proud of myself and present the imperfect myself for others to see”. Kate Winslet

32- Worries Won’t Let You Do Better
No Worries, All Beautiful

There is no use of worrying. In case you have done what you need to do at your best worrying won’t be able to make you do any better. Walt Disney the global leader in cartoon industry and has a say in beauty quotes.

33- Bother to Look at Them
You Find If You Bother

Flowers are there everywhere but they are there only for those who bother to look at them. Henri Matisse a well thought of thinker whose beauty quotes are quoted.

34- If That is Not Beautiful
It is Beautiful if You Perceive So

When I look at something that is not beautiful, the question arises as to why I perceive it to be not beautiful. In no time I find that there is hardly any reason for me to think so. John Cage who has been contributing to beauty quotes.

35- Look at Your Body Part that is Not Fat, Feel Satisfied
Feeling Satisfied Seems Enough

She did not know much of beauty quotes, she says,”When I put on a few extra pounds I used to enjoy my body as I grew flabbier. The best way to cope with putting on weight is to admire the part of your body you are most satisfied about”. Fergie

36- Going on Diet is Not Useful
Will Dieting Help You

I have wasted a lot of time trying to diet and thinking about how I looked like. Use your talents and spend your time to do something useful for the society. Forget about the way your butt appears to be in your jeans. America Ferreira reading beauty quotes.

37- Inevitable Flaws Are Beautiful
Yes Flaws Are Inevitable

Imperfection of yours is permanent and you have inevitable flaws. Still for all, you are beautiful. Amy Bloom who has been reading lot many beauty quotes.

38- Best is What You Are
Yourself Is The Best To Judge

Just know what are beauty quotes and “Don’t try to acquire characteristics that you don’t have. In case you are shy, maintain it. If you are nervous, show that you are nervous. It’s lovable”. Adriana Lima

39- Have a Good Sense of Humor
Smile naturally and Be Beautiful

Smiling is definitely one of the best beauty remedies. If you have a good sense of humor and a good approach to life, that’s beautiful. Rashida Jones

40- Beautiful Looks
Using Organs Skilfully

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone. Audrey Hepburn a well thought of contributor to beauty quotes.

41- I Decided to Love Myself
Matter of Deciding

Having a good insight into beauty quotes, It became necessary for me to develop a love towards my body. I was not confident of my image first. At last, I realized that I was either going to love my body or hate it. I decided to love myself. Things fell in place from there. I started admiring things that I earlier thought were not attractive or sexy. Confidence is an amazing tool that makes you sexy. Queen Latifah

42- Girls Must Stay Strong If…..
Look At Those Things You Have

Girls who posses good butts, boobs, hips and waists must put on bikinis in order to stay strong. Jennifer Love Hewitt one of the acclaimed contributor to beauty quotes.

43- Peculiarities in Proportion
Beauty is In Proportions

Once a part of beauty quotes he comments, “There couldn’t be an exquisite body without some peculiarities in proportion.” Edgar Allan Poe

44- Accept Your Body As It Is
In Agreement With What You Are

Body acceptance is all about loving and approving of your body irrespective of whether it has imperfections which are real or imaginary. This can be part of beauty quotes but means you accept the fact that your body is fatter than others or thinner. May be your eyes are imperfect and your deformity makes you have an awkward walk. All these must never drive you to not to accept your body. It is not necessary to make any changes to these flaws either. Body acceptance will convince you to realize that there are such bodies in existence and your having one is normal. Golda Poretsky

45- How Sexy is a Woman
Seth Thinks His Way

He hardly contributes to beauty quotes but says, “The way others interpret how sexy is a woman is out of her hands”. Seth Green

46- The Unseen Beauty
They Needs Eyes To See Beauty

If someone does not see you as beautiful, this does not mean that you are not beautiful, but rather they simply do not see you. Nathaniel Summers contributing to beauty quotes.

47- Relationship with My Body
Have to Have Attention to Your Own Body

After reading most of the beauty quotes, when I became pregnant I learned the true relationship I had with my body. I realized that I was not born to this world to look nice wearing a swim suit. I liked that I could carry my baby. I was putting on weight and everything went well. Ever since I continue to have the same relationship. Amy Adams

48- Beauty is Life
Wait Till Life Unveils

Being an objective reader of beauty quotes he said, “Beauty is life, when life unveils her holy face. But you are life and you are the veil. Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror. But you are eternity and you are the mirror”. Khalil Gibran

49- Understand The Mix of Good and Not Good
Maintain The Balance

By nature, I possess an athletic figure. Though my legs are thick my body is lean. However, I put on more than my classmates later and I am thankful to god for it. I have come to accept that there are things that I can fix and things I cannot. Understanding this is the most difficult thing. Keri Hilson

50- Get Up and Continue
You Need to make Effort

I feel like a normal insecure girl who is 24 years old when I get out of the bed in the morning. Then I tell myself that I am Lady Gaga. Get up and do the walking and continue with the day. Lady Gaga who has no time to comment on beauty quotes.

