Hard To Believe Married… With Children Facts Even Superfans Might Not Know


Married… with Children was one of the longest-running shows in TV history, and for good reason. The hilarious Bundy clan brought in an era of outrageously crass comedy that audiences couldn’t get enough of; so much that the show helped put the Fox network on the map.

But like any other show, sometimes it is the behind the scenes antics that prove to be more entertaining. Though Married launched the careers of most of its stars, even they might not want you to know some of these best-kept secrets from the set.

Just wait until you see #3 – you may never view Married…with Children the same way again.

10. The First Bud And Kelly

Christina Applegate and David Faustino were iconic as siblings Kelly and Bud, but did you know that they weren’t the original choices? In the pilot, Kelly was played by Tina Caspary while Hunter Carson was cast as Bud. Ed O’Neill felt there wasn’t any chemistry, so the roles were recast.

9. Feuding Neighbors

Amanda Bearse played Marcy Rhodes (and later, Marcy D’Arcy), Al’s feminist neighbor. While the two characters often clashed, rumor has it that the two did not see eye to eye in real life due to Bearse being a lesbian. However, O’Neill’s current role in Modern Family seems to contradict that rumor.

8. A Different Mother

You would think that no one could picture anyone else but Katey Sagal in the role of Peggy Bundy, but at one point producers had another famous mother in mind: Roseanne Barr. The role eventually went to Katey Sagal, and you won’t believe what she did to land it. We’ll tell you next slide.

7. Getting Into Character

Katey Sagal really wanted the role of Peggy, and already had an idea of what Peggy would look like. Because of that, Sagal showed up to her audition complete with a giant red wig. The move paid off, giving Sagal the role of her career. But Sagal wasn’t the only one in a wig during the show.

6. Hiding Her Roots

During the Married… with Children’s 10th season, Christina Applegate made her hair brown for another role. However, since Kelly was supposed to be a blonde bombshell, Applegate had to wear a wig to hide her new look. What’s even funnier is that Kelly was often teased as a “bottled blonde.”

5. Once A Shoesalesman, Always A Shoesalesman

Wanna take a guess where Ed O’Neill’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is? That’s right, in front of a local shoe store chain. Fans were so excited that they even brought their favorite pairs of shoes to get signed. If you find that hard to believe, go to number 2 to see who might have taken O’Neill’s place.

4. When a Dodge Isn’t A Dodge

Al Bundy was mighty proud of his beloved Dodge, but the car showcased on the show was actually a 1972 Plymouth Duster. To be the show’s credit, both cars were owned by the same company and sort of looked alike, but eagle-eyed viewers could easily see through the facade.

3. It Was All A Dream

Remember that season where both Peggy and Marcy were pregnant? The original plan was to reflect Sagal’s real-life pregnancy, however, she gave birth to a stillborn baby six months early, so the show decided to make Peggy’s pregnancy a season-long dream that Al would eventually wake up from.

2. Not The Daddy

It’s hard to imagine anyone but Ed O’Neill as Al Bundy, but there were a few actors and comedians who had the opportunity to fill Al’s smelly shoes. Both Sam Kinison and Michael Richards were considered for the role, however, producers wisely felt they weren’t a match.

1. Ruined Vacation

Shows get canceled all the time, but it usually comes with some sort of warning. However, Married… with Children was canceled so abruptly that all the actors were taken by surprise. Ed O’Neill found out on vacation, and Christina Applegate heard about it from two of her friends.

Can you think of any other facts we missed? If so, talk about them in the comments below.