Here are 18 of the Richest and Most Powerful People in the USA


FeaturedMoneyThere is no doubt that the USA is amongst the most powerful and wealthiest countries in the world. And because of this fact, there is no shortage of rich and powerful individuals in the states. These people control billions and billions of dollars and hold a ton of power to boot, and they come from different ways of life as well. So here are 18 of the richest and most powerful people in the USA, in no particular order. And while you’ll definitely know some of the names on this list, some you likely won’t, like the people in the number 5 spot.

#18 Ginni Rometty

001--18-ginni-rometty-304953When it comes to IT and tech companies, IBM is one of the biggest and most iconic tech companies in the industry. This makes IBM’s CEO Rometty one of the most powerful people in tech as her company employs nearly 400,000 people. Another amazingly powerful woman who owns a majorly successful company comes in at number 10.

#17 Steve Schwarzman

002--17-steve-schwarzman-99bb59b9bd6d2ab3492eb70e522e2a89This man is the king of private equity. He is the CEO of the Blackstone Group, which is a buyout firm with about $334 Billion in assets under management. And his fortune of almost $11 Billion is also very impressive. While you probably didn’t know this guy’s name, you know his company, much like the man in the 13th entry.

#16 Larry Ellison

003--16-larry-ellison--1a6bbe8b2d28ec3d63425c6d10a7d46cEllison is the co-founder and executive chairman of Oracle, a database and software titan. He consistently ranks as one of the top 10 richest people in the world, with a fortune of just under $50 Billion. And while he was successful, his company recently joined up and partnered with the company of the person in the  next entry.

#15 Satya Nadella

004--15-satya-nadella-304967When people think of Microsoft, their minds automatically go right to Bill Gates. And while Gates founded the company, he is no longer the CEO. That distinction goes to Satya Nadellea. And while Microsoft has always been a popular tech company, they have recently faded away from innovation, but Nadella is looking to change that with some new products in the coming years.

#14 Oprah Winfrey

005--14-oprah-winfrey-304972Oprah has come very far in her life to be extremely successful. She escaped from a poverty-stricken childhood and is now the only African-American female billionaire in the States. She is one of the most beloved media personalities of the 21st century and is a huge cultural influence. Oprah now owns and operates her own television station called OWN.

#13 Rex Tillerson

006--13-rex-tillerson-304974Tillerson runs the world’ largest publically traded oil company, Exxon Mobil. The company employs 75,000 people and reports sales of around $400 Billion each and every year. There are few companies as big and influential as this one is, and until he steps down, that makes Tillerson one powerful man. You may recognize this next person from a small startup called Google…

#12 Larry Page

007--12-larry-page-304977Page is the CEO of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, which is the most visited page on the internet. He actually began Google as a PHD project at Stanford and eventually turned it into one of the biggest and most diverse tech companies out there with his business partner, Sergey Brin. He currently has a fortune of around $39 Billion.

#11 Jeff Bezos

008--11-jeff-bezos-2010538a139997c246d953191f6d5b39When it comes to e-commerce and fast product delivery, Amazon is probably the biggest player in the market. They have also widened their reach as a company and generates about $89 Billion each year. Bezos himself is one of the best leaders in the country and has a $67 Billion fortune to show for his hard work.

#10 Abigail Johnson

009--10-abigail-johnson-56de5116ffdb7dc223286d806916b8a0In late 2014, Johnson took over from her father as the CEO of Fidelity, one of the biggest mutual fund companies in the USA. The company manages more than $2 Trillion in assets. And while Johnson does keep a low profile, there is no doubting that she holds a ton of power and is worth billions.

#9 Tim Cook

010--9-tim-cook-304983Cook is the man behind the single most valuable company on the planet, Apple. Apple is worth $645 Billion, and under the leadership of Cook, Apple is continuing to grow. In 2015, he helped launch Apple Music, which millions and millions of people signed up for, and with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus coming out, look for the last quarter of 2016 to be amazing for them too.

#8 Mark Zuckerberg

011--8-mark-zuckerberg-304986In case you have been living under a rock without wifi, Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO and founder of Facebook. Facebook is without a doubt the biggest social network out there and has hundreds of millions of visits each and every day. He was also instrumental in bringing in Oculus, which will surely make his $55 Billion fortune grow even higher once people start to warm up to VR on a larger basis.

#7 Chales and David Koch

NY: AMERICAN BALLET WINTER BALLThese two are the founders of Koch Industries, which is the second biggest private company in the United States, which gives them a ton of power. They are worth a ton of money between the two of them and their company is extremely varied. They sell everything from petrochemicals to dixie cups, to clothing materials. The Koch brothers have used their wealth to influence everything from charities to politics.

#6 Bill Gates

013--6-bill-gates-abf4207c20d7a1d0f9cbe8dffa18b265Gates co-founded Microsoft in 1975 and has since grown into one of the richest people on the planet and a true innovator. He is currently worth $90 Billion and runs one of the best charities in the world (which has given away tens of billions of dollars) since leaving Microsoft. Gates is estimated to be worth $79.6 billion.

#5 Jay z and Beyonce

014--5-jay-z-and-beyonce-304996While most of the people on this list are CEOs and businessmen and women, entertainment is becoming a major source of power and wealth. And there has never been a couple as powerful as Jay Z and Beyonce in entertainment. Both make tens of millions of dollars every year and are at or near the top of their crafts.

#4 Elon Musk

015--4-elon-musk-981bef41a46b429a0777ef3322eda0f1When it comes to innovation, Elon Musk is second to none. He had invested in over a dozen companies and is the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, which are two of the most innovative firms in the country. Look for his ideas and companies to grow and him to grow his $11 Billion fortune once more people begin to appreciate and switch over to his innovations.

#3 Janet Yellen

016--3-janet-yellen-305002While she is not a CEO or business owner, she is among the most powerful people on the planet. Yellen is the current Head of the Federal Reserve, which means she is in control of the U.S economy and is its guardian. Her decisions and choices impact each and every American, now that’s power.

#2 Warren Buffett

017--2-warren-buffett-305004When it comes to wealth, almost no single person can touch Buffett. He currently has a fortune of around $66 Billion. He is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, which has grown exponentially and is one of the best companies on the planet. If you would have invested $1000 in his company when it first began, that would now be worth more than $10 Million. But even with all this wealth, his power can’t touch that of the next and final entry.

#1 Barack Obama

018--1-barack-obama-305006There was no other person that we could possibly but as the number one spot in this article. As the President of the United States of America, he resides over the most powerful country out there, and, as a result, has more responsibility and power than anyone else. He has helped raise the GDP of the USA by $3 Billion during his tenure, which has been considered a success by many.

So as you can see, these businessmen, creators, and leaders are among the most powerful people in the country. And when you are one of the most powerful people in the most powerful country on the planet, that is saying something about how successful you are. And while a lot of these people are extremely wealthy, wealth doesn’t always equate to powerful. In the past, people like army generals and such could be considered the most powerful but now, cash is king and the rich are most often those who hold a ton of power, especially in the USA.