Couple Adopted Bear Cub 23 Years Ago – Here He Is Today!


We all love to read stories about people who have exotic pets. Some people decide on a rare South American bird or a large reptile. There is a family in South Africa who owns a pet hippo. Watching unconventional household animals roam around a house is quite entertaining, to say the least.

Svetlana and Yuriy from Moscow, Russia adopted a brown bear named Stepan when he was a cub, and have been raising him ever since. Twenty-three years have gone by since they found the defenseless cub, and Stepan grew four times larger (but he is ten times more loveable).

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12. Bear Witness To Stepan’s Adoption

Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko found Stepan when he was only a three-month-old bear cub. Without his mother to teach him how to hunt and survive, he would not have lasted very long in the harsh wilderness. The couple decided to take Stepan in and raise him as if he was their own child.

11. Bear Hugs All Around

Stepan is more than just a pet to Svetlana and Yuriy, he is part of the family. He was raised with so much love from the couple and he has never once shown any sign of aggression. As you can see, Stepan is a professional at giving huge bear hugs.

10. Bear Witness To The Species Decline

Brown bears are native to Russia, Central Asia, Canada, the United States, and Scandinavia. They are one of the two largest species of land carnivore alive, matched only by their close cousins, the polar bear. Bear in mind, only around 200,000 brown bears exist today and their numbers dwindle with each passing year.

9. He Couldn’t Be Fonder Of His Big Home

For 23 years, Svetlana and Yuriy have provided Stepan with the bear necessities needed to survive. Which makes it easy considering brown bears are diverse omnivores who can eat the widest variety of plants and meat out of practically any animal. Basically, bears can consume almost anything they come across.

8. Bear Fruit

Almost 90 percent of a brown bear’s diet is made up of vegetation. Their front paws are practically made for digging up plants, so roots and fruit are an easy and sustainable source of nutrition. Stepan’s two personal chefs prepare his meals every day so one could say he is smarter than the average bear.

7. Bear In Mind

Stepan is also a curious creature. Yuriy spends a lot of time reading to Stepan. One would guess he likes the Berenstain Bears, Winnie the Pooh, or The Jungle Book, but it looks more like a text book about the rise and fall of Soviet Russia and the inevitable effects on world markets.

6. The Dog Can’t Bear The Sight Of This Relationship

Stepan loves to spend his days playing with Svetlana and Yuriy out in the garden. Sitting in the grass with his parents having a picnic made up of grapes and porridge is his favorite way to eat. It appears as if their dog bears the brunt of the neglect in this household.

5. Stepan’s Cross To Bear

Stepan’s natural instinct was to go scratch his back against the tree, but not every bear has someone present to scratch it for him. I think he knows the consequences if he ever decides to act on his natural killer instinct. Being spoiled and loved is Stepan’s cross to bear.

4. Hungry As A Bear

You know how they say that pets look like their owners? Is it just me or does Stepan bear a resemblance to his human counterpart? The brown bear loves fruit more than anything and needs to eat up to 30,000 berries a day if they are to remain on a strictly plant diet.

3. The Thought Is Unbearable

When Stepan wakes up from a quick power hibernation, he sits down with his humans to enjoy some nice tea. I do not believe bears like vodka very much. I couldn’t bear to think that anyone would think it was a good idea to give alcohol to a bear.

2. Evening Cuddles And Bear Hugs

At the end of the day, Stepan loves to relax on the couch with his mama and papa bear while they settle in and get ready for bed. It would be easy to believe that Stepan is convinced he is a human, Svetlana and Yuriy are his real parents, and the house is his den.

1. What If They Had Man Cubs?

Before he goes to sleep, Stepan catches Svetlana and Yuriy in his bear trap of scratches and pets. He gives the couple so much affection and it’s hard to wonder how he would act if the couple had any children of their own running around. Would he think of them as siblings?

Svetlana, Yuriy, and Stepan have been together over two decades and their relationship has only appeared to get stronger with each passing day. There is no way that Stepan would survive in the wilderness so he is now dependent on the Russian couple for survival, but they don’t seem to mind too much.

The next time you are considering a small kitty or a friendly puppy, tell your parents that bears are available for adoption and they need all of the help they can get. There are way fewer bears on this planet so you will be contributing to the species.