The Story Of The World’s Smallest Couple Is Heartwarming


FeaturedLittleLove is one of the greatest feelings any person can experience in their lifetime. Love comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms. You can love your family, your friends, and even your pets. But the best part of love is falling into it with one other special person that you want to be your life partner. Not everyone gets to experience this great feeling, and not everyone might ever even know what it means to love someone. But for Paulo and Katyucia, they definitely know the emotion pretty well. Click through to read about their amazing love story as the world’s tiniest couple!

#18 Meet Paulo And Katyucia

001--18-meet-paulo-and-katyucia-324758Paulo and Katyucia may be known as the world’s smallest couple. They both suffer from rare genetic disorders and forms of dwarfism that cause them to not have the average human stature. But they never let their size get in the way of their relationship. Their love story is truly one of a kind.

#17 It Was Love At First Sight…For Him

002--17-it-was-love-at-first-sight-for-him-324802If you ask Paulo, he’ll tell you that their romance started with love at first. Paulo thinks that Katyucia is absolutely stunning, and he instantly knew that he wanted to be with her the instant he saw her! Wow! Imagine finding someone like that! Paulo is very lucky that he can describe his experience with Katyucia as love at first sight!

#16 But Not For Katyucia

003--16-but-not-for-katyucia-324835If you asked Katyucia about their relationship, she would probably give you a different story. When she first saw Paulo, she didn’t necessarily feel that spark that he did! Ouch! Unfortunately, Katyucia wasn’t really interested in reciprocating Paulo’s feelings. Click through to find out why Katyucia wasn’t feeling him at first!

#15 It Was Hard To Take Him Seriously

004--15-it-was-hard-to-take-him-seriously-324854Katyucia stated that at first, it was hard to take him seriously. He was constantly sending her cheesy and annoying pickup lines and always flirting. For this, she actually blocked him on social media! But she couldn’t resist for too long, and eventually decided to finally give Paulo another chance.

#14 They Chatted For A Couple Months

005--14-they-chatted-for-a-couple-months-324886They ended up chatting online for two months before they finally decided to meet in person. Paulo actually drove over 150 miles for the meeting! Katyucia was a pretty lucky gal to find someone who loved her so much. However, she still wasn’t quite feeling the same feelings for him back that he was for her! Will they end up making it?

#13 She Finally Began Loving Him

006--13-she-finally-began-loving-him-324923After a few more meetings and romantic dates, Katyucia finally began falling for Paulo just like he had fallen the very first time he laid eyes on her! Sometimes it isn’t always easy to see who a person is at first, and sometimes it’s even harder to allow yourself to love someone. But Katyucia was able to let her guard down and allow herself to fall for him!

#12 They’re Both Ambitious

007--12-they-re-both-ambitious--fb612d63dfb2f717b1f9d5c17e67870dThe two work well for each other in many ways other than just simply their size! Both are pretty ambitious and hardworking and don’t allow their size to hold them back from achieving their dreams. Katyucia runs a beauty salon, and Paulo even hopes to possibly be mayor some day!

#11 He Is Her First

008--11-he-is-her-first-325213Perhaps one of the reasons that Katyucia was so apprehensive to fall for Paulo,in the beginning, was due to the fact that she had not really had any other relationships before Paulo. She claims that he is her first real boyfriend, and isn’t afraid to reveal that he’s the first for many other things as well.

#10 His Style Has Changed

009--10-his-style-has-changed-80b0ab15e976b177b28c2fb9d079c6b8One thing that has changed a lot throughout their relationship was also the fact that Paulo’s style has greatly changed. Katyucia described being a bit turned off in the very beginning because of the way that Paulo had dressed. But since dating, Katyucia has had some positive influence on Paulo’s overall style.

#9 They Depend On Each Other

010--9-they-depend-on-each-other-324988At this point in their relationship, not only have they fallen madly in love, but they also have become reliant on each other. They go through many struggles together and individually as little people throughout their lives. Click through to see some of the struggles that they have to deal with.

#8 They’re Like Any Other Couple

011--8-they-re-like-any-other-couple-325006The two are just like any other couple. They love each other and spending time with each other. But just like any other couple, they also have their fair share of fights. But nothing ever gets too out of hand. Both know how each other operate and know what it takes to work things out and focus on loving each other.

#7 She Has A Temper

012--7-she-has-a-temper-325034One reason they find themselves in fights often is also due to Katyucia’s temper. She’s not afraid to admit that every once in a while, she may get a little too angry or upset about certain things. But Paulo loves her unconditionally, so he’s always patient with her and willing to work through all of their problems.

#6 They Experience Outside Sources Of Negativity

013--6-they-experience-outside-sources-of-ne-325053Within each other’s fights and arguments isn’t the only place that they find outside sources of negativity within their relationships. They also often are the pit of other people’s jokes, and get made fun of and mocked on the streets. Negativity like this is horrible for any person, and no one should bully another person for how they look. This isn’t the only problem they have with the outside world.

#5 They Also Struggle In Their Day To Day Life

014--5-they-also-struggle-in-their-day-to-da-325088Bullies and their own arguments aside, the two also experience some unfortunate disadvantages that come along with being a little person. When they go to buffets or ATMs, it can be rather hard to access the counters. They also struggled to drive at first, but Paulo has found solutions that give them more freedom on the road.

#4 They Fight For A Good Life Together

015--4-they-fight-for-a-good-life-together-325125Regardless of all of the struggles they experience, they always have each other. When things get tricky, they know they can depend on the other person for moral, and physical, support. Nothing is going to get in their way of living their lives and having each other only makes that easier to achieve.

#3 Love Is All They Need

016--3-love-is-all-they-need-325149The biggest thing they need in their life to get through all of the struggles is each other’s love. To them, love is really the only thing that they need! It may be tough sometimes, and things might be difficult to get through, but love is such a powerful emotion that they’re able to use it to power them through all of the difficulties they experience. But what might the future hold?

#2 8 Years Later They’re Happier Than Ever

017--2-8-years-later-they-re-happier-than-ev-325167It has been eight years since she blocked him on social media, but the two have been inseparable and in love ever since! They both state that now they can’t imagine their lives without each other, and don’t know what their future would look like if they didn’t have the other by their side. But they’re still just dating. Might there be a wedding and a baby soon?

#1 The Future Looks Bright

018--1-the-future-looks-bright-325217Both of them have now stated that they aren’t quite sure of what the future might hold! They each have discussed the possibilities of having a marriage and a few children, but for now, they’re really just focused on each other! When you’re in love and experiencing true love, there’s never really a rush to have those things!

The story of the tiniest couple is truly heartwarming. It’s very rare that humans can experience such a deep and genuine love! Their story wasn’t picture perfect, as she didn’t even see herself with Paulo in the beginning! She actually even blocked him! But they overcame that and are able to still be happily in love eight years later! They experience challenges both inside and outside their relationship, just like any other couple. But with the power of each other by their sides, anything is possible! The two truly are a couple to admire, and we only hope the best for them and their future!