This Couple Wanted A Baby And Ended Up With More Than They Wished For


Miracles do happen! Oklahoma residents Sarah and Andy Justice spent years trying to conceive and start a family of their own, but unfortunately, they only had trouble. After seeking the advice of a fertility expert, the couple was told that even in-vitro fertilization would only allow them a 10% chance of pregnancy.

In-vitro fertilization isn’t cheap, either, as you may know. It can cost anywhere between $30,000 and $60,000, and it still might not work. The Justices decided to seek other options.

Those other options really paid off—big time. Read on to see just how lucky Sarah and Andy got!

12. Starting A Family

The Justices began looking into adoption services to start their family. Because they wanted to adopt newborns, though, the process can be tough and tiring. They had to interview with birth mothers who would make the final decision. Two mothers-to-be accepted Sarah and Andy as parents, only to later change their minds.

11. Trying Again

“It was very hard to get our hopes up like that and then be disappointed and have to start all over,” Sarah said to the Tulsa World in 2014.

They finally struck out, though, when a mother accepted their offer and invited Sarah to her first ultrasound appointment. That’s when they found out that the mother wasn’t just expecting one. She was pregnant with triplets!

10. Good Luck

In May 2013, the trio of newborns arrived. They were eight weeks early and only three pounds each, so the set of babies were kept in intensive care to ensure that they stayed healthy and grew before going home. The Justices were so excited to welcome Hannah, Joel, and Elizabeth into their lives!

9. Welcome Home

The new parents couldn’t have been happier when they brought their babies home. They weren’t prepared for what happened next, though: One week after the triplets were born, Sarah visited her doctor and learned that she was now pregnant. She wasn’t pregnant with one, though—she and Andy would be expecting a set of twins!

8. Twins Make Seven

After they adjusted to the welcome surprise, Sarah and Andy prepared for their family to grow by two.

“I was shocked and a bit overwhelmed,” Sarah told Today. “But we were really excited because it was something we’ve been dreaming of and longing for years.”

“It was more than a little ironic,” Andy added.

7. Exponential Growth

At the end of 2013, Andrew and Abigail were born. Hannah, Joel, and Elizabeth weren’t even one year older than their new pair of siblings—that’s a lot of infants! The family adapted to their new life with the help of others in their community, including their church.

6. Leaning On The Community

Churchgoers helped by sending plenty of food over to feed the family of seven, and others in the community helped Sarah care for the squad of newborns while Andy was at work.

“We don’t sleep much, obviously,” Andy told the Tulsa World. “We don’t sit down much either.”

5. Baby Squad

Sarah and Andy needed enough supplies to support a village. The group of babies went through 300 diapers and 84 bottles each week! The parents needed to come up with a system to differentiate between all the similar babies. Older daughters Hannah and Elizabeth were given different colors of toenail polish.

4. Getting Around

All of those babies added up to a pretty tough travel situation, from strollers to cars and everything in between. In their interview with Today, Andy explained that the family was hunting for a larger vehicle. “I had no idea just how difficult it would be to go anywhere,” he said.

3. Hard Work, Worth It

Parenting five little ones came with plenty of demands, but Sarah said that she and her husband wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

“My husband says all we do is babies, everything else in life has pretty much stopped,” she said on Today. “But it was something we’ve wanted so badly that we love it.

2. Plenty Of Publicity

The story of the Justice family quickly made its way around the web. The attention was well-received by the couple.

“We’re not the only family with multiple sets of multiples,” Sarah said to the Tulsa World. “I don’t know if we’re interesting,” she added. “We’re busy, I can tell you that.”

1. Oh, And One More

With their five babies all reaching three years of age now, the family looks very happy and healthy in the photos they’ve shared on Facebook. The Justices didn’t stop with five kids, though—Sarah got pregnant again! In January 2016, they excitedly welcomed their sixth child, a boy.

All in all, it looks like miracles do happen.

“It’s not to say it’s not a lot of work and we’re not tired a lot, but it’s great. We just really love having these children,” Sarah said on Today. Their story may have started with a couple of failed adoptions, but with the births of the triplets, twins, and the two other babies, Sarah and Andy certainly got what they wished for! There are plenty of people who loved their inspiring and adorable story.

“God is good!” they replied to friends and fans on their Facebook wall.