15 Celebrities With The Highest Insured Body Parts


Like the popular saying goes, “There’s no business like showbusiness.”  It’s true indeed. Aside from the worldwide fame and adoration of millions of fans, they also get huge, crazy amounts of money while doing what they love. Oh, how unfair is this cruel world! Huge enough to even their own island!

That’s why some celebrities and athletes decided to insure their body parts for massive amounts of money. Even more than we, average joes will ever make in our lifetime. You know, just in case something happens with their money makers. Makes sense, since they make millions of dollars!

Curious who these celebrities are? Read on to see who they are.

15. Miley Cyrus: Tongue Insured for $1 Million

mileycyrustongueNow, who hasn’t seen Miley Cyrus and her hyperactive tongue? It’s like it has a life of its own. It can go all ways we didn’t know possible. And now it has a money of its own! We’ll never know why her tongue decided to learn acrobats but it definitely loves the limelight.

14. Rihanna: Legs Insured for $1 Million

rihannaRihanna is known for her badass image. But this bad gal is definitely no risk taker when it comes to her precious gams. That’s why in 2007, popular razor company Gillette determined she has goddess-like legs and decided to insure them. Now her goddess-like stems are financially secure.

13. David Lee Roth: Sperm Insured for $1 Million


David Lee Roth is a rock vocalist, songwriter, actor, author, and former radio personality. Like a true music royalty, he lived the sex and rock and roll life. But he wasn’t totally reckless at all, because, in order to avoid paternity suits that could leave him penniless, he insured his sperm. Although legend has it that he insured his penis itself. Disturbing.

12. Gene Simmons: Tongue Insured for $1 Million

genesimmonsWe wonder if Gene Simmons was Miley Cyrus’ tongue-crobat inspiration? Who knows. But we all know that the legendary Kiss bass guitarist and all around madman is definitely the original. His costume wouldn’t be complete with that organism. It completes the demonic appeal. It sends chills down people’s spine.

11. Kylie Minogue: Butt Insured for $5 Million

kylieminogueKylie Minogue may not be an elite member in the booty popping world but her derriere has definitely something to say. She proves that you need to have bubble butt to make money from it. She actually bared her butt to the world in a spoof commercial proving that even at her 40’s, she still has the goods.

10. Bruce Springsteen: Vocal Cords Insured for $6 Millionbrucespringsteen

As the living legendary musician, singer, and songwriter, it only makes sense that he has his vocal cords insured. Nicknamed “The Boss”, he is widely known for his unique lyrics, distinctive voice, and lengthy and energetic stage performances. Now just in case (heaven forbid), that something happens to his vocal cords, he can hum his way to the bank.

9. Tom Jones: Chest Hair Insured for $6.8 Million

tomjones2Now this one may seem gross and insane. But yeah, his chest hairs are worth a whopping $6.8 million. As odd as it may seem, he has the most expensive chest hair in the world. His chest may be an iconic part of his career and image but I’m vouching that he can definitely get more for his smooth vocals.

8. Daniel Craig: Full Body Insured for $9.5 Million

danielcraigThis we can definitely understand as the James Bond actor did his own stunts in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. Now ladies, who wouldn’t agree that is very macho. No wonder a lot of women around the world is swooning over him. Finally, a celebrity who isn’t afraid to go down and dirty, for real.

7. Kim Kardashian: Butt Insured for $21 Million

kimkardashianbuttThis popular reality star may be bashed for her lack of talent but she’s definitely an entrepreneur and used her coconuts on this one. She is the reigning booty queen because of obviously its size and her behind has been in tons of magazines and centerfold. And let’s not forget her ahem, spicy video, which made her an overnight celebrity.

6. Taylor Swift: Legs Insured for $26.5 Million

taylorswiftlegsThis blonde beauty and talented singer-songwriter may be one of the youngest and most successful singer in her generation. She has been touring around the world and with such a demanding schedule and energetic stage performances, it would only cost her a pinch of what she makes to protect her from potential career-threatening accidents.

5. Jennifer Lopez: Butt Insured for $27 Million

jenniferlopezShe is dubbed the original booty queen. She first started the booty craze and made curvy women around the world appreciate their curves. In addition to her musical talent, she has built her career by shaking her booty, as she was first a dancer. There may be other contenders for bubble butt category but the original will always be remembered.

4. Julia Roberts: Smile Insured for $30 Million

juliarobertsAside from Mona Lisa, Julia Roberts may have the world’s most distinctive smile. She is known for her wide smile and is instantly recognizable even from afar, which helped boost her way to stardom. Not only is her smile famous but she may have the most expensive one too. Now she can smile all the way to the bank in case something happens.

3. David Beckham: Legs Insured for $70 Million

davidbeckhamThis heartthrob, royalty soccer player is one of the most sought after players in his field. Soccer players rely heavily on their legs, so if they become injured they may be out. So as a safety net, Beckham insured his legs more than we or our whole family can make in a lifetime.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo: Legs Insured for $195 Million

cristianoronaldoAnother ace soccer player who had his legs insured. They’re definitely worth way more than Beckham’s. Athlete’s undergo through a lot of physical stress and injuries during their career so it’s just wise to insure those game winning legs just in case a fatal injury happens to them. This could end their career, so the insurance situation, in this case, makes sense.

1. Mariah Carey: Legs insured for $1 Billion

mariahcarey2I wonder why she chose her legs instead of her voice. But I can’t believe it either. That amount is enough or even more to feed a third world country! It even beat athletes. That’s crazy!  Gilette razor used them for their “Legs of a Goddess” campaign. Those legs are definitely the most expensive celebrity body part.

That sums up the celebrities with the highest insured body parts. Insuring body parts is definitely a huge trend in Hollywood. Now we wonder how much we could insure ours?

What do you guys think of the list? Do you know any celebrity who can beat Mariah Carey’s $1 billion dollar pair of legs? It’s like a whole corporation! Well, no matter how much celebrities insure their body parts this practice is definitely here to stay. It’s been going on for decades and there are no signs of it leaving anytime soon. Surprisingly, even Bollywood celebrities wanted to jump in and get their body parts insured. If only us working class people can also do the same!