Kitchen Design Ideas – 100 Superb Options


Designing your own house is always fun. The best thing about constructing your house with your own unique customization is designing everything from scratch. By consulting your architect you can maximize your use of the spaces of your house, slowly turning each rooms into a cozy place you can call your home. From choosing the color of walls to applying wallpapers if you want, and designing your bathrooms and kitchen with your own choices of tiles and wall decorations. With proper time and planning, you can choose carefully over a number of different materials that can be used. This time we will look over the necessary steps in custom-designing your own kitchens and some recommended and brilliant kitchen design ideas.

The kitchen, according to all women, is the heart of the house, regardless of whether or not they cook. The kitchen needs to be clean and comfortable. Your family members will without a doubt spend a large proportion of their times in the kitchen. Yes, some people prefer having their meals at the dining table or in front of the TV but why should that stop you from getting a beautiful kitchen with great utilities? Plus, a dining table is not always convenient. In today fast-paced lifestyle, we cannot always afford the luxury of having every meal together. A spacious kitchen can seat your family so they can eat well without having to sacrifice quality working time.

This is where good kitchen design ideas become significant. By listing out your priorities and preferences, you can sort out the positions of various cabinets and counters to complement the necessary appliances. If you prefer cooking in one area away from the eating area, you can place the stove in one corner opposite your eating counter. Some may favor having the sink in the middle, on one separate island of counter, while some others would rather use the said island as a dining area. All of these can be considered in customizing your kitchen. Visualize your kitchen according to these factors so you would not regret the layout later.

After getting your needs sort out, you can start choosing your appliances. Do you want separate sinks for washing, or are you going to get a dishwasher machine? Are you going to use an oven built-in to the wall or do you want an external one? All these should be taken into account before you proceed with the design. Most interior designers have kitchen themes that may interest you, and they usually recommend the appliances that match their themes, and maybe not yours. Deciding early on can save you the trouble of modifying your kitchen design ideas in case the end result does not meet your expectations.

When that is done, then only should you move on to the material and decoration layout. What color would you prefer? Remember, this would affect the final ambiance of the room. Dark colors can bring out a neat look, while bright colors, like white for instance, has a widening effect, making the room seem wider and more spacious. What kind of material do you envision your kitchen with? Do you want the kitchen floor tiles to complement the metal appliances for that shiny and modern look, or would you prefer for the marble cabinets to match your wooden floor to carry the rustic, cozy feel of a traditional kitchen? Let us take a look at some of the most innovative kitchen design ideas that may suit your needs.

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1- Small Dining and Two Seats
Dining With Two Seats

As seen in this picture, the shiny appliances match the floor tiles. The dark brown cabinets go well with the moss green marble cabinets. The lighting is also nicely done, as the cabinets have some overhead lighting for each section. The island cabinet houses the stove as well as a small dining area that can seat 2-4 people. The close proximity between the cooking and eating area gives ease for the cook to both serve and eat. One addition you could make to this arrangement is the surface of the cabinet. While the elongated look seems to store a lot, due to the corner not many items can actually be placed. If you have a coffee machine or a waffle maker that you frequently use, the cabinet surface would already be cluttered.

2- More Storage More Lighting
Alternate Dining on Tiled Floor

Another corner-end layout, this arrangement is one of the more spacious kitchen design ideas. The longer kitchen counter provides more storage space. The island cabinet consists of the stove, freeing the other counters. Since the lighting is good, the increased ceiling does not darken the room at all. The blanch marble kitchen top complements the bright floor tiles, yet does not stand out against the wooden brown mahogany cabinets. Even though the island counter is wide enough to seat many, it might end up crowding the kitchen. The window by the sink is convenient, both for cleaning and ventilation when cooking.

3- Adding Greenery
Adding Greenery

In this picture the kitchen applies a wooden theme that deemphasizes the modern look of the appliances by playing with light colors. The corner marble counter top is in cream, while the wall behind them uses tiny beige and cream tiles. The kitchen counter is wide and spacious enough, but the bright atmosphere adds to it even more. The island cabinet counter uses a similar color, but with a distinct ground tone that differentiate it from the cream color counter. The elegant wooden finishing of the cabinets really blend well with wooden floor, perfecting that homely feel.

4- Corner Kitchen Counters
Black Marble Prominance

Here is another beautiful design for an island cabinet in the middle of corner kitchen counters. This kitchen fits three sinks; one in the island, one in the counter across it, and another by the window. This allows separate use for each one, and if the island counter is used as a working area, then the used up space can be contained in one area only, maximizing free space. The lush, granite marble top decorates the walls as well, highlighting the elegant dark cherry wooden cabinets against the cream colored kitchen floor.

5- Wider Space in Wooden Finish
Island Dining

This corner cabinet arrangement does not differ much with the other kitchen design ideas, other than the wider space that provides a larger space. This kitchen uses a lot of wooden motif, as the counters are all wooden except for the marble tops. One unique addition here is the L-shaped island counter, that obviously seats more. The whole design makes the room seem brighter and more cozy, adding to the location of this kitchen which is in one corner of the house. Placing the stove away from the island counter also allows for a less bound working space, although the counter tops may look unorganized with many items.

6- Large Window for Better Natural Light
Large Window for Better Daylight

This here is one of the loveliest kitchen design ideas. The kitchen faces a large window, providing better lighting to the whole room. The corner cabinets line up along the walls perfectly, housing two sinks for different purposes. The stove and cooking appliances are placed away from the island counter, saving that spot solely for dining. The marble counter tops are of a light color, blending well with the off-white cabinets. These colors stand out nicely against the wooden floor and ceiling. The island counter, of a wholly different design than the cabinets and counters, provides a homely feel to it, being made of simple wood.

7- Blue Mixed With Wooden
Blue Divide in Wooden Finish

The kitchen here is a good example of a modern design. Note how the brightly colored cabinets and the blue walls brighten up the whole room despite being equipped with only dimmed lights. The cabinets also match the dark marble tops; an excellent play on contrast. Here, instead of an island cabinet, one of the corner counters are used as a dining area, sort of making it look like a middle kitchen. This allows the open area to be used solely as the working area. The appliances and stove are placed independent of the dining area, so you can work comfortably in a wide space.

