Married With Children Cast Then And Now


Married with Children is a live-action sitcom that aired on Fox, created by Michael G. Moye and Ron Leavitt. Originally aired from April 1987 to June 1997, it is the longest-lasting live-action sitcom on Fox and the first to be broadcast in the network’s primetime programming slot.

The period of the late 80s till the end of the 90s was surely a golden era for the American TV industry. We saw many hit TV shows including this one. The show also proved to be a career launching pad for some of the stars. Let’s check out what other cast members of the famous show are up to now.

12. Michael as Buck: 190 Episodes, 1987-1995

Buck was unquestionably the cutest and easily favorite cast member among the Bundys. A tri-colored Briard named Michael (or Mike) played the role and the dog retired and left the show in 1995. His funny entertaining canine character was later replaced by a Cocker Spaniel named Lucky, who was possessed with Buch’s reincarnated spirit. Unfortunately, Michael didn’t enjoy much of his retirement as he passed away in May 1996, just less than a year after his final appearance on the show. But we’ll never forget the hilarious furry character.

11. Ed O’Neill as Al Bundy

The star of the show was none other than Edward Leonard “Ed” O’Neill who played the role of the head of the family and the funniest guy on the show, Al Bundy. Although true, it was a family show and the whole cast played their part in making the show highly successful but Al Bundy was an act on his own.

His character is a beer-loving, working-class father of two, described as somewhat a bittersweet figure. Although he is cheap, unsuccessful, rude, unhappy, and scheming, he nonetheless stands by his family, displaying wit, self-sacrifice, and resilience in times of crisis. He and his wife, Peggy Bundy, were rated the 59th best characters on TV by Bravo.

10. Appeared In 263 Episodes, 1987-1997

Ed O’Neill started his career in 1970 but never made it big until he got the part in Married With Children. He then became a household name with the huge success of the show and that is why he has seen a stable career even after the show ended in 1997.

He appeared in almost all the 263 episodes. Since 2009, he has been playing Jay Pritchett on the award-winning sitcom Modern Family, which he has been nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards and won four Screen Actors Guild Awards. He also voiced in the blockbuster, Finding Dory. Fun Fact: He won a black belt in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu back in 2012 when he was 60 years old! Nothing is going to stop this guy.

9. Ted McGinley as Jefferson D’Arcy

Jefferson Milhouse D’Arcy is Marcy’s second husband, a “pretty boy” who marries her for her money. He’s also self-centered and lazy and is the male counterpart of Peggy. He was pretty well known on the show as the suave male bimbo. Marcy met Jefferson after a bankers’ convention when she got drunk and found herself married to him the next morning. She was horrified to find out that her name was now Marcy D’Arcy. 

8. Appeared In 170 Episodes, 1989-1997

Thanks to his good looks and impressive acting skills, he was able to enjoy a continuous career in acting. He hasn’t been able to land any permanent roles but he gained attention on Hope & Faith. Unfortunately for the actor, he’s been accused of carrying his own personal curse that seemingly puts a cancellation date on every show that he gets cast in but of course he doesn’t agree. He’s now in his late 50s and is still quite active in TV and film as an actor and voice star.

7. David Faustino as Bud Bundy

Budrick Franklin Bundy is the second child of the family. In the original pilot, his name was going to be Ben. He tries to charm girls with the help of several alter egos, including street rapper “Grandmaster B.” A character often mocked by his family, who call him everything from “Bell-Ringer B” to “Bed-Wetter B.” Of all the Bundy’s, Bud seems to be the most ashamed of the family as he often pretends not to know them, even scheming against them on some occasion.

6. Appeared In 262 Episodes, 1987-1997

David Faustino played the role of young Bud Bundy when he was just 9-years-old. He literally grew up on the screen and he impressed us with his exceptional acting. It was amazing to see such a talented kid and it seemed like he will go on to become an even bigger star. After the show ended, he got small but forgettable roles in movies like Entourage, The Boston Strangler, and Robodoc. He got arrested on illegal Marijuana possession charges in 2007 but got out on bail and has been living a clean life ever since. He is currently a radio jock and has a show on Skee 24/7 called Old Scratch Radio Sundays.

