Mom Creates The Ultimate DIY Tiny House. See How Much Room Is Actually Inside!


With a hit show on HGTV, tiny houses have become all the rage. Whether you find them incredibly interesting or perplexing, one thing is for sure, they are pretty cool.

Ana White, a mom of two from Alaska, teamed up with her husband to create the ultimate tiny cabin for a client equipped with everything a person would need and more. Every aspect of the home serves multiple purposes and comes complete with an open floor plan and even space for guests to spend the night.

Ana wasn’t always a builder, but after a random opportunity and some instruction by her husband, she is now building incredible spaces she says anyone can do.

Overcoming Fears

The first time Ana picked up a saw was solely for the purpose of helping her husband Jacob as he built their family home. She described the experience as “the scariest thing I’d ever done,” however her fears were quickly put aside and a new favorite hobby was born.

Building Together

Soon after, Ana and her husband finished their home and Ana began to create projects on her own including a bed. Over time they began to do work for a variety of clients, including a request for a tiny house.

The opportunity to create the house came along with challenges, especially since it would be no more than 24′ long and 8’6″ wide.

A Place For Everything

They decided to build the house on a trailer, to allow the home to be portable. Despite its small exterior, it included a bed, guest bed, dining area, bathroom, and ample storage.

Each aspect of the home doubles as something else, maximizing the space and giving the homeowner everything they could need.

Thinking Outside The Box

The biggest issue was figuring out how to make the most use of the space without taking away from the open floorplan feel, and Ana had a brilliant idea.

After a quick trip to the hardware store and $500 later, Ana was able to suspend a double bed to the ceiling, allowing the homeowner to lower it when it was time for bed. This allowed space for a small couch and living room area during the day.

Hidden Storage Space

Ana had to think outside the box when it came to proper storage and decided to work with what she already had. The couch was built to have compartments beneath the cushions for storage, as well as hollow space in the two cube-shaped coffee tables.

In addition, the lids of the coffee tables acted as trays perfect to hold a laptop or tablet on your lap.

The More The Merrier

One major concern for those living in tiny houses is guests. While the home is the perfect size for one, could it possibly fit more? As far as Ana was concerned, absolutely!

The couch is easy to transform into a bed, creating bunk beds with the suspended master bed. Perfect for sleepovers.

Hostess With The Mostest

Love having friends over for dinner? This tiny house can accommodate! Ana added in a long counter which allows for extra storage as well as the ability to become a table suitable for one or more guests.

The table is made of two slideable inserts, allowing it to be as large or small as needed.

A Space For Everything

One of the biggest questions people will have about a tiny house is in regards to the bathroom, and Ana made sure not to cut any corners when it came to one of the most important rooms in the house.

The bathroom is finished with a composting toilet, a shower, and even a small glass above the door to add some natural light.

Hidden Doors And Shoes

In addition to standard storage, clothes can be a major space stealer. Ana decided to make the most of the space by building a sliding closet.

The closet is made to slide across the bathroom in a way that ensures the shower will not get the clothes wet but keeps them still safely stored out of sight.

The Heart Of The Home

In many houses, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Knowing the importance of that, Ana made sure to add a few special details to the kitchen area.

In addition to the expandable table, she incorporated slide shelving for storing food and kitchen tools. The style is modern and compact, which makes the small space feel like so much more.

Keeping It Clean

In addition to a kitchen, bathroom, and living/bedroom space, Ana thought of one other thing to add to the house. A washer/dryer combo. Most apartments don’t even have a washer/dryer.

In the kitchen, she was able to allocate space to add in the appliance, making this house the total package.

Junk Drawer

Over time, everyone finds themselves with “stuff.” Mail, magazines, jackets for all weather, invitations, etc. all seem to pile up.

Luckily, Ana took the normal day-to-day mess into account as well. Upon entering the home, there is a gallery wall of a variety of hooks, baskets, and cork boards for any miscellaneous items.

Ana’s concept and ideas created a simplified way of living. In addition to loving the work she does, Ana is confident anyone could do it and has even shared the plans for this tiny house on her website.

By using space in a new way, people can purge their lives of the items and stuff they do not need and build a minimalistic life.

The tiny house was a way for Ana to get creative and take her new hobby to new levels. Together, Ana and Jacob are able to create a business and new lifestyle for their family.