8- Black Tops, Wooden Finish
Black Tops along with Wooden Finish

Applying simple yet classy wooden cabinets to complement the wooden floor and wooden ceiling frames, this kitchen is seems modest yet luxurious. The matte black marble tops add definite volume to the whole room, downplaying the whole wooden look for some balance. Since the room is well-lit due to the wide windows, this room also require minimum lighting. Separating the stove from the island counter provides more working space, although the kitchen is wide enough. The counters resemble a U shape, and provides ample space to house more patrons. This is one kitchen that many would love to use.

9- Efficient Space and Dark Cabinets
Efficient Wider Spaces

modern kitchen design ideas rely on simple positioning that utilizes available spaces efficiently, much like the kitchen here. The dark cabinets line up the room nicely against the earth-toned wall tiles, along with the grayish ground marble kitchen tops. The metallic appliances fit in nicely with the whole arrangement. The stove is stationed on the slightly elevated island counter that makes cooking around your patrons much more convenient. The cream colored wooden floor adds gorgeous lighting to the whole set, finishing the modern and stylish look. The kitchen seems to be near a gathering area, so the ventilation is a great addition.

10- Bright Marble Tops with Soft Wooden Cabinets
Curved Finishing

Another gorgeous modern kitchen design that is well lit. Bright colors are always a good choice for modern looks to your kitchen. The bright marble tops match the soft wooden cabinets nicely. Two separated sinks allow one to be cleaning and the other strictly for washing. Placing the stove against one side of the wall is more efficient in cooking. The island cabinet is also elevated at one side, probably for dining with ease. This design might become cluttered once the surfaces are filled by appliances and culinary equipment, but the pearl white floor really widens the room, so with proper sorting you can easily maneuver your way through the kitchen.

11- Cozy and Warm Atmosphere
Exquisite Design With Harmony

now this is a kitchen that would moonlight perfectly as a housewife’s office. The working area is optimized by the relatively wide kitchen. The main appliances; the stove, oven and sink are stationed strategically around the island counter, so working from the island counter always keep them within your reach. On a whole, the cozy and warm atmosphere of the kitchen is provided by the simple yet brilliant blend of colors. From the beige-ish caramel floor to the matte black cabinets and dark maple wooden cabinets, all these play a role in creating the perfect heart of the house. The design also doubles as a pantry layout suggestion due to the simple setting.

12- Stone Walls with Wooden Floor
Stone and Wood- A Good Mix

This kitchen has granite stone wall designs, the metal counter tops fit perfectly. Most modern kitchen design ideas are dependent on bright colors and themes, but this once thrives despite deploying the opposite. The lush maple wood finishing of the cabinets do not falter the modern look of the metal tops, but instead go surprisingly well with the shiny wooden tone of the kitchen floor. The island cabinet has a built-in oven installed, so using it as a dining area might not be possible. This kitchen is rather crowded but still comfortable nevertheless. Plus cleaning and maintaining would not be a bother with those metal counter tops.

13- Meant for Young Couples
Metallic Look

Another modern kitchen that blends the bright and dark colors for a stylish look. The floor and walls are generally bright and add space to the whole room. The white marble counter tops stand out nicely against the black double-doored cabinets. The island counter is slightly undersized, so using it as a dining area is better, even though the working space is not necessarily compromised. The island counter may be able to seat more, but it looks so very cozy as is. This whole design is highly recommended for young couples who may spend a lot of time in the kitchen throughout their days.

14- Matching Walls and Counters
Matching Counter and Wallpaper

An elegant design for the suburbs, this kitchen’s main focus is on the marble counter tops and wall that follow the same motif. The wide island counter allows for ample working space, and the different sinks make functions go more smoothly with different stations catering to different tasks. The modern look is achieved through the perfect blend between wooden furniture against the metal appliances around them. The generally spacious kitchen allows for better storage, and avoids from being cluttered. One thing that you might disagree with is the striking pattern of the walls and marble tops that may scream for attention in a way.

15- Large Island Counter and Dining
American Style Design

Here we have a wide and spacious kitchen that relies heavily on brightly colored cabinets and counters. The bright walls and marble tops allude to the wooden floor and overhead cabinets. The overhead lighting and extended lamp above the island counter really lights up the whole room. The island cabinet is rather large though, so large it might as well be the dining table. The lenghty cabinets allow for many items to be placed on top, and the distance between cabinets and island counter maximizes walking-around space, so patrons should have no problem getting from one corner to the other.

16- Dark cabinets with White Walls
Sleek and Modern

This kitchen can be described thoroughly with only one adjective; elegant. Kitchen design ideas sometimes try too hard at being fancy that they usually involves intricate details and decorations but this one hits it right, despite the large island counter that stands out painstakingly. The spaces may look narrow at first, but as long as you do not have people cooking on the stove and working at the island counter at the same time, you should not have a real problem. The dark choice of colors for the cabinets and marble tops highlight the whole setting against the white plain walls.

17- Open Space Ceiling and All in Round Shape
Round Walk-A-Away

This arrangement; the position of the cabinets, the choice of colors and the wide open-space ceiling can regard this design as the ultimate modern kitchen layout. The whole positioning in the U shape really maximizes the areas, whether it is for cooking, dining or just loitering around answering mails. The elongated cabinets can store various utensils. The black marble tops stand out nicely against the dark wood cabinets. Overhead lighting is installed for this room, although the large window would provide natural light.

18- Black, White and Gold
Black Yet Gold

This kitchen here would jolly do well for you governors out there. The perfect fuse between modern and classy, through the elegant mixing of black and gold, this kitchen looks bright and cozy at the same time, despite using a lot of dark colors in the arrangement. The dining are in the middle is in range of the stove, hence the cook, making having that warm dinner with the family much more easy. The bright floor reflects the color of the ceiling, though this maybe caused by the extensive lighting work. If you are not a fan of black, you can try similar kitchen design ideas with other variations of color, to match the color of your kitchen.

