Before and After Makeup – 39 Observations


Women wear makeup. That sentence will continue to be the truth and bears eternity. Some women may not agree or be huge fans of putting them on but it is also unfair to compare women who do wear them and men who keep lying as behaving in the same deceptive manner. It may be true that makeup covers one’s flaws, but it also helps the girls underneath to be comfortable and confident. That aside, makeup has been used to significantly improve looks for generations now, that various sayings about women and makeup have been discussed here and there. The Russians, for instance, have an old tradition in which they are told to bring their brides to the sauna before getting married. There, it is said, they will discover the real women they’re spending the rest of their lives with. Russian make up artist Vadim Andreev has managed to remind us of this tradition’s importance, bringing us to the topic of before and after makeup.

Russian tradition aside, makeup can be considered as a girls’ best friend because mainly it helps them express themselves. The colour of an eyeshadow can enhance or worsen an appearance, depending on its purpose, just as the colour of a lipstick can affect a woman’s final looks. But that is not all, makeup helps them express themselves; meaning they add an adjective to the looks they are donning. The right kind of makeup applied can make a girl look naughty, nice or just plain innocent. Watch for the details in the before and after makeup difference.

While some people excel at editing photos of people using the digital brush of Photoshop, Andreev can ‘edit’ peoples’ faces with mere brush(es) in a makeup artist’s bag. An expert in before and after makeup photo shoots, Andreev works wonders at bringing out a woman’s (and one man’s) inner shine. Following are the perfect examples of Andreev’s works, from his latest before and after makeup collection.

1- The Skin Tone
Use of Skin Tone

The girl in this picture is given an even skin tone using foundational powder and make more obvious cheekbones. Her lips are glossed wet and moist, for that wet-look, and her eyes are brighter and more dazzling. The before and after makeup difference is radiated through her confidence.

2- Applying Right Tone
Control of Skin Tone, the Staring Point

Just see the difference in before and after makeup picture. This lady does not look like she needed much work to begin with. The foundation gave her skin a more even tone, and her lips are painted with matte pink. Her eyes also received light enhancement through the use of eye shadow and mascara. The two pictures show a huge difference in the diva-like smile from the second picture.

3- Warmth in Looks
Good Eyes Add Warmth

In this picture foundation is used to give some warmth to this lady’s skin, light tan finished with a light rosy hue on her cheeks. Again, light touches to her eyes. From what we can see, eyeliner was used to shape her eyes better, and her eyeshadow in blue complements her blue dress, a point well done for this before and after makeup shoot.

4- Eye Shadows
Eyes are Important to Looks

This woman’s somewhat pale skin is brought to life perfectly by foundation. Her jawlines are enhanced and higlighted, while cream coloured lipstick adorns her lips. The eyeshadow in this picture is dark and pretty. Andreev used his skills and managed to bring out this woman’s eyes, as seen from the perfect foundational tones in the area around her eyes, a symbolic detail of her before and after makeup.

5- Adding Blushed Cheeks
Visible Cheeks

This girl also looked like little had been done to her. Foundational powder gave her livelier skin tone, with blushed cheeks. Her lipstick also seems lightly applied. Her eyes seem to have received little work, finished with a light eyeshadows. Her eyes are still mesmerizing regardless. Her smile shows how comfortable this new is given to her.

6- Focus on Eyes
Eyes Get Treated

The girl in this picture has beautiful skin, so the foundation used seems to complement that. The powder on her cheeks work together with her dark fashioned eyes in bringing the colour out. This girl looks more confident with her lips in a darker shade, while her eyes draw all the focus on them. The difference of before and after makeup is so significant.

7- Strong Jawline
Jawline Importance

This girl already seems confident and comfortable in the ‘before’ picture. She has a strong jawline and it seems that Andreev worked around that. Her skin seems more evenly toned and properly blushed. Her eyes are given a darker focus to them while her lips received a light pinkish hue, proving her elegance difference before and after makeup.

