Real Frankenstein Lab: The Abandoned Veterinary School of Anderlecht


Love exploring creepy abandoned places? Then the Anderlecht Veterinary School in Brussels, Belgium must be on your bucket list. This school looks like a set in a horror film with a mad scientist experimenting on animals and who knows what. The veterinary school was based in a complex of 19 Flemish neo-Renaissance style buildings, constructed in the early 20th century. In 1969 it was incorporated into the University of Liège, therefore they lost their independence. The school used to be filled and bustling with students but has abandoned the building since the 1990s and moved to the Sart-Tilman district of Liege. This is allegedly a fairly popular urban exploration destination, although anyone who wants to take a day trip to the Horror Labs is made of sterner stuff than we are. The site was abandoned with all its bizarre exhibits and creepy artifacts left in the building. Countless heads, brains, and other animal body parts were seen decaying inside jars filled with formaldehyde. After decades of neglect, even the formaldehyde that preserves these animal body parts has yellowed with age, while the specimens were falling apart. You could also just imagine the smell of the place. There were also tons of bottles with unknown fluids, syringes and other old and rusty medical equipment. The whole place is also reminiscent of a Gothic novel. Ready to see the photos? You better have not eaten lunch yet.

 15. Mysteryshelves

The jars filled who knows what is a vivid reminder of what went on at the school back in the day. You could only imagine what went on there and what the animals went through. After the developers overtook and restructured the place, no one knew what happened to the tons of preserved animal specimen. That just adds to the mystery surrounding the former Veterinary school and makes it all the more fascinating to adventure-seekers.

14. From Made to Scare to Executive Homesrenaissance style building

This overwhelming building doesn’t look like your typical school building, right? The site is a set of 19 distinct houses pleasantly separated by courts and gardens. The structure is neo-Renaissance flemish inspired style. And yes, it looks like a haunted building. Who would have imagined that this used to be a Veterinary School? In 1969, it was incorporated into the University of Liege, therefore losing its independence. In the summer of 1991, the university vacated the site to settle in the heights of Sart-Tilman in Liège, where the lessons are still being taught. But after being abandoned for more than two decades, the site will be transformed into executive homes. Want to live there?

13. Shadow of the Past9

After the school closed its doors and became abandoned, it fell into ruin. But it didn’t totally become a ghost site because it became a hotspot for locals, travelers, and adventure-seekers to explore the eerie hallways and shady corridors hoping to stumble upon something exciting. We’re 100% sure they did. We just hope they were able to stomach (pun intended) the pickled organs and body parts of different animals. Definitely, no food and drinks allowed.

12. Creepy Hallscreepy hals

If the outside creeped you out wait till you see the inside. The carpeted floors and white interiors looked rather more lavish for a veterinary school. It looks more of like a house of an aristocrat during the Renaissance era. But as fancy as it may look this long, dark and abandoned corridor keeps a sinister secret that will literally spill your guts. Pun intended.

11. Skinned and Jarred14-abandoned-veterinary-school

The urban explorer Stefaan Beernaert took images of the hundreds of jars filled with preserved animals and animal body parts and immediately went viral. The photos inspired avid explorers and animal enthusiasts to explore and discover the countless jars and creepy specimens themselves. This photo is one of the most disturbing images taken by Stefan and you can definitely see why. This dog was skinned and preserved in a glass vat and you can only imagine the events surrounding this skinned dog.

10. Experimentsexperiments

During the late 60s, the place gained a bit of a notorious reputation because it was known that experiments, were done on animals there all in the name od science and research. It was unclear though if the experiments were done on dead or live animals. If the animals were alive, then that would be sick. Even if it’s for science. I’m pretty sure PETA and the hardcore vegans would blow their heads off because of that.

9. 100 years old100 years old

Some of the animal specimens were probably as old or even older than the school. Some of them were probably handed down by their professors, animal-enthusiasts or something. There were countless specimens found all over the school, some were big and some were small but they’re all equally creepy and gut-wrenching. One amazing find was this particular animal that looked like a squirrel or something that’s been sitting in the jar for at least 100 years. There were also others that were skinned or slashed bellies.

