Check Out These 18 Celebrity Mansions That Are Supposedly Haunted


FeaturedCelebsThe homes of celebrities are legendary. Their homes come with lavish accessories, amazing amenities, amazing craftsmanship, and often more space and rooms than they will ever need in their lives. But unfortunately, these unreal celebrity homes also often come with something else; ghosts. That’s right, there have been more than a few cases of celebrities reporting their homes to be haunted. Whether it is hearing things, seeing things, or even smelling things, some celebs definitely feel their homes were haunted. These 18 celebrities feel that their homes are haunted by some spirits or ghosts, and number 10 is particularly chilling.

#18 Dan Aykroyd

001--18-dan-aykroyd-324028Aykroyd is without a doubt best known for his role in Blues Brothers and Ghostbusters. But in an ironic turn of events, Aykroyd couldn’t bust the ghost that was giving him problems at his home. Not only did he know the place was haunted, he even claimed the ghost even jumped into bed with him.

#17 Adele

002--17-adele-324058In the last few years, few (if any) singers or musical acts have been as successful and loved as Adele. In fact, not only living people love her as she is haunted by a ghost. She even hired a security guard for the house while she sleeps. Another extremely talented woman who had a problem with ghosts appears at number 12.

#16 Maroon 5

003--16-maroon-5-324060Maroon 5 decided to record their 2007 album It “Won’t Be Soon Before Long” in an old mansion that was allegedly haunted. The mansion was previously owned by Harry Houdini and is apparently haunted by his spirit. Maroon 5 did, in fact, encounter a ghost, but said it was peaceful.

#15 Various American Idol Contestants

004--15-various-american-idol-contestants-3ee63c68f8a0db1690ffc6010d5c8e07“American Idol” has seemingly been on forever, but the cast of season 10 went through something unique. The place that the finalists stayed at in Bel Air was seemingly haunted by its deceased previous owners as numerous different cast members have said they experienced something paranormal, all in that same house.

#14 Alyson Hannigan

005--14-alyson-hannigan-324064Hanigan is an actress that had appeared in a number of different films for years and years and is currently on TV as well. While in bed one day, she claims to have seen a dark figure in her doorway and thought it was her husband. But after she realized her husband was with her in bed, she knew there was a spirit in their home.

#13 Jenna Bush-Hager

006--13-jenna-bush-hager-ce972fc7e62d9e39f33c48fc7b797234The haunting of the home of Jenna Bush-Hager proves that ghosts don’t leave President’ daughters alone. But she didn’t see the haunting in her home now, she actually saw one in the White House! She heard music and even saw a strange figure sleeping in a room at the White House.

#12 Joan Rivers

007--12-joan-rivers-9cee7e192aee2243f6a1aad03ca11ff4Joan Rivers lived in an apartment in NYC that is currently on the market for a cool $29 Million. She claimed the place had an eerie presence and believed that the previous owners still reside there as spirits. Another late superstar also had a problem with ghosts, and she comes in at the number 5 spot.

#11 Loretta Lynn

008--11-loretta-lynn-878b49ec42cc198f881906054ae51efaThe famous country singer was once on TV for something other than her celebrity. In fact, Lynn and her mansion in Hurrican Mills, Tennessee has been featured on a number of ghost shows such as “Ghost Adventures” and “Celebrity Ghost Stories” where it was shown that her place was haunted by numerous different spirits.

#10 Ke$ha

009--10-ke-ha-324371Ke$ha was once one of the biggest musical acts out there and had millions of fans (and still does). But one fan of hers that she didn’t like so much was the ghost that haunted her L.A home and would not leave her alone. In fact, Ke$ha even reported that she had a sexual encounter with the ghost. This incident was part of the reason why she decided to move away from the home.

#9 Nicolas Cage

010--9-nicolas-cage-324387Cage has long been one of the highest paid and most successful actors in Hollywood, but for some reason, he decided to live in a weird place. He owned a home in New Orleans that was famous for being haunted, which Cage seemed to enjoy. The person in the next entry also owned a very haunted house in the exact same city that Cage did.

#8 Anne Rice

011--8-anne-rice-324464Like Cage, this actress decided to call New Orleans home for a period in her life. And like Cage, she also lived in a haunted mansion. Her home was so famous for being haunted it was even given a name, the Brevard House. The place is famous for a mist that materializes right where the previous owner shot himself.

#7 Matthew McConaughey

012--7-matthew-mcconaughey-a4fff0cec8ed17c8cfc3a8bb34e511dbMcConaughey is a world famous actor, and even he deals with the paranormal. His Hollywood home is apparently also home to a ghost he has named Madame Blue, who often walks around in the nude. While most people hear or see their hauntings, our next entry actually smells her haunting.

#6 Katie Price

013--6-katie-price-324556While Price may not be that popular in North America, Katie Price is hugely famous as a glamour model in the UK. Her home in the UK is seemingly haunted by a ghost that doesn’t look or sound scary but actually smells of cigarette smoke, which is quite unique.

#5 Amy Winehouse

014--5-amy-winehouse-49a5234f66ff0098c08c05446009402fWinehouse was a very influential and groundbreaking artist before her awful passing, but she also had some struggles in her own life surrounding ghosts. She had the ghost of a young boy in her home and she reported that he would constantly scratch her and do a number of different things.

#4 Cher

015--4-cher-324579One of the most legendary performers and singers in the 20th century is definitely Cher. Cher has wowed audiences across the world and is still going strong. But her mind may be going a bit as she claims she is still in contact with the ghost of her late husband, Sonny Bono.

#3 Peaches Geldof

016--3-peaches-geldof-d25b938a7a438ec9855035afba95770cBefore her tragic death in 2014, Geldof had some experiences in her home and decided to do some research to see if she could find the source of them. Well as it turns out, her home was owned by a man who had committed suicide after his child had passed away.

#2 Robbie Williams

017--2-robbie-williams-324584While living at the former house of Ringo Starr, Williams claimed to have seen the ghost of an old lady can be seen sitting in a chair, along with other apparent hauntings in the mansion. Even one of the most famous and powerful people on the entire planet has a problem with haunting, as you will see in the next entry.

#1 The Queen

018--1-the-queen-8ce1186101f158ef270bc89568813727That’s right, even the most powerful monarch on the planet has had her fair share of experiences with hauntings. The Queen on numerous occasions has admitted to seeing the ghost of John Brown in a corridor at a castle, with other members of the Royal Family also seeing ghosts.

There you have it, it looks as if the homes of these 18 celebrities were or are most definitely haunted. This is also a prime example how, even though they are rich, famous and successful, these celebrities still are not excused from hauntings. Ghosts, spirits, and other hauntings seemingly don’t care how rich you are or how famous you are. If you reside in a place that they want to haunt, you’re screwed. It’s also shocking to see such nice, new and even  renovated homes to be haunted, as usually these homes are run down or old.