8- Eyes Under Eyebrows
Eyebrows and the Eyes

Many would agree that this girl has pretty eyes, and it seems Andreev is one of them. Foundation is used to give this girl some tan and some shades for her cheekbones. Her lips received a more defining colour while her eyes received the most attention. Eyeliner shapes her eyes with sharper corners and the bright eyeshadow just highlights her eyes, as seen in the blazing difference between the before and after makeup photos.

9- Wildlook Works
Wild Look Hair

This girl also looks comfortable in her usual self. After receiving Andreev’s touches though, she looks even livelier. Foundation is used again for that tanned look, and more defined cheekbones. Her lips look cream-coloured, probably to draw the attention to the upper half of her face, as seen through the bright sidelines of her eyes, making that wild look of hers work better.

10- Focus on Eyes
Perfectly Placed Eyes

This woman is given a more even skin tone, while her freckles are concealed with most probably a concealer. The bright pink lipstick paints her lips in pretty matte, while her eyes received brilliant touch up bringing the focus up there. The before and after makeup shots yielded how content she is with her new look.

11- Live with Red Lips
Inviting Red Lips

In this picture this woman’s pale and plain look is wiped totally clean, as she is bestowed with some flare. The bright red lips come alive against her now evenly toned skin while mascara and eyeshadow bring out the golden brown colour of her eyes. Makeup is brilliantly applied to this woman to give her a massive confidence boost.

12- Simple to Dashing
Beauty in Simplicity

This woman looks somewhat dusky, as her skin seems lifeless and pale. After the makeover she seems brighter, in a good way. Her cream coloured lips complement her new skin tone, and completes that blond look of hers. Her eyes received significant improvement, as seen through her eyeshadows and elongated eyelashes, a vital point of her before and after makeup.

13- Matte Lips for Life
Matte Lips Look Natural

This woman has her skin tone improved with a light tan. Her confidence is seen from her pose, with her highlighted cheekbones and firmer matte lips. Her eyes are outlined with black dark line, and her eyelashes brushed softly to make her eyes appear larger.

14- Fair Skin Tone
Fair Skin Tone

This girl here has a wide grin, nice freckles and beautiful blue eyes. Her lips are given a richer-coloured hue, to complement her now fair skin tone. Light blushers on her cheeks help highlight her eyes, which are darkened around the ridges. The large pointed ends bring out the blueness of her irises. Most of the pictures here make the women look like celebrities, but this girl just looks amazing.

15- Younger is Better
Me Too

Being the only man in this collection, Andreev managed to shave off 5-10 years from this man. His skin tone is given a much richer shade, losing his caucasian look. Besides looking younger, he also appear more confident with a pair of more defined cheekbones and chin. The difference in the before and after makeup is so profound and beyond words!

16- Plushed Pink Lips
Looks on Lips

This girl has prominent cheekbones, as shown in the after photo. Her naturally large eyelids are enhanced with eyeliners and a curvy end. Her ‘dark’ look is finished with fairer skin tone and plushed pink lips. It is apparent how comfortable this girl feels with her now look as displayed through the tiny grin at her lips.

17- Contrast with Red Lips
Treating Lips in Contrast

This woman received a richer skin tone through foundation. She has beautiful green eyes which are redefined through the use mascara and eyeshadows. Her cheekbones are also given some dark shades to complement her bright red lips in a matte finish. Her new look makes her look strong compared to her previously plain look, the main feature of this before and after makeup. Wow is it the same lady?

18- Matching Lips
Playing in Same Shade

This girl without a doubt received the most colourful look in this collection. Her rosy cheeks adorned with bright yellow brush, paired to her eyeliners that are finished in the same yellow manner. Her skin coloured lips look so glossy and I personally love the way her eyelashes appear against those purple eyeshadows.

