Meet Victoria’s Secret’s Heaven Sent Angels


There are angels, and then there are The Angels. These are the fifteen women that Victoria’s Secret has a contract with. These beautiful creatures tour all around the globe and have been gracing the world with their looks even before they became spokesmodels of Victoria’s Secret.

While it may seem easy to drool over these girls, we thought it would be good to remind everyone that they are just people like us, and while they have gorgeous bodies that are often exposed, they still deserve the respect due to any other strong woman. Besides, who would ever want to disrespect an Angel?

15. Adriana Lima


Adriana is a blue eyed goddess with daring dark hair. Her modeling career blossomed when she became a Victoria’s Secret Angel, and she has been rocking our worlds with her beauty ever since.


She is a Brazilian, born in Salvador, Bahia. She loves her hometown most of all and has a real appreciation for her family and friends. One of her biggest aspirations is to be cast in a Quentin Tarantino film, and to be honest, we wouldn’t be disappointed to see her in one!

14. Alessandra Ambrosio


This stunning model has gorgeous dirty blonde hair, and a face to make you do a double take. Its easy to get lost in her rich brown eyes, and even easier to lose yourself in her mocha colored skin (or so we’d like to imagine).


Alessandra was born in Erexim, Brazil, but regards Bali and Florianopolis as her favorite places in the world. She has a real appreciation for all the traveling that Victoria’s Secret has made possible, and she would aspires to spend some time in India, collecting herself through yoga.

13. Behati Prinsloo

Behati 1

Behati Prinslo is undeniably flawless. Her long legs and stunning figure make it easy to see why she has been deemed an Angel by Victoria’s Secret. Not many women can wear a pair of wings like that and remain so graceful, but Behati pulls it off like she was born for the catwalk.

behati 4

She was born in a South African country called Nambia, in a city called Grootfontein. She loves her hometown most and has a heart for Africa, but she really enjoys traveling and is grateful for all of the amazing experiences she has had while touring with the Angels.

12. Candice Swanepoel


Do we even need to say anything about Candice Swanepoel, or is it enough to just stare into her big blue eyes? She is ridiculously gorgeous, and her blonde hair and perfect body are a testament to why she is a Victoria’s Secret angel.

Candice Swanepoel1

Candice is a South African, born in a small town called Mooi River. She has a real adoration for small animals, especially her puppies. She hopes to open her own shelter someday so that she can rescue abused and neglected animals.

11. Elsa Hosk

Elsa 2

Elsa Hosk is a blonde haired, blue eyed, goddess with a face that will make you think she has truly descended from the heavens. She has daring eyes that make her look more like a fairy from our fantasies rather than a real Victoria’s Secret model!

Elsa  1

Elsa comes from Stokholm, Sweden, and loves to spend time in Tokyo. She considers herself a part of the Victoria’s Secret family, and rightfully so. She had been modeling for PINK for years before finally beginning her career at Victoria’s Secret, and we’re sure that she wont be going anywhere soon.

10. Jac Jagaciak

Jac 2

Who wouldn’t love to sit down to breakfast and drink a cup of coffee with Jac Jagaciak? Anyone to turn down that date is either in a happy relationship or blind. We have never met her personally or anything here, but she just looks like she is a great listener, among other things.

Jac 3

Jac is a Polish girl from a city called Puszczykowo. We know, its a tongue twister. She has worked hard to get to where she is today, taking all the right opportunities and the initiative to build her own career, rather than letting someone else call the shots for her.

9. Jasmine Tookes

jasmine tookes 2

Jasmine Tookes has gorgeous long legs and a magnificent slim body. She looks like the type of girl that you might see dancing from afar, and spend the rest of the night hoping that you run into her again. She’s got a modest smile and fiery eyes, its no surprise that she is an Angel.


Jasmine, or “Jazzy” is a Californian girl, straight out of Huntington Beach. She has always dreamed of being a model, and now she can finally say that she has accomplished her dream. Being an Angel means that she has hit her goal, but don’t worry, we don’t think she’ll be stopping here.