8. Intrigued and Scared8

It’s easy to see why this school was dubbed as a horror lab but despite the name people still flock to see the place. Just like the British urban explorer who goes by the name of Chaos. He told reporters, “People are initially horrified that this sort of place exists, but are equally intrigued and want to see more.” He also said, “It’s like being in some crazed professor’s laboratory containing all manner of grotesque animal organs and body parts. At any moment you half expect the professor to come bursting through the door to punish you for invading his laboratory.”

7. Stuck in Time6

When exploring a veterinary school, one would expect that it would be normal seeing preserved animals and animal body parts. But one brave and curious explorer named Stefaan Beernaert went inside one of the 19 buildings which weren’t touched by the developers yet and he found rooms full of preserved animal parts in countless jars. There were hundreds of different kinds of animals. Just imagine those more than a decade old pickled animal parts and different body parts. It must have looked like a Frankenstein laboratory. It looked like the specimens were suspended in time.

6. New look, new beginninganderlecht

The breathtaking building stood deserted and crumbled for a number of years. It was left alone in the shadows with all its secrets. But in 2005, developers courageously moved in to give the place a complete makeover. From top to bottom, all the shadows of the past were erased and they tried to breathe out life in the once dead (literally) place. It was completely a commercial-related-money driven. The developers slowly and carefully transformed the building into modern lofts located in the heart of Brussels. They carved new homes into the old walls and revived the garden around the site. Wonder what they did with the pickled animals?

5. No Warning1

Due to the poorly executed preservation systems and neglect of the specimens (decades old), there were some preserved body parts that are strange and unrecognizable while there are also several specimens that are intact preserved well. Just like this dog’s partially shaven head. But aside from the surprise of seeing tons of this stuff, it’s the smell that explorers are least warned about. With all the neglected preserved specimens you could just imagine the stench piercing through your nose. The smell of embalming fluid and decaying animals plus the unventilated basement is full of open bottles of chemicals.

4. Innardspreserved gut

Seeing random animal body parts sitting around in jars takes a lot of guts (pun intended). These jarred organs give out a morbid vibe that makes exploring this place exciting. If you cannot stomach this then just imagine it’s for science’s sake and countless of students have reached out to these things every day as a study tool. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

3. Vet Wannabedog head

If you’re planning to be a veterinarian then you better get used to these kinds of stuff. The dissection, embalming, skinning, and so forth. Come to think of it, it’s quite ironic to say that vets are animal lovers when they first slaughter animals. Not hating, just saying. Yes, it’s for science but it’s a little ironic, don’t you think? I’m just glad that it never crossed my mind to be a veterinarian.

2. Too Much Chemicalschemicals

The huge amount of specimens seen all over the building is quite overwhelming. With all those dead animals and organs to preserve you could just imagine the amount of embalming fluid and other chemicals needed to preserve everything. The stench of the chemicals is so strong that it feels like your nose is literally burning and some explorers even had to leave because their skin began to react to the chemicals.

1. Educational Institution

abandoned school

After seeing all these gruesome and creepy stuff, it’s hard to believe that it used to be a school. It’s like a mad scientist’s lab or a set from a horror film. But these are what vet students’ learn and study about every day. We’re not sure if all the students were able to make it through inhaling and exhaling these stuff but what used to be another man’s trash is now a hotspot for explorers.

The Anderlecht School of Veterinary may have entertained and scared the hell out of people but for explorers, it’s like a hidden treasure. We’re not sure if all the buildings were remodeled to executive lofts by the developers or a single building was left and preserved for people to visit.  But now we know what vets undergo before becoming a pro. If you’re not good with organs and blood, you should probably skip being a vet. Abandoned buildings alone are creepy enough, but when you fill them with these kinds of stuff and rusty medical equipment, it gets scarier real quick. This abandoned veterinary school isn’t for the faint hearted.