The Surprising Ways That Women Absorb Male DNA


Every day, we touch the same doors, handrails, and tables that millions of people touched over a lifetime. With so many different people, germs and human DNA tend to spread through our bodies rapidly. The common cold is linked to touching ordinary things.

Unlike men, some women will get DNA in their systems in various other ways during their life. A few of these techniques are very fascinating. One is something that is achieved every single day through something commonplace. A group of intelligent people decided to take the first step in finding out the truth.

The journey starts in Seattle…

10. Decades Worth Of Research


Based out of Seattle, Washington, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre was established after the death of MLB pitcher Fred Hutchinson. The organization, which was founded by Fred’s older brother William, also spawned three Nobel Prize winners in Lee Hartwell, Ph.D., Linda Buck, Ph.D., and E. Donnall Thomas, M.D.

9. A New Revelation


Along with some scientists from the University of Seattle, the organization worked on a special project in private. For several months, they tried to discover if pregnant women had a better chance of getting neurological diseases than men.

When they were done with their research, they made a shocking discovery…

8. Here To Stay

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The large group of scientists discovered that women’s bodies tend to store male DNA long after a relationship ends. The shocking discovery was made when researchers found male DNA floating in a woman’s brain.

Called male microchimerism, these cells are much more diverse than cells found in females.

7. System Overload

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The first thought that came up was that having a male child caused their DNA to stay put. When scientists performed tests on women that haven’t been pregnant, they still discovered male DNA in their system.

According to them, there are four reasons that DNA tends to stick around in women…

6. When Under Ether

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The first reason is a hidden abortion. Getting an abortion is one of the hardest decisions that women have to face. Many women keep theirs hidden in order to avoid a situation with their partner or their family. In 2017, abortion in the United States dropped to its lowest percentage since the Roe v. Wade decision.

5. He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

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The next reason is an older brother transferred by the maternal circulation. DNA left behind by an older kin can be latched upon a fetus. This kind of shifting has a smaller chance of happening, though.

If it’s not from an older brother, it can be from someone that unfortunately couldn’t make it.

4. Two By Two


Reason number three is a male twin that vanished. Vanishing twin syndrome is the result of being absorbed by the other fetus after dying in utero. The dead fetus can also be absorbed into its mother.

This isn’t a common occurrence; it only happens in one of eight twin pregnancies in the world.

3. Let’s Get It On

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The final method is sexual intercourse. During this action, there are numerous ways that ladies can absorb male DNA. If a condom isn’t involved, sperm can find its way by making its way into the flesh. If sperm hits the mouth, it will find its way into your bloodstream in no time.

Scientists discovered something else about these four causes…

2. One In A Million


There’s a small chance of getting male DNA from an abortion or through birth. The group of scientists have concluded that 63% of females in the United States tend to get it from intercourse. Most of the women they’ve done the study on are over the age of 50.

1. Dig A Little Deeper


The University of Seattle and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre are continuing their research to see if they can dig up some more information. The landscape of sexual intercourse has changed forever from this discovery. If extra information is found, there’s a good chance it will be modified again.