These Insane Japanese Products Are Actually Kind Of Useful


Move over, Sharper Image! Japan is, and always has been, a leader in inventing things the rest of the world just doesn’t think about. They have the imagination and the know-how to create products that are not only practical and helpful, they’re also eye-catching and cute! Whether it is an ear exploration kit, a pair of heels with attached umbrellas, or a toothbrush finger condom, they know how to make stuff that the rest of us need to have.

Follow along to take a look at some of the strangest, most unique Japanese products out there. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find something you never knew existed but can’t live without.


14. Portable Crosswalk

001-14-portable-crosswalk-793320Crossing the road can be tricky, especially without a crosswalk. I mean, who knows if the cars are actually going to stop? However, now that the portable crosswalk exists, your hesitation in crossing streets is over. Simply lay out the crosswalk where ever you’d like to cross and, voila, the traffic stops and you can continue to your destination.

13. Skirt Kayak

002-13-skirt-kayak-793359You never know when you might need to suddenly use a kayak. Those rough waters tend to come out of nowhere so the best thing to do is take precaution and be prepared. Fortunately, this handy skirt kayak makes looking fashionable easy while also having an inflatable kayak on the ready.

12. Toilet Putting Green

003-12-toilet-putting-green-793390There are two types of people in this world: those who take their time in the bathroom and those who do not. If you are the former, this wacky invention is right up your alley. Instead of spending time on the toilet looking at the wall in front of you, simply fit on the putting green and practice your golf swing.

11. Hair Guard

004-11-hair-guard-793424Finding hair has to be one of the grossest ways to ruin a perfectly good bowl of soup, even if it’s one of your own hairs. With all the soup the Japanese eat, they know the devastation of wasting a hot bowl and thankfully, have come up with a handy invention to keep it from happening. Introducing the hair guard, saving tasty soup from falling hair everywhere!

10. Solar Lighter

005-10-solar-lighter-793457Lighters are so easy to just toss in your pocket and carry with you where ever you go. On the other hand, they are also easy to lose. Instead of constantly needing to replace the cheap lighters you lose, why not invest in your bad habit — spend a little more on a sweet solar lighter, and look even cooler lighting up.

9. Screen Jacket

006-9-screen-jacket-793487Having trouble focusing on your work? Tired of the nosy people sitting next to you at the library? The screen jacket is here to save the day. This innovative invention is perfect for giving you the privacy you need to focus on your work and, bonus, you’ll be super warm and snuggly.

8. Hand Chopper

007-8-hand-chopper-795039Have you ever experienced the misfortune of chopping off a finger while cutting vegetables? Perhaps you haven’t actually chopped a finger off, but the fear is real. Well, fear no more, my friends. Japan has created a special, though kind of terrifying, hand chopper to help you cut veggies without fear of slicing off a finger.

7. Car Vending Machine

008-7-car-vending-machine-795073Vending machines are everywhere in Japan. You can buy almost anything out of a vending machine there, including cars, or information about cars at least. This vending machine is made to catch your eye and interest. Though you cannot actually purchase a car here, it provides brochures and information regarding these colorful, fun smart cars.

6. Slipper Sweeper

009-6-slipper-sweeper-793526Instead of using a regular sized broom and dustpan for the small messes, why not use a tiny broom and dustpan attached to a comfy pair of shoes? This way, if you find some leftover crumbs on the floor, you are already prepared to quickly clean up, not to mention that it’s oh so fashionable.

5. Chopstick Fan

010-5-chopstick-fan-793227Hey you, eating that soup that’s way too hot — you don’t have to burn your mouth. There is another way. Introducing — the chopstick fan. This easy to use, battery powered fan fits right on your chopsticks so you never have to wait for your noodles to cool again.

4. Mild Mannered Hamburger Packaging

011-4-mild-mannered-hamburger-packaging-793146Are you ever so self-conscious about eating in public that you just can’t bring yourself to take a bite of your delicious hamburger? Well, thanks to this innovative fast food packaging, you can pig out to your heart’s content and never have to worry about what that cute stranger across the room thinks about your eating habits.

3. Banana Case

012-3-banana-case-793313Don’t you hate it when you bring a banana along to work and it accidentally gets squished? Your snack gets ruined and all because you don’t have a nice, hard case to carry it in. Now, these inventions might exist elsewhere but this case is such a delight that we think everyone needs one.

2. Toothbrush Finger Condom

013-2-toothbrush-finger-condom-793126This has to be one of the most interesting inventions of all time. This practical product gives the brusher a whole new way to clean those pearly whites. Instead of simply holding the toothbrush, the finger condom fits tightly over the pointer finger to really give your hand the flexibility it needs to brush deeply.

1. Girlfriend’s Lap Pillow

014-1-girlfriend-s-lap-pillow-793271For those of you who just want a nice warm lap to sleep on, this product is for you. Thanks to the Japanese, you lonely guys can purchase a perfectly soft pair of legs to relax on. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone if you decide to give her a name.

Japan has contributed in big ways to many major industries with their revolutionary inventions including in the fields of technology and electronics. However, they are also skilled at creating things that are really quite playful and border on impractical. Still, they are known for their creativity, ingenuity, and innovation.

They continually come up new inventions that have the rest of us shaking our heads while simultaneously feeling like we need to buy the latest gadget. Really, we all need to thank Japan for the wonderful things they’ve contributed to the world. Without them, life just wouldn’t be as fun.