The Funniest PhotoBombs Ever


Capturing great moments with your loved ones is a treasure. But capturing it with someone you don’t know or trying to ruin your shot is annoying, especially if they are too hilarious for a formal picture that you are trying to do. These days, it is now becoming a mainstream. There are people who would actually try to ruin your photos. These are called Photobombs. Still can’t get it? Try looking at some of these photos.


1. Dog : What are you hiding there?

Every dog has its moments, but this one has a different story. We all wonder what he/she is sniffing under the girl’s dress. But whatever it is, we hope that there is nothing that smells bad under there. What a very naughty dog.

2. Duncan is a fan friendly basketball player.

We all know that every basketball game has two teams competing with each other and only one team can win, but it seems like these guys won because they had Tim Duncan in the picture with them. Look at the guy wearing a Spurs jersey, looks like Duncan has something in mind and wants to whisper it in his ears.

3. These dogs can’t wait for their honeymoon.

Every moment of the wedding should be captured beautifully, but this depicts something else. Looks like these dogs would like to teach the bride and the groom something for their honeymoon! But we can’t deny that this is a funny yet memorable wedding photo, right? Good job dogs!

4. Somebody is a having a good time in the pool

This guy seems like he’s having a good time in the pool. This looks like a really good timing to do that kind of pose while the two girls just went out from the slide, huh? But what are you doing there under the slide my friend?

5. Whoops! Good thing he didn’t look back.

Good thing the president didn’t see what’s happening behind him, because if he does, he might not have known what to say again on the mic. Good thing that the girl’s face is not showing. So what is the lesson? Never lean that deep if you’re going to reach something on the ground. Just sit down and get it.

6. Now that’s one creepy fella over there.

Looks like this guy has something in mind and he’s kinda creepy. See how he is photobombing this girl and how he posed for the picture? The bottomline here is that he has that creepy smile thinking something not good, but I hope I am wrong. But aside from him I am still some bothered about the other things that you might want to check also. If you know what I mean.

7. Oh it’s summer!

White sand, sand castles and bikini babes, that’s where all dogs and even humans will go for summer. Looks like this dog is already on the right place. He seems like he already found something that he’s looking for. Look at the smile on his face. Have a good time doggie!

8. Hey darth! what are you doing there?

Looks like Darth has quit the dark side to join these priests. I don’t know if this dude did this on purpose or it is just a coincidence that there are priests on the streets too. But let’s just appreciate this one. This Darth Vader is hilarious. May the force be with you!

9. 1 2 3 JUMP!

Summer time is here! But girl group moments are not complete without some guys photobombing them. We can see that these girls are going for a jump shot, but this guys looks like he knows what they are planning and had a perfect timing to join them in the picture. Anyway this dude is having a good time as well.

10. I wonder what this man is thinking about wonder woman?

I guess this guy see something wrong in this girl’s wonder woman costume? Maybe because wonder woman never wear those sleeves. Well yeah, wonder woman never wear sleeves. But man, why are you looking down low? You see something else?

11. Look! I’m with Ellen!

Everyone wants to have a picture with one of the most famous talk show hosts, Ellen DeGeneres. Well, this girl did everything she can to have a picture with her. You can see the joy in her face and she want to have fun with Ellen too. I wonder what Ellen has to say when she saw this picture.

12. Oh look it’s you lungs! Let me take a picture with them.

This girl or boy take  photobombing to the next level. This is what you call, x-selfie ray. I hope the radiation of the x-ray won’t affect the photobomber’s eyes. But we can’t deny that he or she has a very unique idea of photobombing, right? Kuddos to this fella!

13. Say cheese!

We know that sometimes taking photos on a underwater theme park is prohibited, but this guy surely had a great experience. We don’t usually see a sea creature photo bombing. Maybe this fella is in a good mood for taking pictures and the flash did not bother him at all.

14. Steve carell is a lucky guy.

I wonder what is she doing in her bra. Maybe, it’s a new one and she is just giving it a try. But girl, someone is watching behind you. But don’t mind him,  it’s just Steve Carell who’s watching you. Maybe you should watch him watching you too.

15. Hey guys i’d like to join the picture!

Happy moments with your friends should be captured. But remember to always everyone in the picture otherwise, they will photobomb you like that guy on the back. He almost ruined the photo. Good thing it just appeared livelier and more fun this time.

16. Peace out grandma!

You guys just got owned by a grandma. But let’s be honest, most of the elders don’t do this kind of thing anymore. But this grandma is really cool. Well most of us can’t photobomb someone like that, but she has the guts to do it. Respect to to her! Salute!