19- Eyes Even Darker
Darker Eyes are Inviting

The girl in this picture has fair skin, but in the after picture she seems tanned and livelier. Her dark eyes seem even darker with the tear shaped eyeshadows around them. Her eye lids are uniquely lined at the crevices. Her shiny pink lips look moist and playfully charming.

20- Looks Just Enhanced
High Neck and Hair Redo

Another pair of green eyes here, also highlighted with prominent mascara. This girl is given a richer skin tone through the use of foundation as opposed to the pale shade she had before. Hey eyeshadows sit on the brink of dark, creating a sort of fade that gets darkest around her eyes. You don’t need words to describe the significance of the before and after makeup shots.

21- Eyes Enhanced
Relaxed and Satisfied

This girl already has a nice skin tone, but foundational powder managed to give it an even layer. The use of mascara and eyeliners again manage to draw the focus to them. Her natural beauty is enhanced and highlighted, as portrayed by her more relaxed and comfortable smile comparing before and after makeup photos.

22- Arresting Dark Looks
Control of Skin Tone

In this picture the girl’s skin tone is improved through the application of foundation. Her scattered shine spots are erased. Light makeup was applied, all mostly with the aim to bring out her natural features. Her eyes are better shaped, just as the lips are lightly glossed.

23- Adorned with Mascara
Application of Mascra

There is hardly a difference between the before and after makeup. The woman in this picture received light foundational layers that covered her freckles perfectly. One of the least amount of makeup applied in this collection, Andreev managed to boost this model’s inner confidence with so little material. Her eyes too are lightly adorned with mascara, completed with a thin line of eyeliner.

24- Redefined Cheeks
Cheeks the Fair Part

The lady in this picture has apparent cheekbones, which are later redefined through the use of bronzer. Her skin is given a fairer tone, with a light pinkish hue for blushers. Her eyes are also seem refreshing with dark outlines. This rejuvenating look is finished with the glossy wet look of her lips, a prominent detail in her before and after makeup process.

25- Dark Matte Works Too
Placing Dark Matte

With this woman Andreev managed to make her oval face blush lightly at the sides. Her eyelids are shadowed with light shades, in complementing the dark matte coloured lips of the model. Her eyeliners form pointy ends that turn her downward looking eyes up, making this woman appear content.

26- Trimmed to be Radiant

The model in this picture undoubtedly received a lifting treatment solely from makeup, one of the best feature of this before and after makeup. The artist managed to trim down the face with dark shades at the cheeks. Her skin also appears radiant and fair. To top it off her eyes are now refocused to the dark centers.

27- Using Natural Features
Soft and Simple

This girl was lightly applied with makeup, to her already-fair skin. It is given a fairer shade, finished with light pink blush. Her lips too gloss lightly, enhancing her natural features. Lastly, her blue eyes look livelier eventhough they are lightly lined and brushed.

28- Attractive Even Tone
Smooth and Even Tone

The girl in this picture already looks comfortable as she is, but the power of makeup has awaken her cheekiness. Light makeup was applied here, yet the before and after makeup difference is significant enough. Her skin is given an even tone with light blushes. Her eyes are highlighted with mascara while her lips with light gloss.

29- Eyes in Focus
White Top Black Eyes

This woman received significant skin tone improvement as seen through the gradual applying of different layers of foundation. Her light pink lips help bring the focus to her eyes. Black eyeshadows finish the round appearance of her eyes, apart making them look bigger.

30- Eyes Do Speak
Focus on Eyes

the girl in this picture had her skin applied with foundation, resulting with an even skin tone. She looks fairer, as seen around the darker ridges around her eyes. Since she does not seem to need that much blusher, her lipstick colour, which is most probably creamy pink, managed to add a final pinkish hue to the total look, a clear difference in this before and after makeup.

31- Plain to Cheerful
Turning Plain Look to Cheerful

Vadim Andreev played with colours while applying makeup to this woman, and the result is a lively and cheerful look. Foundation gave this woman an even skin tone, with light blush and bright pink lips. If she looked somewhat grouchy in the before picture, she now looks friendly, as displayed through her yellow, blue and purple eyeshadow. The flood of colours just scream in this before and after makeup session.

