Dakota Johnson to Turn Down Role in New “Fifty Shades” Movie


If the studio intends to push through the fourth sequal of the highly erotic Fifty Shades franchise, then expect Dakota Johnson to turn down her role as Anastasia Steele. The reason for this? According to her, doing sex scenes with her co-star, Jamie Dornan, has been nothing but “long and tedious.”

8. A New Perspective

Apparently, the fourth novel in the popular erotic Fifty Shades series, “Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey,” will showcase events depicted in the first book/movie. This time, it’ll be from Christian Grey’s point of view and his desire to get closer to Anastasia Steele.

7. Fans Want More

Thing is, the book was heavily critiqued by many. But fans of the Fifth Shades franchise are eager to bring the novel to life into another film adaptation. The same way Universal Studios had with the first two.

6. Expected Steamy Scenes

If Universal Studios does end up agreeing to convert the fourth novel into an erotic-drama, will fans expect Dakota to reprise her role as Anastasha Steele? More precisely, are we expecting more steamy scenes with Jamie?

5. Dakota’s Last

According to Dakota, she believes “Fifty Shades Freed” will be her last featured film in the franchise. If that appears to be the case, fans will see her for the very last time with her clothes off in front of the camera.

4. Tedious Involvement

Based on Dakato’s intervie back then with a renowned magazine, the actress did admit the sex scenes that were carried out with Jamie took a lot of work. As awkward as it may be, they would spend hours shooting certain scenes to perfection.

3. Same Sentinment

The same can be said for Jamie. The actor admitted that the sex scenes being done were tough to do. He felt it’s “tricky” to getting the right sex shots. He also felt getting nude with another actress can be uncomfortable.

2. First Scene Jitters

Jamie went further by saying that filming the first scene with Dakota was nerve racking. He felt he was very uncomfortable at the time of the shooting. It took a lot of guts to keep a straight face and keeping things professional.

1. Third Sequel Confirmed

Even if the fourth sequel won’t be pushed to theatres, fans will be relieved with Dakota and Jamie confirming their return to “Fifty Shades Freed,” the third sequel in the highly successful franchise. The movie is set for an official release early next year.

At the moment, there’s no official confirmation as to whether fourth sequel will be rolled out into a movie adaptation. Dakota and Jamie are questionable when it comes to them being on board.