17. Girls, We’re fabolous! wait what?!

Showing your sexy body when on the beach is a good and common thing. But taking a group photo wearing your bikinis and being joined by an old man is very unusual. We know that these girls know that the gentleman or should I say this “hunk old man” is a taking a photo with them. Good thing they’re having fun with the old guy.

18. Looks like someone wants to join and hug them.

What a perfect timing for the guy on the TV there! But that’s not the only thing i see here. Do you you see what i see? Anyway, these girls are so sweet on hugging each other on a picture. But next time, try standing up so the other girl won’t have to bend over and that guy on TV won’t look at uhmmm, yeah that!

19. I am the manly man kid.

I hope these are not the kid’s sisters, but if they are, there is nothing we can do. Anyway, this boy really knows how to pose with the girls. Even if the girls are doing inappropriate pose, the boy owned them! Look at him, he’s like a real bad ass when he grows up.

20. Sports Illustrated cover feat. the naughty kid

Posing sexy on the beach is natural and acceptable. But doing it in front of a kid? Well, that’s a different story. Anyway, it looks like the kid is having a good time watching the lady as well! Let’s just hope that he is not related to her, because it looks like he’s checking her out. Naughty kid, huh?

21. The kid gone rage!

We all know that hockey is bit of a barbaric game, especially when the players start to go brawling. But this is actually natural and is well expected. Hockey isn’t hockey without that. But, it looks like this kid has gone too far. Maybe the one he’s giving the middle hurts his favourite player. Let’s just hope the guy didn’t see this until after the game.

22. Three girls. One happy drunk dude.

These girls are really hot, arent’ they?  It should’ve been a great photo but thanks to guy out there, the photo became more fun. It seems like the guy is shouting, “Oh yeah! These girls are hot!” and he’s probably enjoying the bar right now. It’s much better if the guy doesn’t know these girls and ask for their numbers.

23. Hi there miss!

Ostrich in the streets are a bit unusual, but this one knows how to smile on the camera, it’s just that this girl didn’t like it at all. This is very unique because it is not everyday that we see an animal smile on the camera and do photombombing.

24. Hmmmm. what are you doing?

This sexy girl is really hot, right? But the winner in this photo is that black guy photobomber right there. He’s reaction is so funny looking at the girl’s phone. It seems that they’re in a studio doing a shoot but they’re having fun. That’s the important part right there.

25. I seal you guys!

The penguins are busy, but this seal is very happy! What a perfect timing to take a photo! Non of the penguins are looking, but the seal is smiling at the camera. The main purpose of this picture are for the penguins, but this cute seal just owned it!

26. Hey! pay attention to me!

It’s seems that they’re enjoying these animals but they forgot to check on someone, the bird! This pal is very curious on the camera so he checked it then boom, an epic photobomb by him. We know that the people in the picture is having fun checking these animals, but what more if they pay attention to this bird.

27. Someone likes what he sees.

Red carpet, this is where all people try to showcase their style, just like this celebrity right here. But, someone on the background looks like he likes what he is seeing, especially on his height, it’s not that obvious whether where he is looking at. But, honestly, it’s a bit awkward, right?

28. Let me teach you how to dougie.

Sleepover at a friend’s house is awesome. Most of the girls do that, and what do they usually do before sleeping? Hmmm, eating midnight snacks and telling stories about boys, maybe? But the experience will never be complete without a selfie. Well, we now know that they did that, but got photobombed by a dog. Good job there, doggie!

29. That water is cold. brrrrrr… oh snap!

Isn’t she lovely? But, what’s going on at the girl behind her? Is she mad? I guess she is co’z of her top. In this photo, most men will notice the girl behind than the girl in front, right. Why? I know you know the answer. Anyway, the only bad thing here is that the person who’s holding the camera captured something else

30. Hey! Take a picture of me!

Looks like there’s a pet show going on and that black dog is really awesome, but I think in this photo it is the husky who has just won the hearts of many. He is so adorable photobombing that black dog. Do you think he’s cute or dangerous? Hmmmm, he could be both. But bottomline here is that in this photo, he owned the black dog.

31. Look a bird! Oh it’s not. wait what?!

We usually see a bird flying on the view, but in this picture, isn’t that a cat? That supercat is trying to get into the picture. This one is quite hilarious. You can expect to see a jumping cat but never on that place. It’s like the cat is just passing by the mountains. Supercat is going to save the day! Meow!

