This Guy Lost 240 Pounds And Became A Personal Trainer


Weight loss transformations are always inspiring and entertaining to read. The after results is like seeing a totally different person. It’s amazing and it makes you want to make that much-needed change too.

Change is not everybody’s cup of tea. But whether we like it or not, change will eventually come. Just like this guy’s story. It took a hospital trip for him to realize the value of his health and life. Once he realized that, his life turned around for the better. Read on to see his amazing transformation.

10. Fast Food Addict

Luis Trigo, a 30-year old Atlanta native is a self-confessed fast food addict. He confessed that he ate fast food all the time and constantly chowed down sugary products to keep his energy up. His unhealthy approach to food eventually became unmaintainable and unfortunately affected his career and personal life.

9. Fast Food Every day

Luis Trigo shared, “I would eat McDonald’s for breakfast, two double cheeseburgers for lunch then a pepperoni pizza for dinner. And I needed to constantly put sugar in my system to stay alert so I would drink a large coke or a Venti Frappuccino with my meal. Eventually, I had to quit my job due to my massive size because it causing mood swings and anxiety attacks.” Fast food may be a quick way to get a meal but it will hurt your health in the long run.

8. Weight Shaming

Luis says his weight put so much strain on his body that he was tired all the time. Another factor which added to his decision to leave his former job. As if his weight and health struggles weren’t enough, he received many mean and rude comments that greatly depressed his self-esteem.

“I received mean comments on a daily basis, people would call me a ‘nobody’ and ask ‘How do you even sit on planes with your size?’  It was very hurtful. I became so large that I was forced to quit my job because I was too tired to even stand.”

7. The Wake-Up Call

Sadly losing his job caused Luis’ weight to balloon even more as he became even more inactive and continued his fast food based diet. In his own words, unemployment caused him to “pile on the weight within a matter of months.” As difficult as this was, it was not rock bottom. Luis’ wake-up call came in form of a sudden trip to the hospital.

“When I was rushed to emergency care weighing 400lbs, it was a turning point for me. Going to the hospital was a huge wake-up call for me. I realized I could be dead soon if I didn’t make some changes to my life. I realized that I could either die right there and then or I could make something of my life and finally conquer the demons. I decided to lose weight right after the heart monitor was taken off of me.”

6. Change Is Coming

His first step was cutting out the fast food which was the reason for all his health problems. He persisted and started to see results but admits the journey was difficult and he struggled along the way.

“I gave up all fast food and then I cut out processed carbs such as bread, pasta, and rice. I also quit sugar from non-fruit sources like soda and fruit juices. After doing this, I dropped a lot of weight in the first six months especially as I had a lot of water weight and glycogen storage.”

5. Goodbye Old Self

“The final 45lbs were much more difficult and took me three more years. I fell many times on my journey. But when I faltered, I remembered I was human and just never gave up.”

Now, Luis has gone from weighing 400 lbs to 170. His lowest weight was 155 lbs, but he explains that his next fitness goal after dropping the weight was to build muscle mass a goal he has now achieved. Luis is much healthier and happier now. All his hard work has paid off.

4. Health Is Wealth

“I make health my top priority now and have so much energy. When I was massive, I would spend at least $75 per week on fast food/takeaways but now I cannot even eat fast food without feeling extremely sick.”

He is even more excited to help others achieve their own fitness goals and now works as a personal trainer. His Instagram account has earned thousands of followers who watch Luis as he continues on his fitness journey, a journey he says isn’t over yet. Most importantly, he loves what he does and plans to continue doing it for a long time to come.

3. From Fat To Fit

“I feel like I am already living the dream by personal training and making a difference in others’ lives every single day. And I love helping others with their own weight loss journey! I love working out and I’m constantly adding muscle and I won’t be satisfied until I reach my body’s full potential.”

2. Unhealthy Childhood

Luis told the podcast Steel Shredded he’d always struggled with weight:

“I actually started off heavy as a child. I’ve been heavy since middle school, I was obese by high school so it’s always been a part of my life. I always hovered around the upper 200s. It snowballed when I started college and then work. I didn’t pay attention to my nutrition because I was paying attention to my grades. I didn’t pay attention to my health before I knew it, I was in the 300s.”

1. Slowly But Surely

He shared, “My exercise at first was very humbling, basically I walked up and down a hill by my house because that’s all I could handle. At first, it was a very slow steady journey.” But with a lot of hard work, intelligence and determination, Luis has found a fitness regime and diet that he can stick to – and he’s now healthy and happy.

Sometimes people have to experience the worst before deciding to change. Thankfully for Luis, he was given a second chance to turn his health and life around. He didn’t waste any time instead he took action immediately after leaving the hospital.

What an inspiration, Luis is. He didn’t let his struggles weigh him down. The first step is always the hardest, but with patience and perseverance he was able to achive his goal.