90s TV Stars: You Won’t Believe What They Look Like Now!



Every generation has their handful of stars that phased out with popular fads. For the 90s, the fads were Furbys, Pogs, and fashion trends such as frosted hair, neon windbreakers, wide legged pants, and more. Like these fads of the 90s, most teen TV stars faded into obscurity. Since the 90s, these hot celebrities have obviously changed their look. Some look just as fresh-faced as they were in the 90s and others are completely unrecognizable when put next to their Teen Beat centerfold. From Jonathan Taylor Thomas to “Boy Meets World’s” Rider Strong, here’s what a few of these stars look like today.


18. Andrew Keegan


You might remember Andrew Keegan from his recurring role on the hit TV show “7th Heaven,” but Keegan broke out in the mid-90s on shows like “Baywatch,” “Thunder Alley,” “Step by Step,” and “Party of Five.” He was also in popular teen movies like “10 Things I Hate About You” and the Othello remake “O.”

17. Rider Strong

If Rider Strong looks familiar to the younger millennials it’s because he’s still playing Shawn Hunter from time to time on the spin-off show “Girl Meets World.” Back in the 90s, the actor got his big break playing the same character as a pre-teen all the way up until college on the original series “Boy Meets World.” As you can see, he hasn’t changed a bit.

16. Ian Ziering


For those who were born in the early to mid 80s, you might have had “90210” hunk Ian Ziering on your wall. The actor got his start on the hit show “Beverly Hills, 90210.” For years he couldn’t get work after the show went off the air in 2000, but eventually he rebounded in the cult low budget movie “Sharknado.”

15. Jake Lloyd


Many of you might know Jake Lloyd from his break out role in the 1999 film “The Phantom Menace.” At the time, the 12-year-old played young Anakin Skywalker in the George Lucas space saga. Unfortunately, since then he’s had to take a break from acting due to health problems. Earlier this year it was announced that the actor was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

14. Tatyana Ali


Tatyana Ali rose to fame by playing the youngest daughter, Ashley Banks, on the hit show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” During her more popular years, she broke out as a solo R&B singer, taking a page out of co-star Will Smith’s book. These days she’s made small appearances on TV shows like “Zoe Ever After” and has three films coming in 2016.

13. Skeet Ulrich


If Skeet Ulrich looks familiar, it’s because he probably scared you in the film “Scream” or creeped you out in the film “The Craft.” Once known for being Johnny Depp’s doppelganger, Ulrich wasn’t pigeonholed and went on to huge roles in the TV series “Jericho” and “Law & Order: LA.”

12. Marla Sokoloff


Marla Sokoloff had a few notable guest roles on TV shows in the early 90s. She was best known for playing Stephanie Tanner’s trouble maker/BFF Gia on the show “Full House.” After that, she transitioned to teen shows like “Party of Five” and teen comedies like “Dude, Where’s My Car?” and “Sugar & Spice.” After nabbing a lead role in the show “The Practice,” Sokoloff moved on to guest appearances on TV shows later on in her career, before landing a role on “The Fosters.”

11. Jason London


Back in the 90s, twin heartthrobs Jeremy and Jason London were poised to be the next “it” stars, and for a while it seemed like Jason London was breaking out when he was cast in Richard Linklater’s “Dazed & Confused.” Unfortunately, unlike his co-stars Ben Affleck and Matthew McConaughey, London’s career fizzled out.

10. Malcolm-Jamal Warner


Malcolm-Jamal Warner was most known for playing Theo Huxtable, Bill Cosby’s son on “The Cosby Show.” After his eight year run on the show, Warner was able to transition his career into adulthood, scoring roles on “Here and Now,” “Malcolm & Eddie” and later on guest starring on “Community,” “Sons of Anarchy” and “American Horror Story.” The latter saw him playing Angus T. Jefferson, the driver of O.J. Simpson’s white bronco, during his hot pursuit by the LAPD.

09. Christopher Castile


Christopher Castile played the nerdy Mark Foster in TV’s “Step by Step” for seven years as a pre-teen. At the time he also scored roles in popular kids movies like “Beethoven” and “Beethoven’s 2nd.” After “Step by Step” ended he went on to voice Eugene Horowitz on the popular Nickelodeon show “Hey Arnold!” Then, he left acting completely and decided to become a teacher.