32. Hands where i can see them ladies. Yeah that’s it..

I don’t know why these girls are posing like they are being arrested. But, the dog looks like he’s the one responsible for this. But why does the dog look sad? Doesn’t he like what the girls are doing behind him or does it irritates him? Either of that, this is still a good photobomb.

33. Peace and Hate.

The peace kid seems lonely, but take a look at that jerk smiling while photobombing. That’s the good side of doing what you want to do. This feels like there’s no one that can stop you. Freedom, as you might say. But don’t worry kid, you can also do this by the time you grow up. Kudos to the jerk! 

34. Rock on!

We know that working in an office for longer hours can be boring. All you do there is sit and work and then go home after. But nothing beats when you go have fun in your office, like this dude right here. I wonder if it’s his boss or co worker but whoever she is, he still had the guts to do photobombing with that heavy metal horn. You rock dude!

35. Excuse me.

This ostrich owned these girls! I think the one that the bird covered up is trying to feed the others, but this ostrich seems unhappy of them. Maybe they didn’t feed her? Still, this bird knows how to pose on a camera. I just hope she didn’t chase them out.

36. Hey! let me join you girls please?

What a view! If that kid has a old mind he might enjoy the view from the bottom too. Where can he see 8 mountains in a street? Let’s just hope that none of these girls is his mother, because that could be really awkward.

37. Uh oh looks like ratings are going down.

Anything can happen in a live news. This one is not as awkward as the other actions you normally see on TV. But still, this guy had the guts to show it to the whole world. Some of us now starts to wonder if the news is all truth or some are just fabricated.

38. Oops! your order is ready.

Ohhhhhh, that is hot! Looks like the chef has gone out because of the hotness too? But can’t you wait chef? I think there’s a photoshoot going on and you just appeared out of nowhere. But even though you did photobombing, we still can’t get our eyes of this hot babe.

39. Excuse me girls. but i’m more fabulous.

We can’t deny that the guy in the back has a hilarious reaction to photobombing. He just owned these two girls with that smile. But anyway, these girls are pretty, aren’t they? Even though the other girl is kinda curvy, she still looks sexy. Photobombing is indeed the new era of trolling.

40. Hey let me in!

Nothing beats a good house party with friends. You’ve got beer, foods and loud music! But every house party moments should be captured in a photo. This one looks interesting because of that guy over them who just photobombed the girls’ moment. You should’ve let him in ladies!

41. Photographer : 1 2 3 Photobomber : WAAAAAAAAAAH!

Everyone loves to make fun in front of the camera, especially when you are trying to make fun with your friends too! What if they are taking pictures without you? What are you going to do? PHOTOBOMB THEM! Like this girl right here, she almost took over the whole picture. Anyway, it still looked like a fun day for these sorority sisters!

42. FORE!

Playing golf is fun. It can relax you and at the same time make you sweat walking under the sun, which is somehow good for your health. But, playing golf with your friends is priceless, especially when you guys are taking pictures while having fun. Just a few reminders, beware of your photobombing friends.

43. What are you looking at huh?

Surely, this must be a halloween costume party. But, that guy photobombing these two people must be desperate for a picture or she wants a picture with the girl too! Dude, you’re kinda creepy, especially when you have that face paint on. You’re like serial killer caught on camera.

44. I can see them K-I-S-S-I-N-G

This guy must be single. Only a single status person will photobomb a couple hugging or kissing each other. Well, we can’t blame him if he wants to photobomb the couple because he has no partner to take a photo with. Dude, find your girl now so you don’t have to photobomb couples and start taking pictures with your her while doing whatever you want.

45. I love my boyfriend. wait what?!

Hot girls are everywhere! But, what’s with that man behind these hot girls? I love my boyfriend? Hmmm, from what I see you’re wearing a pink shorts and with that statement shirt you have on, I don’t know what to think. But, photobombing these girls is not cool man.


Playing on the pool is fun, but be careful especially when someone is about to jump on the pool, like that guy over there. Hmmmm, I wonder what happened? I just hope no one got hurt because at the angle of his jump, looks like he’s really targeting the two.

47. Look mom i’m a jumping duck.


What a wonderful view of the lake and looks like someone is really enjoying it. Yeah, there he is, that guy photobombing these two ladies. But, I wonder how he got there to do photobombing? I don’t see any platform where he can stand before jumping. This is A for effort in photobombing.

48. Oh Hey!


We know we’re all in the mood after winning some game. Well, we can see that after the game, Chris Bosh can still make fun of Lebron James during his interview. It’s a good evidence that he is happy in winning the game plus it’s just the typical Chris Bosh. Always funny.