19- Connects to Gathering Area, Superb Kitchen Design Ideas
Gathering in Kitchen

This is a modern everyday kitchen that suits the modern fast-paced lifestyle of today. The island counter is both a work place and dining area, and it seems the kitchen connects to another gathering area, so in case the patron needs to move back and forth from the kitchen to the TV, they can do so with ease. The dark wooden cabinets match the metallic appliances nicely, and the positioning of said appliances; built-in to the walls, allows for quick and breezy handling. The final setting is also credited to the ventilation of the whole room. Not only is the stove equipped with an exhaust fan, but there is a window near the sink, so a stuffy kitchen is not what you will have with such kitchen design ideas.

20- Wooden Cabinets and Bright Walls
Bright Kitchen

This seems like the kitchen of a nice grandma who bakes awesome stuffs like double apple pie with cornmeal crust and always gives warm hugs and kisses. The lush wooden cabinets blend well with the bright kitchen walls and cream marble counter tops, giving the room a nice color and warmth. The stove is near the island counter/dining area, and houses one of the three sinks of the kitchen. Each side of the room can store many equipment, so even after filling them all up the kitchen won’t look cluttered. The best feature about this kitchen is probably the low ceiling that makes it look like a Hobbit’s kitchen.

21- Matching Counters in U-Shape
Everything in Place

This kitchen does not look very wide at first, but the U-shaped cabinet really took care of that. The dining area in the middle is quite large, and would sit many. The counter tops would allows for many equipment and appliances. The stove is also nicely placed not too far from the sink and middle counter. Similar kitchen design ideas should take note of the position of the windows here for the lighting of the room can highly depend on it. The wooden cabinets are neat, and though the salmon marble counter tops glare a bit from the whole theme of the room, you can simply choose a different marble top design.

22- More of Additional Dining
Additional Dinning

This kitchen utilizes the dark brown cabinets as the darkest color of the whole room to add volume to its finishing. The soft brown walls really conceal the white marble counter tops giving it all a neat look. The stove is one with the island counter that doubles as a dining area that apparently seats many. A wonderfully easy to maneuver kitchen, all the appliances are within range of the stove and working area, so working and catering to little children would not be so hard. Adding a TV at the other side of the room can really help for those who like to learn on-hand.

23- Imposing Arch Within
An Arch Within

Among kitchen design ideas that fit contemporary and modern lifestyle, this U-shaped kitchen would be so easy to work around with. The island counter is a cute middle cabinets with a sink on top, providing more space to the whole kitchen. The color of the wooden cabinets refine the whole room, along with the metallic appliances and bright beige marble counter tops. This design would definitely benefit people who live in apartments. It is easy to work in this kitchen despite the size limitation. The counters may seem inadequate at first but after proper cleaning you would have ample working space and storage.

24- White Marble Counter Tops and Dark Wooden Cabinets
Fabulous White Marble

This design allows for a breezy work experience throughout the kitchen. The island counter can seat many, so it can also be used as a dining area. It may be connected to the stove, but neither eating nor cooking is going to be a hassle due to the wide open space. The appliances are mostly built-in to the walls and cabinets, providing more overall space, along with that sophisticated modern look. The whole design is also simple; utilizing white marble counter tops and dark wooden cabinets to finish the look. Without proper ventilation however, the room would rely heavily on the exhaust fan to let out smoke.

25- Textured Tops and Tiled Floor
Tiles and Texture

Another cozy and private kitchen design, this kitchen equips the modern setting using wooden cabinets but metal appliances. The marble design blends well with the granite stone walls and caramel floor tiles. Overall the kitchen does not have that much space, though it already looks more than enough. The whole room looks cozy due to its warm mix of modern and traditional look. Built-in appliances also allow for easy access for cooking and catering to guests. The room is well-lit, adding to its warm feeling. By varying your choice of chairs or stools, this kitchen can look entirely balanced, depending on your taste.

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26- U-Shaped Middle Counter
Middle Counter Design

This here is for you folks who like to host gathering events at their homes. One of the best features of these kitchen design ideas is the arrangement that ends up affecting the whole mood and liveliness of the room. This kitchen uses U-shaped middle counters to add space without restricting any one area. The whole appliances are still within range, both for cook and guests. The cabinet and marble counter designs really light up the kitchen using that modern look, while the differently colored island counter that doubles as the dining area stands out perfectly as the center of the room. You can just imagine this kitchen being warm with company and chattering.

27- Large and Wide Kitchen
Wide Yet Exquiste

This here is a large and wide kitchen that compartmentalize the existing areas according to their purpose. A wide space for the middle island counter allows for easy working throughout the kitchen. You may have to do some walking to reach the appliances but when has walking been bad? The lush brown kitchen cabinets highlight the white middle counter in a perfect contrast nicely. This kitchen also has an isolated dining area that would in no way obstruct the kitchen works. The counter may seem inefficient to store more equipment and appliances, but the large cabinets can help solve that problem. The kitchen floor is also lightly colored for that cool mood.

28- White Tops Black Furniture and White Glass Door
White Top and Glass Door

Here is another of the many simple kitchen design ideas. Everything is within reach and easy to steer through. The dark cabinets match well against the metal appliances and marble counter tops. The whole room seems bright thanks to the light wooden floor. The wall is white, along with the windows and door, giving off a wide and spacious look. This kitchen makes use of its limited space nicely to that it does not look cluttered at all.

29- Corner Kitchen with Heavy Contrast
Contrast With Perfection

This corner kitchen relies on the heavy contrast between the white wall and the dark brown, almost black wooden cabinets for that wonderful blend of modern and traditional look. The cabinets allow for large storage areas, so the counter tops would not look so cluttered. The sink and stove as well as the appliances are within range of the island cabinet that also doubles as a small dining area. The carpeted floor stops at the kitchen area, turning this corner of the house the perfect pantry for all.