5. Katey Sagal as Peggy Bundy

Margaret “Peggy” Wanker Bundy is Al’s lazy, self-indulgent wife. She resists to work, cook or clean the house and prefers buying new clothes to washing the old ones. She absolutely refuses to consider taking a job. She claims that Wanker women never work, and in old pioneer days, “Wanker women were getting their hair done while Wanker men got theirs scalped.” During the day, she likes to watch daytime talk shows, sit on the living room couch, and eat copious amounts of bonbons without ever gaining weight. Despite her inappropriate behavior and unusual fashion sense, she usually appeals to men.

4. Appeared In 263 Episodes, 1987-1997

Katey Sagal is also known for her role as Gemma Teller Morrow on the FX series Sons of Anarchy and for voicing the character Leela on the animated science-fiction series Futurama from 1999 to 2003 and 2008 to 2013, as well as for starring on the show 8 Simple Rules as Cate Hennessy. In the latter role, she worked with John Ritter until his death, leading to Sagal’s taking over as the series lead for the remainder of the show’s run. In 2011, she won a Golden Globe for her role in Sons of Anarchy. She turned 63 in January 2017 but still turns heads.

3. David Garrison as Steve Rhoades

Steven “Steve” Bartholomew Rhoades is Marcy’s first husband. Much like the name “Bundy” the creators chose the surname “Rhoades” after professional wrestler Dusty Rhodes. He is a banker who seems unworried by his lower position than Marcy at the city bank.

Steve seemed to be a fairly demure and buttoned-down character, compared to his wife and the Bundys, although he did show a dark side. As a banker, Steve took sadistic pleasure in humiliating people who bullied him in high school by making his former tormentors beg for bank loans, which he flatly refused. Steve eventually gets a job as Dean of Bud’s college by blackmailing the man who employed him as a chauffeur.

2. Appeared In 84 Episodes, 1987-1995

David Garrison started off as a theater actor but rose to fame when he decided to become a TV actor as Steven Bartholomew Rhodes on Married with Children. After the show ended, he went on to appear in several shows like Everybody Loves Raymond, Law & Order, NYPD Blue, and The Good Wife.

Years later, he went back to theater acting and played the original role of The Wizard in Wicked from 2005 onwards. After ending the role in 2007, he starred in the new play Red Remembers in 2009, followed by many others. His most recent appearance was as Fagin in a production of Oliver!, which ended in December 2013. He’s now 64.

1. Christina Applegate as Kelly Bundy

Kelly Bundy is the older child in the Bundy family. “Pumpkin,” as Al often calls her, is a promiscuous, attractive and curvy girl, tends to hang out with “slacker” guys, and exemplifies the stereotypical “dumb blonde”. She may have inherited her behavior from her mother, known as “The Big Easy” in high school. Al is dismayed by Kelly’s promiscuity.

After the series ended, Christina starred as a single mom on Jesse, played the lead in Samantha Who?, and took more movie roles in hit movies like the Sweetest Thing and Anchorman movies. Between her career struggles, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. Fortunately, her cancer was detected early and wasn’t the life-threatening kind. Just two weeks after her condition was announced to the public, she had a double mastectomy and was declared cancer free. Since then, she has become more of an activist and even found her own charitable organization, Right Action for Women, dedicated to breast cancer screening.

Just in case you didn’t know the creators of the show named the “Bundy” family after their favorite professional wrestler King Kong Bundy. Although some fans mistakenly believed that the name originated from serial killer Ted Bundy. King Kong Bundy once appeared on the show as Peggy’s hick inbred uncle Irwin, and again appeared as his wrestling persona.

The Bundy’s next door neighbors Steve and Marcy Rhoades were named after another pro wrestler, Dusty Rhodes. So there you have it, your favorite Married With Children Cast Then And Now. How did your favorite star turn out? It’s pretty cool seeing them again after a long time. It brings back memories.