49. Bleeeeeeh!


We know girls just want to have fun. But, look how fun is that girl on the back. It’s funny how these two girls in front posing like they’re models while the other one is making a wacky face for their photo. We know that they’re hot, but that funny girl wins the prettiest smile among them all.

50. Bud first! let me photobomb you.


She’s a lovely promo girl of a certain beer product. I am sure the she’ll sell a lot, but that guy on the truck will probably win the girl because of his photobombing skills. Look how he pose for the camera. He just sneaked in like she’s going to grab the girl. But still, I am all eyes to the lady and I’m thinking about grabbing a cold one now.

51. Peace out!


She really is a lovely lady, but tryin’ to be ghetto for the picture? that’s a bad idea especially when there’s a real ghetto on your back photobombing you. But still we can’t take our eyes off on this girl because of her hotness. but please pose like a real lady.

52. Now the party has started.


Let’s get this party goin! Every party moments should be captured we can always see that everybody is taking a picture especially girls. but don’t think that boys will not join these picture taking moments, actually beware of them photobombing your precious fun party moment.

53. Im with him!


The in the middle looks like celebrity. but i think the real celebrity here is that photobomb girl. we all know that there are many cameras flashing to the guy but the girl knows where to look then boom! instant photo with a celebrity.

54. Doggie day care gone wrong.


Looks like this dog is shocked by what he sees. well even when humans see something like that will be shocked too. but it’s just hilarious that we are not sure who is the main subject of the picture and who’s photobombing. well what matters is someone is being thought how to dougie.

55. She almost didn’t succeed in photobombing.


The main subject in this picture seems sad but the one photobombing looks like she did something that the guy didn’t like. but she seems like she didn’t almost didn’t make it to photobomb this guy because we can see how big this guy is and looks like he’s gonna eff up everyone who’s gonna mess with him. good thing he didn’t do it on someone who’s photobombing him.

56. Oh c’mon, get a room!


Every once in a while it’s relaxing to hangout in the park alone where you can have a place to think etc. but these days it’s not impossible to see something like this while hanging out in the park. i mean that’s how liberated those kids in these new age. so if you see something like these and you don’t have a partner, do what that guy do in the back. photobomb them!

57. Come here ladies!


Come on now ladies don’t be afraid of mr. stingray, he seems friendly. maybe this is their first time to see a smiling stingray and these girls seems frightened but those oldies in the back are smiling at them. but it seems that at the end of the day. they all had a good time.

58.Under my umbrella… hey!

When it rains, it pours. it pours not only with water but the streets get flooded with finger tossing jerks. Your umbrellas are no match to fools like this one photobombing the pretty girl. but nevertheless this jerks still owns the picture. good job!

59. hey there kitty kitty kitty..

In these generation, people are more liberated than the past generation. but it’s the new age so we just have do deal with it. taking your selfies half naked is not a big deal anymore some people send it to their lovers sometimes. but beware of taking your semi naked photo. you don’t know who’s watching you. good kitty kitty kitty.

60. Throw your hands up in the air!

Beachin’, summer is not complete without it and being on a beach is not complete without a photo of you and your friends. but apparently there are a lot of sea creatures there. but that one thing in the background is the most least you can expect to capture in a photo. Presenting, The white male photobomber.

61. Mr. Chow did it once again.

Nothing beats the hotness of Kate Upton. but this time it’s about Ken Jeong or more popular in the name of Mr. Chow on The Hangover Series. This was a GQ photoshoot of Kate Upton but apprently she’s not the only one stealing the show. Ken Jeong owned this photoshoot of pure photobomb theme shoot. sorry guy with kate upton but in this photo Mr. Chow is hotter than you,

62. Here i come!

Who says that taking a picture underwater is photobomb proof? well guess what? there’s a deadly photobomber coming over you. i wonder what happened after they took the photo. there must be a BGM playing in their mind after they see what’s behind the girl. *Jaws Theme playing*

63. Hello summer!

Japanese girls like to pose cute in front of the camera but japanese boys are different. we all know that a lot of japanese makes weird and hilarious stuffs. for example the man in back. if you just wanna photobomb you don’t have to take your clothes off but then again this man is very different. he did his best just to ruin the photo of these girls. but what guts to this man. salute!

64. here comes daddy!

apparently not only sharks are sneaky in the sea. sometimes it can be a old man too. let’s just hope that the guy in the back is related to the girls like he’s the father or uncle or whatever not just some old man who checks out hot girls in the beach.




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