8. Kate Grigorieva

kate grigorieva 2

Kate Grigorieva is an absolutely stunning blonde woman with a gorgeous complexion. When in full make-up, she will have you wondering if she is even fully human, or if she is truly an angelic being. It seems almost impossible to tear ourselves away from her green eyed gaze.

kate grigorieva 1

She was a ballroom dancer for 8 years, and knows her way around the dance floor as well as the catwalk! Not only is she skilled as a dancer and model, she is also one intelligent angel! Being from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, she did not speak a word of english, but studied the language and learned it well enough to converse with the Victoria’s Secret judges, and earn herself a spot as an Angel!

7. Lais Ribeiro

Lais Ribeiro 1

Lias Ribeiro has a warm, mocha complexion that makes her skin shine brighter than gold. Her wide brown eyes glisten beautifully in the light, and who wouldn’t want to bury themselves in her long luscious black hair?

Lais Ribeiro 2

She was born in a small town called Piuauei in Brazil, and was going to school to be a nurse when she was discovered. We have to admit, as noble a career as nursing can be, we are very glad that she chose to pursue this modeling career instead. She is now living her dream as a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

6. Lily Aldrige

lily aldrige 2

This brown-haired brown-eyed goddess is named Lily Aldrige, and she looks like the kind of woman we have only ever seen in our wildest of dreams. Her beautiful dark hair and gorgeous skin make her truly a sight to behold.

Lily Aldrige33

She fittingly hails from “The City of The Angels” Los Angeles, California. She’s a straight shooter who loves to travel and appreciates all the beautiful locations Victoria’s Secret takes her to, but she enjoys the comforts of home, which she identifies as Nashville, TN.

5. Martha Hunt


Martha Hunt is a absolutely stunning blonde-haired blue-eyed Angel, with whom a certain writer here would probably not mind spending the rest of his life with. She’s got a look that could kill and a body that leaves us hungry for more.

Martha Hunt 1

Martha is from the eastern state of North Carolina, and fancies herself a simple southern girl. She never thought she could make it as a model, until a friend in middle school encouraged her by saying she could be a Victoria’s Secret model. So whoever that friend from Martha’s youth was, we owe you one.

4. Romee Strijd

romee strijd 2

Romee Strijd has a body that is nothing short of perfection. Her thin figure and long legs are just amazing to look at, and her blonde hair and blue eyes only seal the deal. If you are not impressed, just look at the girl smile; its downright heart melting.


Not a lot of women can say that they turned down a modeling career once, only to revisit the idea later and decide to go for it. Even less women can say that in doing so, it led to a gig as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Romee can say all of that, but then again, she is surely not your average woman. She comes from a place called Zoetermeer, Holland, and cherishes her family and home there.

3. Sara Sampaio
Sara Sampaio2

Sarah Sampaio has a fierce look and piercing green eyes. This in combination with her black hair makes her an absolutely gorgeous model. She says that she is shy, but we think she is just being modest. Everything else about her suggests that she is an outgoing, determined woman who will achieve her dreams no matter what.


She didn’t immediately make it into the Victoria’s Secret Angels, and her path to success was not as simple as others. As they say, the third time is the charm, and she was accepted the third year that she auditioned! Being one of the few models from Portugal, he story is a inspiring one.

2. Stella Maxwell

Stella Maxwell 2

Stella Maxwell has a bit of an edge to her, even though she looks like she could never hurt a fly, we cant believe that she hasn’t broken a few hearts in her day. With those incredible deep blue eyes, and dirty blonde hair, its impossible not to be in awe of her.

Stella Maxwell 1

She is from the UK, but when asked about her home town, she simply replied “earth” with a smile. She identifies as a cool, collected girl, that likes to live life in a very “down to earth” way. She is a very free spirit, and loves road tripping, surfing, and camping.

1. Taylor Hill

Taylor Hill1

Taylor Hill is has got one of the most beautiful faces that we have ever seen. But, what can you expect when you’re looking at the Victoria’s Secret Angels? Taylor is unique because she’s got the prettiest emerald eyes, and if you ask us, we think eyes like that will always be worth more than the actual stone.


Taylor is a strong woman from the hardy state of Colorado. She has a solid relationship with her family and is determined to make them proud, as well as be a role model for young girls around the world. She understands that being an Angel puts her in the position to influence a lot of young women, and she is thankful to have that opportunity.

Take a deep breath, we know how you must be feeling. The list of Angels is over, but don’t worry, you will see plenty more of these gorgeous women. They are models for one of the worlds most popular clothing companies after all, and we are more than happy to support all of their careers!