30- White Tops and Metallic Finish
Metallic Finish

This here is one bright and uplifting modern kitchen. The smooth wooden cabinets mix well with the white marble counter tops. The beautiful wall section above the stove is an elegant addition for that classy look. Using the island cabinet solely for dining however, limits the working area of the kitchen since the appliances are quite far from the stove. Kitchen design ideas such as these can be worked on for better results, so try and experiment with other cabinets and kitchen counters of different sizes to fill up the gap in spaces.

31- U-Shape Around the Uniquely Shaped Middle Counter
Uniquely Shaped Counter

This kitchen has managed to maximize the working area of the room despite the size limitation. The U shape kitchen counters sit nicely around the uniquely shaped middle counter. The various overhead cabinets save up the counter surfaces to place real important everyday stuff and still look organized. This kitchen owes its modern look to the wallpaper that highlights the appliances and other shiny equipment.

32- Dark Matte Brings Warm Feel
Matte Finish

This beautiful kitchen uses dark matte colors for the cabinets and kitchen counters that give the room a classy traditional look despite the modern setting from the appliances, that sprawls nicely across the room, being within range of the middle working area. The Victorian brown cabinets match the black middle island counter perfectly, creating a blend of fresh matte look.

33- Extended Storage and Compact Design
Compact and Spacious

This here is another kitchen that manages to turn around the size problem. Without making it cluttered, the cabinets are arranged nicely around the room, along with built-in appliances that stay within range of the middle working area. Storage will not be a problem despite the size, for a small compartment is built in between the cabinets. If you live in an apartment you could really use kitchen design ideas like these.

34- Lavish Wooden Feel
Royal Feeling

The corner cabinets that make up this corner kitchen allows for storage along the walls of the room. The wide kitchen uses the ample space efficiently to allow easy cooking and catering to patrons at the island counter. Every appliances are within the reach of the stove and the main working area, despite the large spaces in between. An overall large kitchen, you can try various arrangement and counter sizes to suit your needs, that is if you too have a problem with too much space in the kitchen.

35-Wooden Ceiling and Life Within
Life Within

This here is a pantry concept idea that would benefit from a wide room with ample space. Utilizing a middle kitchen counter, this kitchen is in a complete U motion. Tasks like cleaning and cooking can be done with ease since the appliances like the stove and sinks are all contained to one area of the room. This kitchen is easy to navigate through and cooking should be a more comfortable experience when the kitchen is this neat. If your kitchen has different sections then you could definitely adapt some of these kitchen design ideas.

36- Straight Looks while Seats Are in Private
Elegant and Luxurious

This picture shows a wide corner kitchen with wooden cabinets that include an overhead wine compartment. Operating in this kitchen would be a walk in the park for the real enthusiasts, for the wide area allows for great compartmentalizing. You can cook something on the stove while watching a turkey bake in the oven and finishing your molten lava chocolate cake from the middle kitchen counter all at the same time. Note how one side of the kitchen can also seat patrons so if you like to host social events at your homes this kitchen would be a hit among your guests.

37- Wide Movement Area and Bar Chairs
Walk Around

The kitchen in this picture has its U shape thanks to the middle kitchen counter that glues the whole room as the main working area. The appliances are built-in to the walls allowing for easy access. It would be more efficient if the refrigerator switch places with the ovens, for that way all the appliances will be concentrated on one section only. This kitchen has many wide spaces, so other variations you could try is an even bigger middle counter that can seat more people as the main dining area.

38- Soft Matte Brown Cabinets and Wooden Floor
Natural Warmth

This kitchen would charm anyone at first sight with its fresh rigorousness. The classy traditional look is defined through the use of soft matte brown wooden cabinets that blend nicely with the wooden floor and brick wall designs. The whole arrangement is sort of striped with a dark chocolate line through the use of the middle dining area and stove. The spaces left are not significant as most corners of the room are filled with equipment for various purposes.

39- Green Fresh Look
Fresh Look

this kitchen here neatly uses the wide space given to house various features of the kitchen around the middle working area that can also be used to serve food for the patrons. The overall middle size of the room allows for gatherings among women in the kitchen, for example, to be warmer and more interactive. All the appliances are within reach so working whether alone or with company would be a favorable task. This kitchen design idea would allow for those warm gatherings to be more often and much more bearable.

40- Soft Mature Colors For the Cabinets
18th Century Design

The invigorating look of this kitchen is achieved through the use of soft colors for the cabinets and counters that make the room appear well lit even without proper lighting. The darkest object in this room is the dark brown wooden floor, which stands out against the carpeted area of the room. This is a rather large kitchen, with the appliances quite apart from each other, so you could improve on that. This whole look is overall calming and relaxing, so your future equipment should stay within the same range of atmosphere.

41- The Smart Selection
Neat and Smart

This kitchen can fit into a small apartment yet maintain all of its usefulness without sacrificing space. Built with limited capacity, this kitchen is meant for a fast-paced lifestyle. Adding a middle counter would interrupt with the whole mix, so it is better to leave it like this. Cooking appliances are focused in one corner of the room, allowing for easy access of everything.

42- White Arches and Drak Wooden look
Wood Combination

This classy kitchen uses dark wooden cabinets against the white kitchen walls to create a lovely contrast for a traditional look. The island counter as well as dining area can seat many at a time without having to sacrifice working space. The window faces the center of the room, allowing for proper ventilation. The stove is placed at the center of the kitchen, near the middle counter and in reach of the oven. While some people dislike kitchen design ideas that leave out gaps like this kitchen does, there are also who adore the extra space in case the occasion arises.

43- Plain Floor Dark Skirting
Latin Style

This kitchen here uses a long cornered arrangement, although with the cabinets at the far side of the kitchen the room seems more of a U. The storage space is unbelievably large, as every wall has compartments that can be used. The large stove matches the long island counter that works better as a working area than for dining purposes. Since the large cabinets can store many large items, there is no need to clutter the counter surfaces with appliances that you rarely use.

44- Metallic and Executive Gray Look
Single Tone Design

This here is a beautiful modern U-shaped kitchen. The play on the color white against the metallic appliances along with bright wooden floor really gives the whole room a sophisticated look. The cooking appliances are placed far from each other, but due to the limited nature of the kitchen, it manages to become efficient despite the shortcomings.

