Abandoned Husky Makes An Amazing 180 Thanks To This Couple


What would you do if you came across a stray dog who was in desperate need of help? This couple was faced with that very situation and decided to bring an amazing dog into their home that they would eventually name Wulfgar.

As you’ll discover as you read through this emotional story, Wulfgar did not have an easy road to recovery, yet he never quit and always showed his new family love and respect.

Sit back, grab a box of tissues, and enjoy this story of love and compassion. Wulfgar will soon become one of your favorite dogs of all time.

Poor Starving Husky

A kind couple came to rescue this Husky. He was starving and wandering around their friend’s neighborhood, and they didn’t hesitate to take him into their home. Thankfully for the Husky, they were there as he was not in very good shape and may not have survived for much longer.

The Dog Was In Rough Shape

The dog was in extremely rough shape. He had protruding ribs, patch fur, and a large scar across his chest. Despite his condition, he was open to being helped by strangers. He never showed any anger or discontent in his new home.

It’s sad that he was ever allowed to get into this shape…

He Was Extremely Underweight

He was quickly taken to the veterinarian where the couple received some bad news. Instead of being a healthy 55 pounds, the dog only weighed 38 pounds. He was severely lacking nutrition and unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of his problems.

This poor dog couldn’t catch a break….

The Dog Had A Condition

The poor little guy was suffering from a condition known as demodectic mange, which he had probably been dealing with for months. Thankfully, the condition is treatable, the veterinarian prescribed antibiotics and medicated shampoo to help the brave dog overcome his mange.

There were some other mysteries to uncover about this dog…

6. The Mystery Of This Dog

The couple purchased a kennel for their new buddy to sleep in, and he went in without any struggle. This led the couple to believe that he had been crate-trained in the past. However, there hadn’t been any reports of a dog missing in the area, so either he had been abandoned or was able to escape a bad situation.

He Began Getting Comfortable

The curious dog began to familiarize himself with his new home. While he was still in a rough state, he seemed more thankful than scared. It’s difficult to not admire the courage of this dog who quickly adapts to his situation. This couple was lucky to find such an amazing animal.

He Would Nap Anywhere

He would also nap just about anywhere. That’s how you know he was aware of his surroundings. He must have known his new family really loved him and were going to help him get better. In all honesty, it was probably the first time the dog was able to relax in months.

Happy To Get Treats

In only a week after being rescued, the dog learned the amazingness of treats and was happy to receive them. I mean, who doesn’t like a tasty snack every now and then? It was definitely a good sign that he was beginning to adapt well to his new situation.

Fun At The Dog Park

The couple would eventually settle on the name Wulfgar, due to his resemblance to a wolf. They took him to a dog park for the first time and Wulfgar had the time of his life and immediately began making new friends. Wulfgar proved that he was extremely playful and was up for a good time.

Wulfgar Makes A Full Recovery

After several months Wulfgar’s fur began growing back and he was on his way to a full recovery. When he first began living with the couple his fur was red, however, once he began eating better his fur was more of a gray color with some dark copper tones.

Wulfgar would become the leader of the household, it’s incredible to think about how far he came from when the couple first rescued him from the streets. While they do not know what happened to Wulfgar prior to him coming into their life, the couple is definitely glad they came across him.

Who knows if Wulfgar would still be alive without the kindness of this couple?

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