Sister Serves As Surrogate For Sterile Sibling, Then There’s A MAJOR Twist


It is a terrible tragedy when parents are unable to have kids. Some people may not have any options. Adopting children is a long and arduous process and finding a surrogate to carry a child for nine months can be quite expensive. Some people who would make wonderful parents are unfortunately unable to do so sometimes.

Annie Johnson and her husband Joby are the perfect examples of the perfect parents unable to conceive. After five years of attempting to get pregnant, the couple was beginning to give up. But when Annie’s sister Chrissy offered to be her surrogate, it was just the beginning of a major surprise.

10. A Sister’s Love

Watching her sister struggle with getting pregnant was an extremely difficult period of time for Chrissy, who bore two children of her own. She knew what it was like to raise children and discover the magic of being a parent. She did not want to watch her sister suffer for years to come.

9. A Second Chance For Children

“It was heartbreaking. When they started having problems getting pregnant it was devastating to watch,” Chrissy told Daily Mail UK. She decided to come to her sister’s rescue and offer to be her surrogate. To have someone in the family, especially a sibling, be the one to carry your children is an opportunity not many people are afforded.

8. The Decision To Move Forward

Annie and her husband Joby decided to think about the idea for some time. When the pros outweighed the cons, Annie told Chrissy she would be happy to have her be the surrogate. Find out what the long and complicated surrogate process had in store for the family in #7.

7. The Pregnancy Procedure

The procedure began with the retrieval of Annie’s eggs. After they had been collected, the doctor’s fertilized the eggs with a sample of Joby’s sperm. This process takes up to 24 hours before the eggs are properly fertilized. Two embryos were then inserted into Chrissy’s uterus.

6. The Symptoms Have Started

Since Annie and Chrissy were on the same cycle, doctors decided to insert two eggs into Annie as well as a last ditch effort. After a while, both sisters started to show signs of pregnancy. Their symptoms appeared at almost exactly the same time and so they both went to the doctor for an ultrasound.

5. Not Just One…

“They found one in me,” Annie said in an interview with Daily Maik UK, “and then they moved over and saw another little sac with another flickering heartbeat.” That’s right, Annie was now pregnant with twins! Head over to #4 to find out if her sister Chrissy was going to be expecting.

4. Not Just Two…

“And we still had Chrissy left to go,” Annie said with a huge smile strung across her face. Chrissy got up on the examination table and the doctors began the ultrasound procedure. Sure enough, the doctors noticed a little baby brewing in her belly. Chrissy was going to have a baby too!

3. Not Just Three!

As the doctors looked further, they noticed another little one growing inside of her. Chrissy was expecting twins as well. Not only were Annie and Joby going to be the proud parents of twins, but they were going to be the proud, and busy, parents of two sets of twins.

2. The Big Day!

It appears all of Annie’s prayers had been answered at once. The excitement was barely enough to handle. Nine months later, Annie and Chrissy both went into labor on the same day. The two decided they were going to have a c-section. Chrissy went first so the new mom Annie could watch the procedure.

1. Happily Ever After x4

Chrissy gave birth to two beautiful baby boys, Charley and Tommy. After a few minutes, Annie went through the procedure and delivered adorable twin girls, Grace and Hadley. “Trying to get at least one baby, we are just so excited to take all four of them home and they’re all healthy,” Annie said excitedly. The two sets are twins are technically quadruplets, even though they shared two separate wombs. Share this amazing story with your family and friends!