51- Devils Became Angles
Choose Good Traits

Higher self consciousness, physical shame, being apart and inability to associate others are not bad traits. These are the devils which helped me and became angels for me. I wouldn’t have been able to hide in literature, language, laughter and all kinds of mad intensities which made my real self if not for them. Stephen Fry making contribution to beauty quotes.

52- The Scale Only Tells Your Weight
Weight Conscious, Not Really Enough

Not a part of beauty quotes though, the scale is able to tell you only your weight. It is unable to measure your other traits such as beauty, strength, love, purpose and many others. Don’t try to give any more importance to scale than getting the reading of your weight. Steve Maraboli

53- Being Comfortable
What Ever You Have, Remain Contented

Beauty to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick an dmake another of beauty quotes. Gwyneth Paltrow

54- The Idea of Artificial Beauty


A New thinking is The Old Practice

Having read beauty quotes, I liked the idea of artificial beauty. Dying my hair black and wearing make up and high heels is a security thing for me. I feel completely strange when people try to take it away. Dita Von Teese.

55- Be a Pioneer
Be The Change, Take Start

Whenever you are going to react to a situation in the same old manner, ask yourself whether you like to imprison yourself in the past or to be found new directions in the future and be a pioneer. Deepak Chopra contributing to beauty quotes.

56- Bootylicious, Source of Beauty Quotes
Thinking of New Terms To Define

At the time I wrote “Bootylicious” mentioning Beauty Quotes, I had put on a bit and the way people pressurized me to be thin was beyond belief. I was just 18 years at that time and I shouldn’t have bothered about being obese. What you need to do is to think of how you build your character without worrying about what others tell. My song tells people to just that. Thus you become “bootylicious”. It is nothing other than celebrating curves of women and celebrating bodies of women. Beyonce

57- Have a Perfect End
Carry Ambiguities

Reading beauty quotes, I was eager to have a perfect end. But now I have come to understand that not every poem rhymes. Sometimes stories do not carry clear beginnings and not middle or end either. Life is all about making your movements without knowing what is in store for you. Its ambiguity in the real sensed of the word. Gilda Radner

58- Be Free From Fear
Freeing from Fear Is Being Confident

The deepest fear we have has nothing to do with our inadequacy but our unlimited power that no scale will be able to measure. It is not the darkness that makes us frightened but it is our light that does it. Reading beauty quotes, we wonder who we are to be so brilliant, fabulous, talented and gorgeous. You are sons and daughters of god. If you try to be timid you will serve no one. It is not a bright idea to shrink in order to make others around you to feel secure. The same way children do we also need to shine. When we do we help other people to do the same as well. When we free ourselves from fear others also will become liberated. Marianne Williamson

These beauty quotes have been picked up from the comments made by people well recognized by the society as intellectuals and those who have won the accolades of people on their particular fields. If one is able to adjust her life using the experiences of these people, she will not suffer any more due to her break up or due to her not having good looks. In most quotes the emphasis is on self confidence. Though they are just short quotes these beauty quotes are able to guide those who are affected out of the pits they have fallen.

Though most women do not have the confidence to get over the trauma of a breakup they need to accept that they are normal situations in life. Also, it is necessary for them to sit down and think of the reasons that led to the break ups they had to confront with. In case they are able to discover themselves this way with the help of these beauty quotes, next time when they find partners they could help keep the knot without breaking for life. This is the importance of reading and trying to follow these quotes.

Beauty is another factor that creates negative sentiments in women. Most of the beauty quotes found here try to convince them to get over the inferiority they feel and to develop the confidence they need to go ahead in society. In case they start thinking on the way these quotes guide them, it won’t be difficult for them to develop the necessary self confidence to lead cheerful lives instead of worrying about their looks. These apply to women who are dark in complexion, those who have flaws in appearance, those who have physical deformities and women who think themselves as not so beautiful despite their good looks.

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