A Beautiful Gallery of Taylor Swift’s $40 Million Legs


At this point, it’s pretty safe to assume that people either love Taylor Swift, or they’re just monsters. Right? I mean, you don’t have to listen to her music, but give the girl some credit: she writes her own songs, she’s generous with her fans, she can really sing, and yeah, she’s gorgeous.

Best of all? She has a real sense of humor. When media outlets began sharing a false story that her legs were insured for $40 million, she took the news in stride, making a joke about her cat owing that exact amount after leaving a lengthy scratch on her thigh.

Still, we can’t blame people for believing such an outlandish lie; just look at those legs! If you’re not already a true believer, you will be as soon as you’ve read through our gallery of stunning photos.

37. The Angelina Jolie Pose

13So right away, we’re thinking maybe these legs really are worth that much cash. I mean, having that one sticking out of a floor length slit dress is pretty darn elegant, right?


36. Fashion Icon


Ahh yes, that time Taylor performed at a Victoria’s Secret show. As you can see, she matched those runway models step for step with her long legs, despite wearing what can only be described as the meeting between lingerie and drapes.

35. Them Boots


So here she is in concert, wearing what I’m assuming is the sexy female version of a matador’s uniform. Despite being cradled in knee high leather boots, there’s a lot to appreciate about these bedazzled stems.


34. Iconic Nod


Her hair says Debbie Harry, but her getup nods to Madonna. Either way, we love the fishnets and think she pulls them off extremely well. Having her feet tucked into a pair of high heel Louboutins doesn’t hurt!

33. Paddle Boarding


Here we see Taylor paddle boarding on a nice wave-less day, wearing an old styled high-waisted bathing suit in bold black and white stripes. The athletic look suits her as well as that bikini.


32. Country Beauty


Now we’re jumping back a few years to Taylor’s country days, seeing her a little bit younger and more stylistically naive. She still looked great, of course, but it seems she got far better at showcasing her natural looks. Those ruby shoes look like she could click them all the way back to Kansas.

31. Red Shoes

Now we move forward a couple years to her groundbreaking 2012 RED tour, where she started pumping up her fashion sense big time. Ruby shoes make another appearance, but the ensemble has leapt into the high fashion arena. The legs are once again bedazzled!


30. Sparkling Flapper



Already, we see her sense of style transforming. Here’s a.. flapper dress? Chandelier slip? We’re not exactly experts, but we do know she rocks it well!

29. Empire Dress


For some real contrast, let’s look at this slightly older picture of taylor in a simple white empire waist dress, out and about on the town. The legs look fabulous, but they’re not framed in any special way.


28. Floral Fantastic


Jump forward a few years and see her in a floral outfit with high waisted shorts straight out of 1991 (as is the style these days) with those legs absolutely dominating the sidewalk. Even a pair of ill advised purple heels can’t stop them.

27. All White


She really does seem to like the high waisted shorts look, and we can’t blame her. It’s more modest than hot pants but still shows the same amount of leg. There’s really nothing special going on here, but her wry smile is kind of nice.


26. That Smile


Speaking of smiles, here’s a fantastic one. Jumping back a couple years, it seems Taylor was into this style of shorts for a while now. The simple black jumper matches her heels in a way that lets the legs speak for themselves.

25. Midriff Magic


And now we’re leaping right back into the present day. You can tell by the hairstyle and fashion sense mostly, but she’s got an air of confidence that belies her status as the world’s biggest pop star. Even a busy pattern can’t distract from those gams.


24. Fractal Geometry


Okay, wow. So there really are a lot of shots of Taylor Swift wearing high waisted shorts. We can’t blame her for wearing them so often when the results are so plain: she really rocks the outfit well. Special note must be made of the killer sweater, too.

23. Angel

So now we’ve returned to the Victoria’s Secret show, in a wildly sequined number that’s more than ready to frame her long legs in a sparkling light. It almost looks like she’s wearing the signature oversize angel wings of the brand, but that’s actually a model walking just behind her.


22. Sparkling Quartet



Here’s a quick look at four different outfits that heavily flirt with gaudiness; we excuse the possible fashion faux pas because she’s on stage, but only in three of these pictures. There’s really nothing to be said for the second shot, looking like a figure skater without the skates.

21. Midriff Bloom


Here’s a simple candid-like shot in front of the vanity mirror. The high waisted look really does her justice, leaving a hint of bare midriff below a bright and fun blue sweater.


20. Elephant Parade


So now she’s sitting on a topiary elephant, showing off those long legs in a simple pink and white outfit that fits with her image of a playful, down to earth person. We’re kind of jealous, both of her looks and the opportunity to sit on a bush carved into an elephant.

19. Them Heels


In a simple striped dress with bold magenta high heels, she’s looking fabulous out on the streets. Those legs seem to go on for days, and we can only imagine that they do.