45- Light Gray and Well Lit Ambiance
Beauty Defined

This kitchen utilizes different sets of cabinets and counters to create a pretty half and half kitchen. The white cabinets really get along with the cream ones, and both look excellent with the black marble counter tops. This bright room does not rely mainly on lighting to be well-lit. The position of the sink and other appliances are focused in one area, allowing for breezy cooking. These kitchen design ideas are really neat, a half-and-half that suits each other perfectly.

46- Whit Finished with Wooden Floor
Pretty in White

This kitchen uses so much white that the whole room looks clean and wide, and of course the actual length of the cabinets and island counter play a part as well. The modern look is achieved through the cooking appliances that are built-in to the walls. This whole room is rather well positioned, so this design is thorough already as is. Overall a large kitchen to manage on a busy day, so you might want to re-arrange some of the cabinets to maximize efficiency.

47- Arches Fitting Well Under Wooden Ceiling
Looks Right? It’s Right!

A cozy corner kitchen, this whole room looks so comfortable to be in. The work area and dining area are separated, providing maximum working efficiency. The small size allows for all appliances to be within range from the island counter. The arrangement of the cabinets separate the kitchen into two sections, turning the whole scene into a lovely picture. The fact that the kitchen is an extension of what seems to be a gathering area adds volume to the whole composition of the room, simply by providing an interesting corner.

48- Light Shade with Dark Gray Tiled Walls
Combination Making a Statement

This design here would nicely fit that crummy apartment of yours. The all-white cabinet laced with shades of gray marble counter tops stand out well against the black brick walls. Despite the size, this cute kitchen would still perform its culinary purposes perfectly. One fortunate thing to gain from a relatively small kitchen is you are always within reach of the kitchen appliances, allowing for efficient multi-tasking. An urban lifestyle does not require you to fill your kitchen with too many equipment or grocery items, so you could really save on the cabinets.

49- Direct Garden View from Windows
Blacklines of Design

With no island counter, this modern kitchen gains a large space to work in. The built-in oven that was supposed to be on the other end of the kitchen is now within reach from the stove and sink. Good ventilation is also a point here, having both exhaust fan and a nearby window. The blend of smooth chocolate surface and caramel marble counter tops really add a flavor to the whole room.

50- Departmentalized and White
Asian-inspired kitchen

A large and wide kitchen, this room could actually use a bigger island cabinet. The appliances are quite apart from each other, so you would have to walk to each station while working around. The bright side is, your kitchen has sections. These kitchen design ideas would fit medium to large sized houses, since a lot can be done with the extra space in this kitchen. Other variants may involve use of different color themes that will affect the final look of the kitchen.

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51- Dark Cabinets, Textured Tops and Tiled Walls
Lighten Up Your Home

This here is a bright kitchen despite the choice of dark colors for the cabinets. The middle island cabinet really adds volume to the whole room by providing a U shaped moving space. The use of an electric stove is a nice addition to the kitchen. This is an efficient design worth considering if you have a limited layout to your kitchen. You can opt for different cabinet and counter tops to have a different vibe.

52- Sofa is Close for Dining Comfort
Sit and Relax

This kitchen is truly the epitome of modern culinary. The whole corner cabinets use up less space than you would imagine, that the middle island counter/dining area is not intruding at all. Most of the appliances are built-in to the walls, along with the stove which is in a special cooking area with overhead exhaust fan. Modern kitchen design ideas cater to people whose lives are always on the go, so a kitchen that saves up space yet has perfect cooking utilities is more than you would need. This way, you can lead a healthy diet consisting of better food.

53- Marble Tops, White Finish and Wooden Floor
White Kitchens Brighten Up The Home

This here is a picture of a beautiful white kitchen, deploying the use of all-white cabinets and marble counter tops. The arrangement of the whole set allows for ample working space. The middle counter looks very cozy, seating two against the window. Most would agree that this is a middle-sized kitchen, so with proper positioning you can maximize the extra space to fully turn your kitchen into the warm hearth of the house.

54- Wide Middle Counter Facing Refrigerator
Soft Tone Kitchen

This kitchen here is large in size, but the large middle counter eats up most of the space. The built-in refrigerator and cooking appliances allow for some walking space but more can actually be gained. The whole theme is bright and modern, so with proper arrangement you can maximize space and efficiency.

55- All Gray and Relaxing Shades
Grey Look

This is a lovely kitchen cut out of a beautiful picture book. The play on grey and white really highlights the whole room, giving it an under tone that has a relaxing vibe to its patrons. Navigating through this kitchen is also easy given the closeness of the equipment. Some may prefer a smaller middle counter to make some seating space but it depends on your preferences.

56- Dark Island is Fancy Dining Area
Island in The Middle

This here is a small yet lovely kitchen that allows for much activity despite the size. The middle counter is a great center of the room, being darker than the other cabinets. You could use a larger one if you fancy a dining area in the middle of the kitchen, seeing that this room has more than enough space for it. This is one of the kitchen design ideas that can be improved on.

57- Simple Yet Fulfilling
Black Holders!

This kitchen is bright and charming and is spacious enough to store many items on its long marble counters. The appliances are installed fixed to the wall and cabinet, allowing for a wide working space. This kitchen is simple yet fulfilling in more than one sense. Tweaking with the arrangement may greatly affect the final outlook of the room.

58- Royal Look in Wooden Finish
Picture Says It All!

This kitchen here looks so elegant yet so cozy using wooden tree bark colors that give the whole room that antic and rusty look. All appliances are within working range and this kitchen can house a number of patrons while operating, making this whole concept a possible lively corner of your house. This happens to be a favorite kitchen design idea among European countries.

59- Intriguingly Fresh Look
Dark Look

this vibrant kitchen is equipped with many wooden cabinets that manage to give the room a modern and intriguingly fresh look. The white middle counter gives balance to the whole setting. A simple yet cozy design that uses up space efficiently and a recommended layout as the heart of the house.

