Colorado Mom’s Double Life Leaves Her Family In Ruins


34-year-old Paige Birgfeld was the type of mom we other moms aspire to be. She experienced two very difficult divorces that left her a single parent of three children with 6-acres of land to care for unemployed, but she still made sure her kids were in the best schools, playing their favorite sports and exploring their desired hobbies.

According to her friends, Paige had three very secure, very happy children. The only problem was she had to juggle side businesses to keep the household running. She tried selling Pampered Chef products, baby slings, home decor, but eventually, they all ran dry.

Paige’s desperation pushed her into darker work that cost her so much more than she expected.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Paige decided the best way to meet the needs of her children was to pick up a passion she had left behind in her past. She was a dancer as a child and dabbled in it in her twenties. At one point, Paige made a living as an exotic dancer in Denver, Colorado where she met her first husband and left it all for the “mom life.”

She was eager to put these skills back to work again.

This Is Borderline Illegal

Paige decided to open an escort service. She used the alias “Carrie” to protect herself just in case some of her clients got too clingy. She had a home office where models would come and be approved for work. Only her closest friends knew about the business.

Nobody seemed to care because Paige was always the mom she needed to be to her children, but she did start to get nervous that something might go wrong…

The Night It All Went South

Months flew by and Paige’s double-life wasn’t going so bad. Financially, she was doing better than she ever had. The business was running itself, so she decided to take a break from it all and drive 120 miles to have dinner with her ex-husband, Howard Beigler, in Eagle, Colorado.

The evening was lovely… but Paige didn’t make it home that night.

Mom’s Car Was Found

The following morning when Paige hadn’t returned home, her nanny started to worry. Paige wasn’t reckless. She was always home for her children. They knew something was wrong. Two days passed, but still no sign of Paige.

Then Paige’s Ford Focus was found. It had been left burning in a parking lot only three miles from her home, but there was still absolutely no sign of her or even leads on where she could be.

A Month Rolled By…

A month later, Paige’s business cards were found blown across 11-miles of highway. That was when police learned of her double-life as “Carrie.” They started running interviews with Paige’s family and friends. Her family was shocked to find out the reason behind all of her new money, but still, no one had any leads on Paige.

One thing had changed though – the police were now certain it was foul play, because Paige would never walk out on her children. Her whole life had been about them. Maybe Paige’s worst fears had come true and a client had gotten a bit too handsy.

Was Mom Kidnapped?

Her two ex-husbands were interrogated. One of them in particular, Dixon, had been the one who had left Paige in such financial strain, but both exes had alibis.

The next line-up of suspects would be found in “Carrie’s” client book, but there were way too many. The police had to weed out a few prime suspects. That’s when they found him…

And Then There Was One

The police questioned eight of “Carrie’s” clients, but only one made the hairs on their arms stand up: Lester Ralph Jones.

Evidence showed he called Paige right before her disappearance. Other than her ex-husband Howard, Jones was the only one to have access to Paige that night. He had an alibi, but the police weren’t convinced.

Then the case busted wide open…

…But Not Until Years Later

Paige went missing in 2007. In 2012, a hiker in Colorado found a body wedged in the crevice of a rocky hill. The remains were tested, but nobody expected it to be Paige Birgfeld.

The results revealed that it was Paige and that she had been dead since the night she didn’t come home. At least the police now knew they were looking for a killer.

Who Killed Paige Birgfeld?

The police went after Lester Jones again. They missed a significant detail the first time around.

Paige’s car had been found across the street from Jones’ job. Jones admitted that he paid her to give him a massage, but that was it. The first trial was a mistrial, but the police weren’t letting up.

Jones’ wife tipped off police of his physical abuse in the home and also towards men in her past. “He must have killed Paige because she knew too much,” said Mrs. Jones to police.

I’ll Love You Forever

That was enough to bring Jones back to trial. Though there wasn’t enough evidence to link him to the killing, he admitted to it. Nobody knows why. Jones was sentenced to life in prison.

Paige’s children are now living with her parents, and the fathers are more involved as well. Her children will often be reminded that their mother loved and cared for them more than anything else, until the day she left this world.