Simple Lifehacks That Were In Front Of You The Whole Time


The concept of lifehacks is a great one. They’re simple things we can do to make our lives easier or more efficient, and they often don’t require much of an investment if any at all. So why have we been ignoring so many of them? Too easy?

The following lifehacks are pretty revolutionary but for some reason, most of us haven’t even noticed that the options have been sitting right before our eyes. It’s never too late to start to using them, so read on about some of the coolest lifehacks we’ve heard about in a while.

10. Treat Under-Eye Bags With Tea Bags

People spend tons of money trying to get rid of those puffy under-eyes bags that scream “I haven’t slept in three years.” But one of the more effective options is right there in your cupboard. Chamomile tea bags contain awesome ingredients for depuffing your eyes and giving them a bright look. Plus, it’s a good excuse to lay down for a few minutes and not do anything while they sit on your face.  Steep them and let them cool before throwing them on there.

9. Gum Helps You Focus

That urge to chew gum in class actually has its merits. Research has shown that when people chew, it increases the activity in the hippocampus area of the brain, which plays a part in memory. Chewing also increases the heart rate a bit, which then sends more oxygen to the brain, giving the mind a cognitive boost.

8. Carry Cash In An Empty Chapstick

One of the biggest concerns while traveling in certain areas is staying safe and protecting that hard-earned money from clever pickpockets. One way to keep cash on you in an inconspicuous way is to empty out a Chapstick tube and then keep your rolled up cash inside. Even on the off chance that someone demanded your wallet, you wouldn’t be totally out of luck.

7. Remove Leather Scuffs With Nail Polish Remover

Leather purses and shoes tend to get scuffed here and there from wear and tear, but it’s actually possible to remove a lot of it. All you need is some nail polish remover and a cotton ball to get to work. The polish remover will remove the scuffs without damaging the leather.

6. Sort Nuts And Bolts With A Cupcake Tray

If you do any of your own handy work, you probably have tools in the home. Nothing will turn a tool bench or workstation into pure chaos like having loose nuts and bolts all over the place, but there’s an easy solution. Sort them by type in a cupcake tray. It solves the mess problem, and it also makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Stay tuned for another cupcake-related hack coming up next …

5. Keep Car Cup Holders Clean With Cupcake Papers

Those little paper fillers used to hold in the cupcake batter are good for other things as well. Such as keeping the cup holders clean in your car. Those tend to accumulate a lot of crumbs and grime, especially if a spill ever takes place. Place cupcake papers in there, and you can just pull them out when they start to get dirty and replace them.

4. Remove Dead Skin With A Home Mixture

Some people swear by the following mixture of ingredients to remove dead skin: 1/4 cup Listerine, 1/4 cup vinegar, and 1/2 cup warm water. Soak your feet in there for 10 to 15 minutes and supposedly when you remove them you can simply wipe off the dead skin with a towel instead of doing hardcore scrubbing.

There’s still another beauty related hack on the list. Read on.

3. Keep Food Cold On A Plane By Putting It On The Window

Airplane windows are pretty cold thanks to the high height they’re flying, which makes them like a mini refrigerator. If you brought a snack on board like some yogurt, you can just put it against the window and hold it in place with the shade. Of course, only do this if you have the window seat.

2. Pump Up Those Lashes With Baby Powder

To get extra volume when you’re applying mascara, you can try first putting some baby powder on the eyelashes. The extra bulk will create a volumized look, which can then be covered and topped off with a coat of mascara to stay in place. It’s cheap and you only need a tiny bit.

1. Cook Two Pizzas At Once

Generally, only one full-sized pizza will fit into an oven at a time, but there’s a nice hack for that. Cut two pizzas in half and then arrange them on the same tray so that the flat sides are on each side of the tray. They’ll fit like magic.

Well, there you have it. We’ve had some pretty interesting lifehacks right in our face the whole time. many of which don’t even require a trip to the store to start making our lives easier. Being able to cook two pizzas at once is perhaps the most useful lifehack of all. Now you know.

Did we miss any other blatantly obvious life hacks that you like to use? Let us know if you have any lifehacks to add and be sure and share this with your friends! After all, we can all use a little time-saving help in our lives.