60- White and Wooden Contrast With Door to Varandah
Neutral & Bright

This here is a wide and spacious kitchen with far apart kitchen appliances. While some people love big kitchens so they can flood it with various stocks and equipment, some others prefer small cozy kitchens where it is easy to work in. The working area is focused in one section though, so as it is not something you cannot get used to.

61- Lively Tone Gives a Cheerful Atmosphere
Kitchen in Style!

One of kitchen design ideas that aim to widen a given area would usually use a lot of bright colors, much like this kitchen here. The cabinets along the walls allow for built-in appliances that can save up some space. The lively tone of the whole room really gives off a cheerful atmosphere.

62- Contrast Island for Working cum Dining
Your Next Level Kitchen

Here we have another bright and cheerful kitchen, with middle island counter for working and dining purposes. The whole room does have gaps here and there, so by experimenting with different middle counters you can fill those extra spaces and utilize your whole kitchen. This is a kitchen design idea worth checking out.

63- Populated with Kitchen Gadgets and Opens to Laundry
Island Setting it Apart

For some reason many would fine this kitchen to be relaxing and cozy. The deep coffee wooden cabinets give the kitchen a warm atmosphere that awakens the whole room. The perfect kitchen design ideas for modern people, this layout can be tested with other variations to improve the seating area, or not if you like that extra room in your kitchen.

64- Wooden Cabinets blend with White Marble Counter
Remodel Your Kitchen

This here is another modern setting for the modern kitchen. The wooden cabinets blend nicely with the white marble counter tops and metal appliances. The bright kitchen floor helps light the room even without extensive lighting. With proper planning, you can turn this room according to your preferences without large expenses, so consult a designer properly.

65- Unique Ceiling Gives Space Too
Uniqueness Identified

This wide kitchen appears comfortable despite the large island counter in the middle of the room. Cooking would be a breeze as even though the kitchen has much space, the appliances are not that far apart. This kitchen is already equipped with a good doom having ceiling fans for summer. Most of the shapes are curved but conveniently placed.

66- Off-White Elegance with Black Marble Tops
Geometric Forms

In this picture we have another classy yet modern design for a kitchen. The cabinets are all- off-white elegantly, while the black marble tops fit the whole setting perfectly. The details make the whole place look like a cafe on the sidewalk somewhere in Paris. The appliances are aligned well in one section of the kitchen. Connected to a small gathering area allows this kitchen to be the heart of the house, allowing easy access to the patrons.

67- Majestic  Columns and All White
All White!

This kitchen is one kitchen that many would love to be able to cook in. The setting allows for the right side of the kitchen to look like the middle counter for the kitchen, since the area next to it is an open space. The cabinets allow for a large storage space and ample working space. If you prefer a larger dining area you can opt for a bigger middle counter, also for that extra working room.

68- Compact Corner Wooden Ceiling
Traditional White Kitchen

Another example of a modern and cozy kitchen design, this kitchen deploys the use of multi-colored cabinets with a recurring tone. Despite the small size, maneuvering through this kitchen would not be a hassle at all. The whole kitchen design idea gives a warm atmosphere to this part of the house. One can just imagine the wife preparing dinner either self-cooked or warming a take-out but the sight would be nevertheless, priceless.

69- Dark Cabinets and Black Marble Counter Tops
Rich and Traditional Colors

This modern and classy kitchen uses dark cabinets and black marble counter tops for that elegant look. Since the appliances are focused on one side of the kitchen all culinary operations are set to take place smoothly. If you have additional cooking utensils like toaster or food processors you would have more than enough space to place them on.

70- Depth in Black Floor and Large Arch in Front
Modern Lights

Now this here looks like a kitchen of the future. The sink and stove are connected to the same island counter, so steering yourself through the kitchen would be a breeze. Cooking activities would be concentrated on one side of the room. These kitchen design ideas have extra spaces that can be filled with additional items. If you like to hold gatherings at your homes then this is one kitchen worth showing off.

71- U-Shaped Counter Makes Room for Dining
Neutral and Bright

This is actually a corner kitchen, since one side of the U-shaped counters are a makeshift for the dining area. The middle island counter allows for efficient working space. The overall salmon tone of the kitchen gives the room a cool and relaxing effect. This warm part of the house is perfect for having those intimate moments with your loved ones, regardless over breakfast dinner or lunch.

72- Dining Counter is Close to Sofa Arrangement
Modern Contrast Kitchen

This kitchen looks like it belongs to a penthouse. The elegant black cabinets laced with metal counter tops bring out the sophistication of the whole room. An overall large kitchen, the wide spaces can be utilized for various equipment. The classy 1940s vibe of the house cannot be obtained anywhere else. If you have authentic kitchen design ideas like this, you would need to discuss them thoroughly with your interior designer.

73- Flexible Dining Table on Wooden Floor
Breezy Cooking Experience

This is a cozy kitchen that combines the dining area with one side of the kitchen. The corner cabinets allow for a breezy cooking experience, while the middle island counter provides a working area with easy access to the appliances. This kitchen is also equipped with good ventilation system, as the exhaust fans and the windows would be a great help at getting rid of all the smoke.

74- Utensils Easy to Reach
The Blue Counter Statement!

This here is a convenient kitchen that connects the stove and sink across each other, so you can wash your ingredients immediately before you cook them. The cabinets arrangement focus on the middle island cabinet that can be used as the main working area as well as a dining area. This kitchen design idea could use some tweaking for the best result.

75- Heavy and Sturdy Look of the Island
Heavy and Sturdy Look of Island

A modern and bright design for the modern household. The working area and cooking appliances are places in one corner of the kitchen, allowing for easy culinary experience. The somewhat bulky middle counter can be substituted with a less boxy one that may even seat two to three patrons. With proper planning the room can look much better.

There are a few more items in our kitchen design ideas catalog. However, if you have anything to say related to these kitchen design ideas, feel free to post a comment under this post.

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76- Dining is Entirely Separated in White Finish
Multi-Purpose Counter

This here is a wide kitchen with ample working space. The built-in appliances allow for a breezy cooking. The middle counter can be reserved solely for working purposes, since the right side of the kitchen is used as a dining area, using one side of the counter free from occupation of items. Having guests in this kitchen would certainly be a lovely event.

