Australian Woman Refuses Epidural For 14-Pound Baby Boy


We all know women who complain of how painful childbirth is. Birthing room stories sound more like war stories. The horrors of childbirth circulate, convincing women thinking of having children to adopt instead. The average woman screams “epidural” when dilated to a three, and most newborns weigh between 5-7 lbs upon delivery. That’s why

The average woman screams “epidural” when dilated to a three, and most newborns weigh between 5-7 lbs upon delivery. That’s why Natashia Corrigan’s story is such a breath of fresh air. Hers is no horror story, though it’s set up to be.

Back in January, Natashia silenced all of womankind when she birthed a healthy 14-pound baby boy without any drugs! The positivity and ease of her story is worth sharing. Be inspired!

10. She Prepared For An 11 LB Baby

Natashia Corrigan is an Australian native with one hell of a pain tolerance. Already a mother of three, she wasn’t intimidated at all by the thought of going through childbirth again, not even after her doctor told her that baby Brian was gaining more weight in the womb than usual. Natashia’s doctors were preparing to deliver an 11-pound baby. Boy were they surprised.

9. When The Baby’s Actual Size Became Apparent, She Was Given Laughing Gas

Natashia wanted to have a natural childbirth, so when the pushing started to become a bit more difficult than she had prepared for, the doctors gave her “laughing gas,” which is 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide. She claimed that the laughing gas helped her keep pushing while positive thoughts and deep breathing techniques managed the pain.

8. Too Late For An Epidural!

“It was a bit hard to get him out,” Natashia said. “They had to get a few extra staff members to come in and help.” Natashia’s husband, Brian, agreed, “It was a bit scary,” but despite the struggle at the end, everything finished perfectly without any need for emergency tactics. When the doctors pulled baby Brian out, everyone gasped.

7. Baby Brian Breaks The Scale

Seven hours after labor began, Brian Junior Liddle was born weighing in at over 6 kg (13.5 lbs.) Brian is the largest baby ever to be born at Mercy Hospital for Women in Australia and is currently the biggest newborn in all of Victoria. His arrival immediately made Australian news.

6. Baby Brian Is Double The Size Of The Average Newborn

“This is the first pregnancy I’ve got to experience with a natural labor and the longest I’ve ever been pregnant,” Natashia said. Natashia’s two daughters were both born around 7 lbs. “I’ve got the fat little man I always wanted, but I never dreamt he’d be this big!”

5. A Lesson For Soon-To-Be Dads

The baby’s father, Brian Sr., had only one comment, “I’m just glad everyone’s fine. Mum’s fine and baby’s fine.” Natashia credits her husband for keeping the room peaceful during her delivery. “He was so calm. I was sad to have to kick him out when more doctors had to come in,” she said. Let that be a lesson to you soon-to-be dads out there. It’s possible to stay on your woman’s good side during delivery.

4. Baby Brian Goes Home

Pictured here with his family, baby Brian was home a few days later, surrounded by love. “They’re all so excited,” Natashia said. Natashia and Brian are eager to get into their new routine with baby Brian and continue life as they know it. Though all the attention of the media was fun at first, they’re ready to focus on their family.

3. The Doctor’s Visit

A couple weeks later, Doctor Vulshee, who helped deliver baby Brian, came for an in-home visit to check on his health. “I gave him the biggest hug and didn’t want to let go! He kept his cool in all the chaos surrounding the birth of our big boy. It was the scariest time of our lives and the amazing staff at Mercy got us through,” Natashia said. Doctor Vulshee assured her Brian’s as healthy as can be.

2. Mercy Baby

Brian Jr.’s story sparked speculation that he might hold the title for world’s fattest baby. Though he is a contender, the record has been settled at 22 pounds. The title remains with a baby born in 1879 to a woman named Anna Bates. Sadly, the child died 11 hours after being born. Natashia calls baby Brian her “mercy baby,” appropriately so, since he was birthed in a hospital called Mercy. So much could’ve gone wrong, but everything went right.

1. Congratulations Baby Brian And Family!

Natashia went live on Facebook to talk about how hard it’s been to get her mind around all the kindness and support pouring in from around the world. “I never dreamed we’d get so much love for our BIG baby boy and family,” Natashia said. “Thank you all so much.”

Isn’t Natashia’s delivery story remarkable? She encourages us all to believe that no matter the circumstances, all stories can end in peace through positivity. She continues to offer support for mothers all over the world. Her social media presence and following has increased since baby Brian’s story went viral. That’s the beauty of connectivity. We can continue to be inspired by stories like Natashia’s.

If you have any friends getting ready to deliver children, ditch all the horror stories and inspire them with stories like this.

Feel free to comment with your own birthing experiences, and to all you mothers out there, you’re our heroes.