Shocking Celebrity Net Worths


If you manage to become a big-time athlete, actor, or TV personality, you can earn riches beyond your wildest dreams.

Entertainment is a money machine that has turned poor people into millionaires and skyrocketed a fan of Broadway musicals into a billionaire.

While gathering together 12 shocking celebrity net worths, we wanted to focus on the positives and negatives of living a high-flying celebrity lifestyle.

Some of the celebrities we profile have turned their careers into cash cows while others have spent millions and even hundreds of millions of dollars on things they didn’t need — which lead to bankruptcy and even millions of dollars in debt.

Here are shocking celebrity net worths we couldn’t ignore. 

12. Jimmy Buffett ($400 Million)

Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett has made millions of dollars from such hits as Cheeseburger in Paradise and Margaritaville. He also earns big money from his constant touring schedule. The famed singer is also a bestselling author and a restaurant chain executive.

11. Maria Sharapova ($195 Million)

Maria Sharapova Net Worth

Maria Sharapova is one of only ten women to win a Grand Slam. She is currently ranked 37th in the world. On June 9, 2016, she was suspended for two years after it was discovered that she was using a banned performance enhancing drug. Much of her earnings comes from product endorsement deals with the likes of Nike, Tag Heuer, and many others.

10. Dennis Rodman (-$1 Million)

Dennis Rodman Net Worth

Rodman made our list not because of his insane wealth, but rather because of his loss of wealth. At the height of his career, he was earning upwards of $9 million a season. However, he lived a very lavish lifestyle and was ordered to pay massive child support bills. In 2012 a judge ordered him to pay $800,000 in back child support. Today he has a net worth of -$1 million.

9. Dr. Phil ($280 Million)

Dr Phil Net Worth

It’s pretty amazing that Dr. Phil “plays” a psychologist on his popular TV series. While he does have a Ph.D. in Psychology, he is not actually a licensed psychologist. Despite that small quagmire, he has amassed a massive fortune of $280 million. He also reportedly earns $80 million per year from his show and other investments.

8. Nicolas Cage ($25 Million)

Nicolas Cage Net Worth

$25 million is nothing to laugh at but given his yearly average salary for so many years, this is a bit surprising. Cage spend a considerable amount of time earning upwards of $40 million per year. His fortune, which would easily be in the hundreds of millions by now, was dwindled by a ton of high-priced acquisitions. Cage owns a reported 15 mansions, 4 luxury yachts, even a private island. Cage also paid $276 for a dinosaur skull.

7. Phil Collins ($260 Million)

Phil Collins Net Worth

Phil Collins made our list not only because he is worth $260 million, but also because he has maintained that massive wealth despite getting divorced three times. He paid $46.76 million to Orianne Cevey and $34 million to his second wife Jill Tavelman — he ended that relationship by sending her a fax in 1994. In 2010, Collins quit music to be a full-time dad for his two sons.

6. Chris Tucker (-$11.5 million)

Chris Tucker Net Worth

You have to pay the IRS or they will come a knocking. Chris Tucker was huge in the late 90s and early 2000s, starring in such hits as Friday, Rush Hour 1, Rush Hour, 2, and Rush Hour 3. Unfortunately, he didn’t pay taxes to the US government and he didn’t pay the mortgage on his $6 million 10,000 square foot home in Florida. There could be some good news for Tucker, it was originally announced that he is returning with Jackie Chan for Rush Hour 4.

5. Andrew Lloyd Webber ($1.2 Billion)

Andrew Lloyd Webber

We constantly hear that Jay-Z or Dr. Dre will be the first musicians to earn $1 billion. Sorry guys by Broadway composer Andrew Lloyd Webber has already beaten you to the punch. He is worth an estimated $1.2 billion. Webber is responsible for such hits as Phantom of the Opera, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Jesus Chris Superstar, Evita, and Cats, among others.

4. Mike Tyson ($3 million)

Mike Tyson Net Worth

This is another case in which we take pity on a celebrity for ONLY having $3 million in the bank. Considering he was once earning $30 million per fight, plus cash from endorsements, it’s a big hit to his checkbook. Tyson filed for bankruptcy protection in 2003 and has managed to earn a little bit of cash since that time — mostly appearing on TV and in bit roles for various movies, including The Hangover. 

3. Mick Jagger  ($305 Million)

Mick Jagger

The Rolling Stones have been touring for more than 50 years and Mick Jagger has earned most of his cash from those tours. The Stones have repeatedly set touring records and their fans show up to year-after-year to watch their favorite 70-year-old rockers. The guys in the band have sold more than 250 million records, which definitely doesn’t hurt their bottom line.

2. Jerry Seinfeld ($800 Million)

Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth

Jerry Seinfeld has accrued more than $800 million and most of that money came from his incredibly lucrative Seinfeld syndication deal. Seinfeld, along with buddy Larry David, created the show, wrote for it, and produced it. When Seinfeld went off the air it was reported that the comedian received $250 million upfront for syndication rights. He still continues to earn money from the thousands of Seinfeld episodes that air every year. The show was also recently gave streaming rights to Hulu.

1. George Foreman ($250 Million)

George Foreman Net Worth

While George Foreman was a hugely successful boxer in his day — “Big George” earned more from his sale of George Foreman Grills than he ever did in the ring. The two-time world heavyweight champion and Olympic gold medalist is believed to have made over $200 million from his endorsement of the grill. In 1999 the grills manufacturer, Salton Inc., paid the boxer $137 million to buy out the right to use his name.