08. Dustin Diamond


Dustin Diamond has had an odd trajectory after playing Screech on the hit show “Saved By The Bell” for 12 years. After the show, the actor decided to direct himself in his own sex tape in 2006. He followed that up with stints on reality shows like on “Celebrity Fit Club,” and “Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling.” Then, he released a tell-all of his time on “Saved By The Bell” titled “Behind the Bell” which detailed juicy behind-the-scenes stories about the cast (for the record, most of his former castmates said he made it all up). He also spent four months in prison due to a bar fight.

07. David Faustino


David Faustino was most known for playing Bud Bundy in the 1990’s hit show “Married… with Children.” After that, he transitioned into becoming a voice over artist for shows like “Dragons: Riders of Berk” and “The Legend of Korra.” He still makes guest appearances in other films and TV shows from time to time.

06. Devon Sawa


In the 90s you couldn’t avoid Devon Sawa. The star was on the cover of every teen magazine. The actor got his start in roles in films like “Little Giants,” “Casper” and “Now & Then.” Then, he moved on to voice for the TV show “Action Man.” After that, he catered to the teen demographic by appearing in popular movies like “SLC Punk!,” “Idle Hands” and “Final Destination.” After the millennium hit, his career took a turn, but eventually the actor found his footing on the CW TV show “Nikita.”

05. Jaleel White


Who could forget nerdy Steve Urkel, with his klutzy antics and hilarious catch phrases? White played Urkel for nine years on the sitcom “Family Matters” before he took a short break from the industry. Since then he went on to have roles in TV series “Grown Ups,” “Fake It Til You Make It” and is also a successful voice actor. He most recently was on the reality show “Dancing with the Stars” and “Worst Cooks in America.”

04. Sasha Mitchell


Sasha Mitchell was most known for playing the lovable and goofy Cody Lambert on the 90s TV show “Step By Step.” Unfortunately, he left the show early due to “personal problems” in 1996 but made a return for the show’s last season in 1998. After that, he has guest starred on shows like “ER” as a bartender and “NYPD” as Darian LaSalle.

03. Daniel Stern


Daniel Stern’s voice and image are embedded into many 90s kids brains. He was the “older” version of Kevin Arnold (aka the narrator) on “The Wonder Years” from 1988 until the show ended in 1993. During that time, he also went on to star in films like the “Home Alone” franchise as well as “Rookie of the Year” and “Bushwhacked.” These days he’s still on TV, and you can catch him in shows like “Angie Tribeca,” “Getting On” and “Manhattan.”

02. Karyn Parsons


Karyn Parsons is another alum from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” When the show aired, she was known for playing Phil’s oldest and often ditzy daughter Hilary Banks. After the show ended, Parsons decided to quit acting, to devote her time to a non-profit organization named “Sweet Blackberry” which produces films for black heroes and historical figures.

01. Jonathan Taylor Thomas


Jonathan Taylor Thomas was one of the most popular teen idols in the 90s. Thomas was popular in both TV and movies, but really broke out when he played Tim Allen’s middle son Randy on “Home Improvement.” While on “Home Improvement” he went on to voice the role of young Simba in the 1994 film “The Lion King” and had roles in films “Man Of The House,” “Tom and Huck” and “Wild America.” Post-“Home Improvement,” Thomas went to Harvard for two years and then graduated from Columbia University. He returned to acting in 2005 with a guest stint on “8 Simple Rules” and “Veronica Mars.” Recently, he has teamed up with his TV dad Tim Allen for the show “Last Man Standing.”

So there you have it, your favorite 90s TV stars updated for 2016. While some went on to have successful careers outside of the 90s, like Skeet Ulrich, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, and Devon Sawa, some weren’t as lucky such as Jason London, Jake Lloyd, and Sasha Mitchell. Some of the differences are enormous, while others barely look like they aged after 1999. Surprisingly, some child actors managed to make careers for themselves outside of the 90s, which is really surprising given how hard it is to transition into adult roles. Who do you think had the most success outside of the 90s?