32- Focus on Features
Lips and Eyebrows

The makeup artist seems to have decided on a sepia-based finish for this model. The main colour here seems to be brown, since every item chosen to be applied to this woman match one another. Starting with her brown eyes, which were lightly brushed with mascara, bringing out the brownness perfectly. Her lips too are painted dominant brown. This picture does show the difference in the before and after makeup.

33- Red in Contrast
Cool Hair with Rosy Lips

This cheerful girl received an overall strong look based on her bright red lips. Light foundation was applied, since she does not seem to need much for an even tone. The next highlighted feature of her face would be her dark brown eyes, which were brought forth with mascara brushes and light eyeliner.

34- Played with Eyes
Eyes Treated well

With the aim of bringing the focus to her blue eyes, this modeled had them heavily lined with a pointy end from the bottom end of her eyelids as apparent between the before and after makeup. Black and brown eyeshadows work together to form a powdery shine for her eyes. Finished with fresh pink lipstick, this model now looks cover-perfect.

35- Blush and Lipstick
Blushing Face and Soft Lipstick

The six step enhancement applied to a nice and fair skin tone, but the end look actually achieves a rounded tanned look. She looks mature with those pink blush and lipstick, while her eyes received a light fade of eyeshadows, with a few brushes of mascara. She shows her improvement in this before and after makeup looks.

36- Flat to Fascinating
Long Hair and Purple Dress

Before and after makeup pictures show the obvious difference that this girl has fair skin with a natural pinkish hue but flat features. Artist Andreev has given her a light tan and an even tone. Her eyes too are lightly touched to only bring out her natural features. Her smile is lightly painted with a soft red colour.

37- Dark Tone With Hair
Dark Tone and Hair

This model has her skin tone darkened a few degrees with foundational powder. Blushers are then applied to match the rather pale lipstick colour. The shine in her eyes are redefined through the sharp pointed eyeshadows that pull to her sides, finished with a reddish hue brings a notable difference between before and after makeup.

38- Eyes and Lips Done
Eyes after Lips

This girl here has one of the lightest makeup on. Her before and after makeup session yielded little difference, other than highlighting her natural features that are speaking loud. She received light foundation and blush, while her lips glimmer a bit in matte. The most significant changes are around her eyes, finished with a powdery brown shine.

39- Before and After Makeup
Just Hair and Little Doing

This female model managed to keep her grouchiness even after the makeover as obvious from before and after makeup. Foundational powder used here for an even tone, with light blushers. Her eyes decorated with eyeliners and mascara, the finishing touch is her glossy pink lips that complement her now gorgeous grouch.

As seen in this collection, makeup proves significantly modifying the looks. Other than covering spots and blemishes, makeup can also enhance one’s facial features. With all the improvements achieved through applying makeup, it is important that women have a lasting bond with makeup. These cosmetic items have not only made a woman feel comfortable, but also raise their esteem in public. They know that looks are important, for them being a woman is also vital.

On the other hand, there are various before and after makeup circumstances that have, for lack of a better word, deceived the perceivers. Maybe the Russians’ old tradition was justified after all. The effects of makeup are so profound that the phrase  beauty is on the eye of the beholder can be given a new meaning whenever cosmetics are involved. Not to exactly warn mankind of beautiful women, but instead to remind everyone that inner beauty is what counts at the end.

The power of makeup is not that it can make someone look pretty and have better cheekbones, it is the fact that the applying of makeup caused these people to procure some flare and drama in their appearance. If one tiny eyeliner can make someone feel better, why should we criticize them for using it? If you have encountered other works of magic by makeup artists, feel free to share. Don’t forget to let us know what you think. Do you agree with the artist’s choices? Please leave a comment, and finally, stay beautiful.

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