The 18 Most Hilarious Windshield Notes Ever


FeaturedNotesHave you ever seen one of those notes that people leave on other’s windshields asking them to pay more attention to their parking? Maybe you’ve even been “lucky” enough to receive one of these messages yourself!

We put together a list of the 18 funniest windshield messages we could find so that you can have a good belly laugh. Who knows- they may even inspire you to be a bit of a better driver in the future. That’s definitely something we could ALL work on!

So, sit back, relax, and check out the 18 most HILARIOUS windshield notes ever!

#18 Likely Story

001--18-likely-story-313097Starting us off is this note from “Jack” who supposedly bumped into someone else’s car and decided to pretend to write their information down so witnesses wouldn’t call the cops. We’ve never really thought of writing a note like this instead of leaving our actual details, but it’s pretty clever! We’ll try this next time we get into a parking lot fender bender!

#17 $$$

002--17--313032Yikes! This person went right for the jugular in their note criticizing a rich driver. We understand the anger, but blaming your disabled grandmother’s death on a bad driver seems a bit extreme. But, people get pretty crazy when it comes to finding good parking!

Another two-space parking culprit is in number 13!

#16 A Little Introspection

003--16-a-little-introspection-313179Leaving a note like this one must’ve required some planning! The sender not only took the time to type out the message on a computer┬ábut also harshly encouraged the recipient to look deep inside and explore how their bad parking could be the reason they were alone in the world. Yikes! The note does really well until the small spelling error or “your” in the last sentence. Oh well.

#15 The Frozen Car Excuse

004--15-the-frozen-car-excuse-313368Looks like someone was having a rough day! Winter is hard enough as it is… let alone trying to get through it with a frozen car door. Leaving a note like this one is a brilliant idea… we just hope the police officers were understanding! Still, though, this person could’ve just poured hot water on the car to melt the ice!

#14 The Neighborhood Alarm Clock

005--14-the-neighborhood-alarm-clock-313388This DEFINITELY would have been frustrating! No one likes to be woken up early, so we totally get why the neighbors would take offense to a daily rude awakening from an inconsiderate neighbor. Plus, at the very least, this note is very well thought out and cogent- unlike some of the others on our list!

#13 Can’t Blame Him

006--13-can-t-blame-him-312853This person left a very tongue in cheek note to their fellow parking lot patron reminding them to only take up one spot. It’s definitely frustrating when someone takes up more than one parking spot, but we think this guy (or gal) may have taken it too far by scratching his car. This next one is dedicated to meter maids!

#12 Lord Have Mercy

007--12-lord-have-mercy-313124This is one we can all relate to! This note was left on a car in a university parking lot as one last plea to the campus police to stop writing tickets. At least the driver had already applied for a new tag… otherwise, we’re pretty sure this never would’ve worked!

Another message to the cops is up next!

#11 NOT a Drug Dealer

008--11-not-a-drug-dealer-313462This person definitely wanted to give an earful to the cops! They had lots to say in this note, starting with their window tints and going all the way to their alleged career as a drug dealer. He or she even drew their family members into it. Seems like an intense battle with the police!

#10 Not My Fault

009--10-not-my-fault-313504The best thing about blame is that it can very easily be shared. That’s exactly what happened in this funny note where the sender was very matter-of-fact and to-the-point. We love how he twisted the message at the end and implied that the other driver would pay for the repair. Clever!

#9 Please Don’t Rob Me

010--9-please-don-t-rob-me-312720Our best guess is this person’s window was broken, so they had to do SOMETHING to keep the thiefs away! Of course, they did the right thing by taking all the valuables out of their car, but we wouldn’t be surprised if someone took those baby wipes! Those things are useful!

Another thief detracting note is on slide 2!

#8 Helen Keller

011--8-helen-keller-312977This note was left on someone’s car window in a hotel parking lot. The recipient must have been a pretty bad barking to warrant a reference to the blind, deaf, and mute historical figure, Helen Keller! Plus, whoever left the note would have had to go out and find white window paint- that took some serious anger!

Another blind joke is on slide 5!

#7 Short and (Not So) Sweet

012--7-short-and-not-so-sweet-313146We can all appreciate a little tactful directness! This note is short, but not very sweet. Still, we’re pretty sure the recipient got the memo. Parking can be super difficult, but with a little practice, nearly anyone can do it. Hopefully, better parking will reduce the need for notes like this one!

#6 “Douchebag Parkers”

013--6-douchebag-parkers--313426Taking up two spots is bad enough… So WHY would this person choose to take up four?! That’s just rude and inconsiderate. But, the author was quite respectful and even referred to their recipient as “sir.” At least they kept some manners with their nasty (but well deserved) note!

#5 Stevie Wonder

014--5-stevie-wonder-313547Here’s another off-color joke about blind people. This one attacks musician Stevie Wonder, who notoriously could not see. But, he could definitely kill it on the piano! Too bad having a good ear doesn’t automatically make you a good driver. Wouldn’t that be nice and handy?

#4 Ouch

015--4-ouch-313678We’re all for sending a funny note to a driver whose having some parking troubles, but this one took it a little too far. Suggesting that someone crash and potentially hurts themself is a bit intense! A little fun and games is great and can be hilarious, but not when it threatens someone else’s life, it’s a totally different story.

#3 Meme-tastic!

016--3-meme-tastic--313738This note draws on the popular “Why U No” internet meme that took the world wide web by storm last year. It’s pretty funny how this person merged two entirely different worlds to leave this hilarious message for their poorly-parked coworker. In a way, it could almost be called “considerate.”

#2 Please

017--2-please-313331This is another message from a driver who wants his or her car to be left alone! It can definitely be frustrating to have a broken car window, so we totally understand leaving a note like this one to keep away the wannabe thieves. Still, their tone is pretty funny!

#1 Remember Me

Wrapping up our list is this angry parking lot patron! This note-sender really took their ice cream seriously! So, they left a long message about the chaos that ensued when this Nissan Altima driver double parked at the grocery store. One thing’s for sure… people take their ice cream… and their parking… very seriously!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the 18 most hilarious windshield notes in the history of bad drivers! They’re all pretty funny and tongue-in-cheek but carry an important message… Don’t be an asshole parker! You’ll win more friends that way. Plus, you can feel better about yourself knowing that you are helping to solve the problem of bad drivers worldwide. This is definitely something we could all benefit from!

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