77- Black Tops are Elegant in Wood
The Victorian Look

This classic kitchen uses a blend of wooden cabinets with black marble counter tops to obtain that elegant and almost Victorian look. The slanted ceiling allows for the room to look quite adorable in its being. Cooking can be done from one side of the kitchen, turning these kitchen design ideas into favorites for owners of middle to large households.

78- Misty White Finish Inviting Sunshine
Misty Finish

A modern kitchen with a bright finishing, this is what most modern day kitchens would look like. The arrangement of the appliances and cabinets do not seem to benefit the patrons, as one would be doing some walking from one side to another. The ovens and sink are placed in one corner, while the stove is all the way over the middle island counter. This arrangement, however, might be of benefit to people who lives on the fast lane, seeing that everything is set conveniently for various occasions.

79- Creamy Gray Finish and Black Border on Floor
Creamy Grey Finish

Most would be able to describe this kitchen with one word; blunt. No the kitchen is not honest to a fault, rather it appears dull but in a good way. The matte grey finishing makes the room look modern and somewhat exclusive. This is one kitchen most bachelors would not mind to utilize, although they would not mind any kind of kitchen. With little tweaks here and there you can perfect this kitchen with the necessary ventilation and airing system.

80- Blend White and the Color Drab
Blend With Perfection!

This kitchen managed to blend white and the color drab so well that it managed to create this homely and cozy fusion of a kitchen design idea. The large middle counter doubles as the dining area, though there is another dining table away from the kitchen. As the main working area, it is efficient as it is near the stove and sink. The kitchen is large and would be very good when having guests over.

81- Dine There in Privacy
Kitchen Privacy

This here is another cozy kitchen that nobody would mind working in. The stove and sink are close to each other, along with the built-in oven in the vicinity. The middle counter top can also be used to cater to patrons. If you like cooking for your guests, this lovely kitchen would be a great place to chit chat while you work on the food.

82- White Walls Cutting Through Dark Shades
A Counter For Two

This kitchen combines the elements of modern and classic, mainly due to the wooden deep chestnut cabinet arranged side by side with modern electrical cooking appliances. This kitchen is efficient in which the appliances are all within range of the middle working area that also seats two. An intimate kitchen design idea for those who are starting out their new journeys.

83- Corner Kitchen with Uniformed Brown Cabinets
Brown Cabinets

This corner kitchen uses a uniformed desert brown cabinets surrounding an island counter that can also be the main working area. The appliances like the stove, oven and refrigerator are placed in one side of the kitchen for easy access. The ample working area allows for maximum exploring of food, so one can totally imagine creating the various flavors of food in this cozy kitchen.

84- White Cabinets Go Nicely Against Black Marble Tops
Another Black and White Combination

This small kitchen design would turn any small studio apartment kitchen into a breezy and convenient one. The white cabinets go nicely against the black marble tops, and since the appliances are placed close together in one area, cooking in this kitchen is not going to be hindered despite the size of the room. This kitchen design idea would fit perfectly apartments with limited space.

85- Fine Mix of Wooden and Black
Wood and Black

If you are a fan of cooking for large patrons, then you would really benefit from these kitchen design ideas. A large kitchen housing long cabinets and huge island counter, this kitchen will make cooking various dishes manageable. The island counter can be the main working area for all the dishes, while other food cooks on the stove and nearby built-in oven. If you prefer to use other kitchen equipment like a toaster or waffle maker, you would not have a problem storing them with the abundant space provided.

86- Arched Outlets, Wooden Floor and White Finish
Exquisite Design with Wood

This here is a lovely corner kitchen with middle dining area that can also be used as the main working area. The picture does not show the location of the stove, so with proper planning it would not be hard to manage the kitchen. This room has more than enough space to store more than enough cooking utensils, so if you are a food enthusiast go ahead and fill up your kitchen with all the equipment.

87- Little dark but Playing with Lights
Dark Beauty

Very amicable vibe is being emitted by this kitchen, and it can be felt merely by looking at it. This cozy atmosphere is achieved through the play of various ground colors from the cabinets and kitchen counters. The T-shaped middle counter can be used as the working area, or if you add chairs; the dining area. This lively part of the house is easily the command center and a lovely gathering spot.

88- Light Gray within Creamy Look
Creamy White Look

Here is a corner kitchen with easy access to the appliances for easy handling. The middle counter is quite large, but not necessarily until it eats up valuable space. The white finishing of the cabinets let out a classic traditional feeling while making every surface look clean and clear. You could re-arrange some of the furniture to fill up the gap of the extra spaces.

89- White Tiled Walls and Matching Fittings
Using Shades of Grey

This here is a kitchen that stands out nicely against the wooden floor. The white cabinets paired with black marble counter tops give a relaxing effect to the room, while the middle dining area seems like a place to have those long chats over a cup of coffee or tea. An overall cozy kitchen design idea, this room does not need much improvement. Other variations may include creatively blending different shades of grey.

90- Hanging Inverted Bell Shape Lights onto Wooden Floor
Wide Spaces Brown Kitchen

We have here a modern and efficient kitchen that would fit the fast-paced lifestyle of today. Cooking appliances are placed in one corner of the kitchen, allowing for easy culinary experience. The wide space of the kitchen provides ample working space for various occasions. There are two sinks in the kitchen, each probably used for different purposes. Cooking for your guests would be less of a hassle in this wonderful kitchen.

91- Indigo Arched Entrance into White Finish
Indigo with Arch Enterance

This here is a modern concept that focuses mostly on the center island counter as the main working area. Equipped with a sink, it is navigable as it is within reach of the oven and stove, if you choose so. This design makes the kitchen appear larger, thanks to the wall-less arrangement. If you want to turn your kitchen into a better ventilated room, this is one of the kitchen design ideas that you can adapt.

92- The Far Away Dining and Island in Work Area
Complete Finish to Kitchen Design

The teal kitchen counter tops really fill the color gap in this room. The white cabinets decorate the wooden room with the wooden ceiling in perfect sync. The middle island counter is divided into two sections; one for dining and the other for working purposes. Most would love to have cozy kitchens like this, and if you manage to land such a deal, make sure to not clutter the whole arrangement too much.