18. Black And White


Look, even when the legs are covered up, there’s clearly something magical going on there. In this black and white shot, styled to remind us of classic screen sirens like Brigitte Bardot, her jaunty pantsuit makes for the perfect ensemble to frame her lanky build.

17. Party All The Time

Here we see Taylor at the 2014 pre-Grammy awards party, rocking a tiny one-piece dress with a slim skirt that allows her glorious legs to go all the way up, so to speak. As always, she looks like she’s enjoying life as unambiguously as possible.


16. Elegance Personified


So now we’ve got a look at Taylor decked out in some high fashion, with a dress by some designer who we’ve totally forgotten, looking stunning. The floor length dress smartly parts in the front for a good view of those legs.

15. Shimmering On Stage


Wow, so now we’ve got this low-angle shot of her in that fabulous, sparkling mini dress. She’s on stage in some massive heels, and from this view we get a great look at those ridiculously toned legs.


14. Low Angle


Because it was available, here’s an even closer look at the same show, same outfit. Is her skin really that flawless? We’re fundamentally jealous, but we love her too much to hate!

13. Eye Contact


Now that we’ve got her sitting, Taylor Swift is reminding us with a close up view that her skin is indeed flawless, thank you very much. Not that she had anything to prove, but it’s nice to have someone look you right in the eye as they remind you of essential facts.


12. Bright Lights, Big City


Stepping out into the sunshine in a black and white floral jumper, she’s her usual self – unafraid to show off those long legs in the harsh light of day.

11. Golden Statue


Here’s another bold red carpet look, with her legs framed by sparkling gold all around. Heels, strapless dress, and classically styled curls help the opulent and elegant look. This one’s a few years old but we can see her sense of style blossoming already.


10. Hair Metal Sexy


Speaking of older images, here’s a look at Taylor trying on some fashion that’s a cut more daring than her usual looks. Leggings that go up just-about-there and an absolutely tiny black skirt scream rock and roll, 80’s style, and we love it.

9. Jumper Part 1


So, we’re not really sure what to call this outfit. Long sleeved jumper? Cropped old-timey bathing suit? Forgive us for being bewildered, but she looks fantastic in this strange getup. The leather heels add a flush of sensuality to the color palette and we dig it.


8. Jumper Part 2: The Jumpening


Here’s the same fantastic outfit from behind. Yeah, we went there. Sure, there’s a hint of cheek from this angle, and sure we think that’s pretty bold, but the eyes are still drawn to those legs!


7. RED Shorts



Before we hit the final stretch, we wanted to take a look at two of her best looks from the RED tour days. First, there’s this sexy sailor getup on stage, with bold red shorts (high waisted, naturally) and a striped top that give all the attention to her once again bedazzled legs.

6. Hippie Chic

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 09:  Taylor Swift poses in the Media Room at the Capital Summertime Ball at Wembley Arena on June 9, 2013 in London, England.  (Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

Here’s a second look at the younger Swift, sporting a sort of hippie-chic dress with billowy arms on a buttoned-up top over a simple mini skirt that allows her legs to truly shine.


5. That Dress!

LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 07:  Taylor Swift attends the Jingle Bell Ball at 02 Arena on December 7, 2014 in London, England.  (Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

So now that we’re back into up to date photos, we can see Taylor rocking an utterly breathtaking dress, with patterns and colors that we just can’t take our eyes off. That is, until we glance down and see those legs hovering above a pair of strappy heels.

4. Hot Strut


With a grin that says she knows how great this looks, Taylor steps down some stairs and into our dreams on a pair of sky blue heels, sleeveless top, and patterned short shorts. Again, the high waisted look does wonders on her body!


3. Odd Dress, Makes It Work Anyway


Hippie-chic or sexy grandma, we can’t tell what this dress is all about. The floral patterns we dig, but the sparkly bits, not so much. Regardless, if you’re Taylor Swift you can pull it off, especially while standing on the pink carpet at a Victoria’s Secret show.

2. Victoria’s Secret Revealed


She certainly knows how to rock the Victoria’s Secret-inspired look! Also, we like this one a lot more than the drapes hybrid from the beginning of this list. Black suits her well, as does the lacy patterns wrapping the non-covered bits.


1. Sitting Pretty


Okay seriously, wow. Could she get any cuter? We doubt it. The leg game is on point here, folded over a Tonight Show chair. Somehow, in this simple pose with simple lighting, she looks best. It’s probably part of her original girl-next-door appeal. Or maybe we just like the close view?

So there we have it: a lot of pictures of Taylor Swift’s hot-but-not-$40-million legs! Whether you like her or not, you’ve got to admit that she knows how to rock the leggy blonde look, and she rocks it often.