93- Hanging Wooden Arched Ceiling and Square White Imposing Light
Large Cabinets with Hanging Light

This large kitchen utilizes its wide area by combining it with the dining table. One corner of the kitchen counter is used as the working area, so it is perfect for catering to your guests. The wet kitchen is on one side, as opposed to the cooking kitchen on the other side. The stove is close to the working area yet still within proximity of the gathering and dining area, so those family gatherings and social events would stay warm. These kitchen design ideas rely a lot on filling up the gaps so if you are applying this layout make sure your cabinets are large enough.

94- Walls Texture Matching with Floor Marble
Mixing Texture With Floor

This mode beige cabinets are lined up nicely against the granite stone wall and floor, matching the black marble counter tops as well. Overall it is a beautiful kitchen that can make cooking a breeze. This kitchen would fir nicely even with a few more appliances, so you always have enough room for a dishwasher or a bigger oven. An overall modern and cozy kitchen.

95- White Windows Mixed with Dark Brown Cabinets
Dark Cabinets are Always Best

The lush dark brown cabinets in this kitchen stand out against the white black printed marble counter tops. The granite brick wall on one side of the kitchen is a nice addition, and can be used as the cooking spot if you place the stove under this wall. The open wall at the left creates and open space kind of look, making the whole kitchen design idea less restrictive.

96- Beige Island Looks in Contrast with Dark Brown Cabinets
Beige Color Contrast

This kitchen is designed specifically for intimate moments that take place in the kitchen. The whole warm atmosphere owes the cabinet and counters arrangement, which gives it that overall cozy look. Its relatively small size allows for easy managing, as all appliances are within close proximity of the main working area. This kitchen design idea is a great way to decorate your small kitchen.

97- Unique Ceiling and Dining Round Sofa for Comfort
Kitchen is Not Only The Cooking Range

This here is a spacious kitchen designed like a cafe or diner. The kitchen is connected to two different gathering areas so you can seat your guests near you while preparing them their meals. The white kitchen cabinets seem even better lit against the bright marble tops and kitchen floor. The setting can be varied with closer arrangement of cabinets to create a sort of closed off look. The size of the furniture can also affect the final look of the room.

98- Stairs Landing Nearby and Corner Dining

This kitchen is a modern design that highlights the sophistication of the room. The earth tone of the wooden cabinets stand out against the metal appliances, creating that futuristic look. This wide kitchen has its appliances set apart from each other, so you would find yourself walking a lot in this kitchen. The middle island counter can be used as a dining area and it can seat as many as six at a time. This is one of the best kitchen design ideas to be applied to your heart of the house if you love company and gatherings.

99- Ultra White Look and Contrast Black Flue Hood
Ultra Wide Look

This modern kitchen utilizes a lot of white cabinets to match its white walls against the wooden kitchen floor. The metal appliances are camouflaged nicely in the whole arrangement. One side of the kitchen is used as a dining area, giving the whole room a cozy and intimate feeling. This kitchen is perfect for having those priceless moments with your loved ones.

100- Dark Brown Wooden Ceiling, Matching Cabinets and Floor
Matching and Contrast

This exquisite kitchen design really highlights the modernity of it through the use of U-shaped counters surrounding the center island counter. This room has wooden floor and granite brick walls, so the wooden cabinets really go well with the black marble counter tops. The authentic feel is finished with the low wooden ceiling that lights up the room through overhead extended lighting. Here we end our catalog for kitchen design ideas.

As you can see, various factors would affect your final kitchen design ideas, so it is vital to decide early on the kind of themes and color motif that you would like to choose. While some cabinets and counters give off a warm and cozy feeling, other kinds can set the mood to highlight the natural layout of your house or just to add a drop of sophistication in the mix. Kitchen design ideas would benefit from countless experimenting with different looks that suit the structure of your kitchen. Even then, you need to decide on the purpose of your kitchens according to your needs.

Are you going to cook frequently in the kitchen? Will the kitchen often seat little children or adults? Depending on your needs, you can save from spending excessively. Your kitchen may be a large room abundant with space, but that does not mean you should line up each wall with cabinets. If you are not a fan of cooking or dining in, perhaps you can substitute that middle counter with a smaller one that does job all the same, maybe better if you plan accordingly. There are also many to choose from in terms of the cabinet and counters. As time passes your kitchen will have growing needs for various tools so getting that extensive cabinet with a lot of compartments would benefit you in the long run.

Next is your kitchen’s natural layout. The stove and sink should preferably be placed near the windows for good ventilation. If you live in an apartment, a cheap and small exhaust fan would not suffice. That kitchen would be uncomfortably warm. Windows can also provide lighting to the room, depending on the view. While some kitchen can be set to be an extension of another area, not all arrangement would be suitable. If you are planning to use the kitchen and its areas for various purposes like cooking and dining, then you should make sure that you have ample space for both. Your kitchen design ideas should always be realistic and in accordance to the kitchen’s natural layout.

In deciding your cabinets and counters for kitchen design ideas, another important thing to consider is your appliances. Kitchens with bad ventilation would benefit hugely from an electric stove or one of those new air-cooker that cooks just as well without raising your cholesterol level. Most cabinets are made to fit in standard sized appliances so rough estimation would suffice. One thing you would want to avoid is buying a 24″ oven and finding out your cabinet can not even house it. The counter surfaces would also affect your kitchen’s appearance. If you do not have much space even a few items can make the room look cluttered.

Finally, you can now decide on your colors and overall theme for your kitchen design ideas. Do you like soft colors for that aesthetic look or would you prefer dark motifs for a more elegant and mature look? All this can be altered according to colors of your choice, in regard of your walls and floor too of course. When you have achieved the look that you want, discuss with your consultant on getting the best possible outcome. The kitchen is a magical place that feed the hungry. It is a place of gathering and celebration for food, so make sure you get the layout that suits you and your whole family.

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